Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1230 – Defeat the Three Armies

Chapter 1229 – Shocking Jing Yuan Continent

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Yang Feng said flatly, “I always met out rewards and punishment fairly. How many rights the black phoenix race can obtain in the future will depend on how much you contribute. If you want to gain rights, you must pay a price.”

Although the black phoenix race and Yang Feng share an oriental appearance. But for Yang Feng, whether its the black phoenix race or other races, as long as theyre useful to him, they are allies and subordinates. Conversely, if they oppose him, they are enemies.

The reason why Yang Feng attacked Manirt was to get a useful pawn.

Zhou Yunings heart shook slightly, and she replied, “Yes! Sir!”

Yang Feng uttered, “Gather those who are willing to follow me.”


Zhou Yuning turned around and walked towards her people.

There are thousands of black phoenix race people in this tribe. But only 17 youngster followed Zhou Yuning. Most of the people who followed her were youngsters Yang Feng saved previously.

Zhou Yuning asked, “Sir, what should we do next?”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the white warship issued booming sounds and, while wrapped by an invisible force, flew towards him.

“So this is Thorny Growth Federations White Shark Battleship!”

“The cost of one such top-shelf warship is as high as 3,685 trillion credits.”


The black phoenix race powerhouses watched the warship with a burning color in their eyes.

Since the three empires dominate Jing Yuan Continent, their currency has spread all over the continent. In Thorny Growth Federation, 1 catty of rice costs only 1 credit. 3,685 trillion is an astronomical figure for the black phoenix race powerhouses.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Get on board!”

Manirt glanced contemptuously at the black phoenix race powerhouses and said, “Master, the White Shark Battleship needs at least 136 people to be fully operational. Otherwise, it will be difficult to give full play to its strength. Besides, they dont have the ability to pilot warships.”

Top-shelf warships such as the White Shark Battleship can only be piloted by powerhouses who have gone through rigorous training. The black phoenix race people, who hide in a valley, dont have a complete education system. In Manirts eyes, theyre just uneducated savage.

Yang Feng uttered faintly, “I can control it myself!”

Manirts eyes flashed with the shade of worship, and he said respectfully, “As expected! Master is omnipotent!”

As soon as he boarded the White Shark Battleship, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and countless mechanical tentacles extended from the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into the warship, and quickly analyzed everything about the warship.

“Although the warships level of technology exceeds that of the xizu technology, but its not to such an extent that it is incomprehensible. What a precious model.”

All kinds of pieces of information were fed back by the mechanical tentacle. Consequently, Yang Feng revealed a carefree smile.

With the White Shark Battleship, the technology Yang Feng grasps can reach a new level. It can not only enhance his forces, but can also make the Xi Shen Armor evolve again.

The White Shark Battleship shone slightly, trembled a little, and started flying.

Shock flashed in Manirts eyes: “Incredible! For one person to be able to pilot the White Shark Battleship, truly incredible. Much like our ancestors of legend, hes practically all-powerful.”

The White Shark Battleship fluttered, turned into a stream of light, and flew away.

Xinsha City is the capital of Gatovison Province. Outside Xinsha City, there is a large barracks with 3,000 soldiers stationed.

With a flash of light, a White Shark Battleship appeared above the barracks.

“White Shark Battleship! What is a bigwig doing here?”

“Why did a bigwig come here?”

“I only saw the White Shark Battleship in videos. This is the first time I see it in real life. It is said that one such warship can destroy a entire city. I wonder if its true.”


In the camp, the soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation looked at the warships in the sky and commented.

The White Shark Battleship is a top-shelf weapon of Thorny Growth Federation and is extremely expensive. The whole federation only has less than 10 such ships. Ordinary soldiers can only see them in videos.

“Im Manirt, the commander of White Night Corps. I have sworn allegiance to the mighty Firmament Holy Yang Feng. Soldiers of the 1,034th division, you have two options now. The first option is to pledge allegiance to the mighty Firmament Holy alongside myself and conquer the world with us. The second option is to die here. Now, make your choice!”

Manirt flew out of the White Shark Battleship, suspended in the void, overlooked the soldiers in the barracks, and proclaimed coldly.

“Whats going on?”

“Whats happening?”

“He really Manirt, the commander of White Night Corps!”

“Did he commit treason?”


The soldiers of the 1,034th division looked at Manirt in the sky blankly, struck dumb.

“Manirt is a traitor! Kill him!”

From the 1,034th divisions headquarters came an enraged voice.

The soldiers of the 1,034th division raised their crystal guns and shot at Manirt in the sky.

Manirt smiled coldly and flew into the White Shark Battleship: “A bunch of reckless fools.”

The White Shark Battleship shone and activated a protective force field.

When the beams slammed into the protective force field, they collapsed and disappeared.

All of a sudden, muzzles appeared on the White Shark Battleship and fired beams barreling towards the soldiers of the 1,034th division. Where the beams passed, the soldiers of the 1,034th division were turned into ashes.

“I surrender!”

“I surrender! Dont kill me!”

“I surrender!”


When the soldiers of the 1,034th division saw this despairing scene, they were panic-stricken and shouted.

“What a formidable weapon. So this is the power of Thorny Growth Federations White Shark Warship! Awesome!”

When Zhou Yuning and the other black phoenix race powerhouses saw the soldiers of the 1,034th division surrender one after another, they were stupefied and couldnt believe their eyes.

If the 3,000 elites of the 1,034th division attack the black phoenix races base, they would be able to deal serious damage to the base. Yet such a powerful force was easily suppressed by the White Shark Warship. This goes beyond the imagination of Zhou Yuning and other black phoenix race powerhouses.

A sense of powerlessness rose inside Zhou Yuning: “The people of the three empires have become so powerful. They even have such terrifying weapons. If it were not for the appearance of sir Yang Feng, then in a few decades, if they sent a few people to attack us, we would not be their opponents.”

Yang Feng looked at the soldiers that surrendered and said flatly, “Go down and incorporate them. If they refuse, kill them!”

Everyone present replied respectfully, “Yes, sir!”

The black phoenix race youngsters were eager and full of excitement.

After the attack, only more than 1,300 of the 3,000 elites of the 1,034th division remained.

After Yang Feng incorporated this force, he commanded it to attack Xinsha City.

After Xinsha Citys army was dealt with, the remaining forces stood no chance in front of Yang Feng. He easily breached and occupied the city.

“Manirt of the four Heavenly Monarchs and commander of Thorny Growth Federations White Night Corps committed treason and swore allegiance to a new master — Firmament Yang Feng. Firmament Holy Yang Feng claimed that hes going to unify the world.”

On Jing Yuan Continent, an information network similar to the magic network has already been popularized. After Yang Feng occupied Xinsha City, news about it spread all over Jing Yuan Continent in less than a day.

“There are black phoenix race people under Firmament Holys command!”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng is recruiting subordinates. Whoever is willing to work for him can become his subordinate!”

“Whether its people from the three empires or the three races, Firmament Holy Yang Feng is willing to recruit all.”


News spread through the information network and cause a sensation in the entire Jing Yuan Continent.

“This madman!”

“Hes dead!”

“To make such a declaration is to become enemies with the three empires.”

“Even though he has a White Shark Battleship, but he is is dead nonetheless.”


In Jing Yuan Continent, countless people are waiting to see Yang Feng crash and burn. However, some people in desperate straits still rushed towards Xinsha City.

Thorny Growth Federations reaction was fierce. White Night Corps was dissolved at once, and all its officers were investigated. At the same time, Thorny Growth Federation quickly mobilized the other three armies, Thunder Corps, Flame Corps, and Gale Corps led by the other three Heavenly Monarchs and sent 300,000 troops towards Xinsha City.

Danbo City is a city located about 300 kilometers away from Xinsha City. The 300,000 troops of Thorny Growth Federation gather in the outskirts of Danbo City.

Above Danbo City, there are 20 White Shark Battleships suspended in the air. In addition, there are more than 100 lower grade Blue Swordfish Battleships.

Thorny Growth Federation is known to have less than 10 White Shark Battleships, yet now there are 20 White Shark Battleships here. This is a trump card of the federation.

Only the bigwigs of Thorny Growth Federation know that there are more than 100 White Shark Battleships in the federation. As long as they want, they can place the more than 100 White Shark Battleships on the battlefield.

A war chariot shrouded in lightning sped across the sky, flew into Danbo Citys barracks, and stopped in front of the command center.

From the war chariot shrouded in blue lightning, a peerless beauty in a blue Thunder Corps uniform, with blue hair, a sexy figure, fair skin, extraordinary temperament, and formidable aura, alighted and walked towards the command center.

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