Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1228 – Subduing a Heavenly Monarch

le! Its much better than that of the world of Warlocks!”

The xizu have no lack of weapons that can seriously injure quasi-Empyreans. However, those are weapons with a star as foundation. They absorb the stars power to attack.

If the White Death God, which can seriously wound ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks, can be mass produced, that would be simply incredible.

“Let me show you what Im capable of! Die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with a finger, and ripples emerged from his finger and spread in all directions.

The magic shields of White Night Corpss elites fighting black phoenix race powerhouses shattered, and the people themselves exploded, turning into pieces that scattered on the ground.

“Whats going on?”

“Whats happening?”

“How did they die?”


When black phoenix race powerhouses saw White Night Corps elites explode, they were struck dumb.

Ripples rolled out towards Manirt, and then terrifying vibrations wrecked havoc inside his body.

Manirts expression became ferocious. He grabbed Rong Keke by the neck, gritted his teeth, and said, “Stop! Or else Ill kill her.”

Yang Feng smiled dismissively, “Do you still think you have the ability to do that?”

A ripple flashed, and Manirts right hand burst and blood splashed, and Rong Keke fell to the ground.

A rhombic battery emerged on the white warship, broke out with countless mysterious lines, and fired a brilliant pillar of light barreling towards Yang Feng.


In an instant, the fearsome pillar of light swallowed Yang Feng and terrifying destructive force broke out and blasted a large area apart.

A frightening shock wave erupted and sent black phoenix race powerhouses in the surroundings flying.

Manirts eyes flashed fiercely, and he laughed wildly: “With the Devastator Cannons destructive power, even if its an ancient Holy, they will perish if hit. Yang Feng is toast. Ha-ha-ha!”

In the next moment, Manirts smile froze. A figure emerged from the bottomless hole that appeared as a consequence of the pillar of light.

“A bunch of ants! How annoying! Go to hell!”

Yang Feng glanced at the white warship, surged with killing intent, and fired two beams from his eyes shooting towards the white warship.

In the wake of the two beams, the warriors aboard the white warship withered and turned into desiccated corpses.

The white warship shook slightly, and then dropped down from the sky in an instant.

“Sir Yang Feng, please accept me as your lackey! I didnt know about your strength before and offended you. Please forgive me. If you think Im not qualified to be your lackey, then let me be your slave. Please spare my life and take me as a slave!”

Upon seeing this scene, Manirt kowtowed to Yang Feng decisively.

When Zhou Yuning saw Manirts servile attitude, her eyes flashed with contempt: “Its surprising that such a shameless thing is the commander of White Night Corps!”

“Since Im short on people in this world, Ill let you be my lackey.”

Yang Feng smiled and spread the fingers of a hand, and a mechanical tentacle ejected, stabbed Manirt, and wrapped around his soul.

Manirt was startled when he saw this. Although he was aware that Yang Feng wanted to place a restriction on him, but he accepted it obediently.

Rong Keke came over and said gratefully, “Sir Yang Feng, thank you for saving us. The black phoenix race will never forget your great kindness.”

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Great elder, Im going to conquer this world. Is the black phoenix race willing to serve me?”

Yang Feng cannot use the power of the Blue Mirror of Fate in this world. If he wants to find the place where Shi Yu was sealed, he needs many subordinates.

As long as he conquers this world, Yang Feng can use the power of this world to look for the marvels of this world. Moreover, this world is extremely mysterious. It has high universe energy level laws and alchemy that is far beyond that of the world of Warlocks. It is a valuable world. Naturally, he cant let it go.

Rong Kekes expression changed slightly, and she hesitated. After a while, she clenched her teeth and uttered, “Sir Yang Feng, the black phoenix race just wants to live quietly in these mountains.”

Standing quietly behind Yang Feng, Manirt glanced at Rong Keke, his eyes flashed with derision, and he smiled coldly: “A bunch of fools who dont know how to seize an opportunity!”

Zhou Yunings beautiful eyes flickered with a burning color, and she said: “Sir Yang Feng, I am willing to follow you and serve you. I just hope that after conquering this world, you will give us the right to lead a life with dignity in this world.”

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