Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1232 – Ancestor

Chapter 1231 – The Second Kunmo Stone

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“The four legions of Thorny Growth Federation were destroyed! Danbo City fell!”

“Jiayue City fell!”

“Muluo City fell! Yang Fengs momentum is unstoppable!”

“The 1037th division of Thorny Growth Federation was destroyed!”


Pieces of information spread across the information network and caused a stir in Jing Yuan Continent.

Thorny Growth Federation is one of the three overlords of Jing Yuan Continent and possesses the most powerful technology in this world. When joining forces, its three armies can even suppress a Holy of ancient times. In this world. where the laws of heaven and earth have changed, except for the other two empires, it has no rivals.

For the three armies of Thorny Growth Federation to be destroyed by Yang Feng, it can be regarded as a miracle.

Under the command of Manirt, Zhou Yuning, Bilina, Rudy, and Mosyk, with the remnant forces of the four armies, Yang Feng easily captured Xijie Province, one of Thorny Growth Federations 13 provinces.

After the three armies were defeat and subdued, countless people from Thorny Growth Federation came to Yang Feng to join his camp.

Xinsha City, the city hall, in a conference hall, there are two groups of people sitting here. One of the groups is composed of people with has black hair and red eyes, while the other group is composed of people with black hair and golden eyes. Both groups are composed of good-looking people.

A handsome young man with black hair and red eyes, emitting Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, snorted coldly and said with an unhappy expression: “Humph. To make us wait for him for an hour, Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really arrogant.”

A rather capable and mature looking man with black hair and red eyes raised his eyebrows and shouted, “Chi Feiyan, shut up!”

Chi Feiyan uttered in a hostile tone, “Chi Yungang, Im the son of the great elder! In the future, the whole scarlet dragon race will be mine. How are you talking to me?”

Chi Yungang snapped, “Im the leader of this delegation. If you want to talk rubbish, then get lost! You are indeed the son of the great elder. However, the scarlet dragon race does not belong to the great elder! Rather, it belongs to us scarlet dragon race people!”

Chi Feiyan scowled and said coldly: “Chi Yungang, you dare talk to me like that. I will remember this!”

“Lovely lady, Im Chi Feiyan, the son of the great elder of the scarlet dragon race. What is your name?”

Chi Feiyan stopped butting heads with Chi Yungang, showed a frivolous smile, and leaned towards a cold, gorgeous, sexy woman wearing a black leather armor.

The gorgeous woman with black hair and golden eyes glanced at Chi Feiyan coldly and said nothing.

With a flash of anger in his eyes, Chi Feiyans voice became icy: “You dare ignore me! You have guts! Ill make you pay for what you did today.”

“To dare run wild in my territory, who do you think you are?”

A cold voice came from the outside, attracting the eyes of everyone in the conference hall.

Followed by the beautiful Zhou Yuning and Bilina, Yang Feng walked into the conference hall.

Of Thorny Growth Federations four Heavenly Monarchs, although Manirts character is bad, but hes the most capable. He is currently extremely busy with Xijie Provinces affairs.

“So you are Firmament Holy? I am Chi Feiyan, the son of the great elder of the scarlet dragon race. You did a pretty good job. My father appreciates you! Reportedly, you are short of manpower. The scarlet dragon race will help you. Well send people to help you manage Xijie Province. Lets do the arrangements according to this list!”

Chi Feiyan glanced at Zhou Yuning and Bilina beside Yang Feng with a lewd gleam in his eyes, and then flicked his finger and sent a golden page flying towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at Chi Feiyan in surprise, as if he were looking at an idiot: “So this is the scarlet dragon race? One of the three strong races of the past? With just a few words, he wants to take everything from me? Is there something wrong with his head?”

Zhou Yuning said, “In the past, the scarlet dragon race was the leader of the three strong race alliance. Its heritage is unfathomable. Even now, it has its own territory in Scarlet Dragon Sea. The great elder of the scarlet dragon race wields great power and is comparable to the emperor of an empire or the president of a federation.”

Yang Feng uttered coldly, “Take care of that good-for-nothing!”

“Yes! Lord!”

With a cold gleam in her eyes, Bilina took out a special crystal gun called the Thunder Death God, locked on Chi Feiyan, and pull the trigger.

Lighting flashed, turned into a lightning beam, and barreled towards Chi Feiyan.

Magic barriers appeared around Chi Feiyan. In the next moment, the lightning beam pierced through the magic barriers, slammed into the person himself, and turned him into ashes.

“Stop! Sir Firmament Holy!”

At this time, Chi Yungangs voice sounded. The scarlet dragon race powerhouses burst out with dragon qi and stared at Yang Feng.

Zhou Yuning waved her hand, and more than 100 well-equipped elite soldiers emerged from various places at once and pointed their crystal guns at Chi Yungang and the other scarlet dragon race powerhouses. If Yang Feng gives the order, they can kill the scarlet dragon race powerhouses.

Chi Yungang said hurriedly, “Misunderstanding, its a misunderstanding! Sir Firmament Holy, I am Chi Yungang, the leader of the scarlet dragon races delegation. The scarlet dragon race has absolutely no intention of being your enemy. We are here to help you. So long as you form an alliance with the scarlet dragon race, you will be able to sweep the world and unify it. People of another ethnicity cant be trusted. People of the three empires cant be trusted. They will surely betray you.”

When Zhou Yuning heard this, a gleam streaked across her beautiful eyes.

There was a chill in Bilinas beautiful eyes.

The scarlet dragon race is one of the three strong races in ancient times. Even after its decline, it has established a territory overseas. It is much stronger than the other two strong races. If the scarlet dragon race gives him its help, it will no longer be impossible for Yang Feng to unify the world.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said, “No need! Since I want to unify it, the world can only follow my will. The scarlet dragon race wants to be my ally? Unless you can match my power, I cant form an alliance with you.”

“Whoever works for me, they are my loyal subordinate. I wont discriminate against them. I will met out rewards and punishment fairly. No matter who it is! People of the three empires and the three strong races are no different in my eyes.”

The elite soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation breathed a sigh of relief when they heard these words.

Yang Feng has oriental features. In Jing Yuan Continent, the three strong races share these features. Although the soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation submitted to Yang Feng, but many of them were subdued by Yang Fengs peerless power. As long as Yang Feng shows signs of defeat, they will rebel.

Yang Feng went to the throne and sat down. He glanced at the scarlet dragon race people, waved his hand, and said coldly, “You may take your leave!”

The soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation raised their guns and pointed at the envoys of the scarlet dragon race.

The envoys of the scarlet dragon race could only leave, helpless.

“Peng Lang, envoy of the golden roc race, greets sir Firmament Holy!”

A tall, handsome man with black hair and golden eyes saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

Yang Feng uttered flatly, “What do you want?”

“The golden roc race is willing to serve you and contribute to the great cause of unifying the world. This is the treasure that our race has passed down for countless years. Legend has it that it has infinite power. Please accept it.”

Peng Lang waved his hand, and the cold, gorgeous golden roc race woman got up and, with a stone box in her hands, walked towards Yang Feng, a fragrance wafting out from her.

Yang Feng looked at the gorgeous golden roc race woman with appreciation in his eyes, and then opened the stone box and looked inside.

“Kunmo Stone! Its actually a Kunmo Stone!”

As soon as Yang Feng saw the stone inside the stone box, all his indifference disappeared, and ecstasy took its place.

The Kunmo Stone is a mysterious stone with various unimaginable powers. Yang Fengs Xi Shen Armor, which has a Kunmo Stone embedded, has all kinds of incredible powers as well as the potential to evolve into an Eternal grade treasure.

This Kunmo Stone can make Yang Fengs Xi Shen Armor more powerful and increase its evolutionary power.

Yang Feng received the Kunmo Stone and smiled, saying: “Peng Lang, this treasure is very important to me. I have witnessed the sincerity of the gold roc race. You can state any terms you have!”

Peng Lang responded decisively, feeling happy, “Sir Firmament Holy, this is my younger sister Peng Shuang! Please take her as your wife.”

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Okay, I promise you. I will officially take her as my wife. In the future, after I unify the world, I will confer her the title of consort.”

Peng Shuang has a sexy figure and a cool and elegant temperament and she is extremely beautiful. Even though its a political marriage, but Yang Feng has no reason to refuse.

Peng Lang said with elation, “Thank you, sir!”

Peng Shuangs pretty face surged with traces of a flush.

“If you have any treasures handed down from ancient times, you can bring them to me. As long as they are of use to me, I will reward you handsomely.”

Yang Feng smiled and pointed with a finger, and a rune appeared, radiated mysterious light, and entered Peng Langs body.

The bloodline inside Peng Lang boiled. All of a sudden, a golden roc appeared and radiated brilliant golden divine light. His life force rose and climbed from the Bright World Warlock rank to the Infinity Warlock rank, and then to the Warlock Monarch rank.

Peng Lang sensed the power in his body and showed excitement on his face, saying, “Thank you for stimulating my bloodline, sir!”

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