Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1233 – Fighting a Quasi-Empyrean

Chapter 1232 – Ancestor

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Yang Fengs eyes flashed with surprise: “True spirit level bloodline? No, this is above true spirit, its close to Eternal bloodline. The three strong races are of extraordinary origin.”

At this time, Yang Feng has Great Holy rank cultivation base, is proficient in countless secret methods, and possesses all kinds of incredible extraordinary powers. However, it is not possible for him to upgrade a Bright World Warlock into a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

The reason why Peng Lang was able to rise to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse from a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse was because the bloodline inside him is extraordinary. Furthermore, he usually uses many treasures of heaven and earth that are close to the level of eternal god fruits. As a result, formidable medicinal power has accumulated in his body. Coupled with Yang Fengs help, he was able to break through.

Everyones eyes fell on Peng Lang and flashed with a burning color.

In Jing Yuan Continent, Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are really rare. The four Heavenly Monarchs of Thorny Growth Federation are just supreme Infinity Warlocks. However, with the help of all kinds of astonishing secret treasures, they have the power to threaten Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

By rising to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, Peng Lang leaped from an unknown nobody to the ranks of strongest powerhouses in Jing Yuan Continent.

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Peng Lang, if the golden roc race has other ancient treasures, you can bring them to me. I will pay you a satisfactory price.”

Peng Langs eyes surged with a scorching shade, “Yes! Sir!”

Thorny Growth Federations headquarters, Thorny Growth Palace.

“With the four armies destroyed, our Thorny Growth Federation has reached the most critical moment. Everyone, you can speak freely if you have any opinions.”

Sitting in the presidential chair, an old man with white hair and wrinkles looked at the cabinet ministers and said calmly.

The minister of finance, a man with glasses and neatly combed hair, frowned slightly and asked, “Minister of defense, if we deploy 600,000 troops to the border, can we suppress Yang Feng in one fell swoop?”

The minister of defense replied slowly, “According to the analysis of the general staff, even if 600,000 troops are transferred to the border and the nations strategic arsenal is mobilized, it wont be enough to rival Firmament Holy Yang Feng. He is a being comparable to top protectors of the three strong races in ancient times.”

“A being comparable to the protectors of the three strong races in ancient times? How is that possible?”

“The laws of heaven and earth in this world have changed. It is impossible to give birth to such a being here. How can Firmament Holy Yang Feng possess such power?”


The expressions of Thorny Growth Federations ministers changed greatly, and they commented one after another.

In the ancient times, none of the protectors of the three strong races was a powerhouse at the Great Holy rank or above. As such, they werent able to suppress and dominate Jing Yuan Continent.

The minister of defense was silent for a moment before saying, “In order to defeat Firmament Holy Yang Feng, we can only ask the ancestors to take action.”

The hall became silent, and everyones eyes flashed with hesitation.

Within the three empires, there exists a legend that the ancestors who fought the protectors of the three strong races are still alive in this world.

The ordinary people regard this legend as a myth. Only the top figures of the three empires know that it is true. Every year, the three empires must place a large amount of precious treasures of heaven and earth on designated altars and through the altars offer them to the ancestors of the three empires.

Those altars contain mysterious power. No matter how the scientists of the three empires try to analyze them, they cannot understand them.

On the one hand, the technology of the three empires was developed by their own research. On the other hand, it was thanks to the guidance of the hidden ancestors that it is so incredible.

The minister of finance hesitated for a while and said, “In order to invite the ancestors to take action, we must use the three sacred objects to communicate with them. The three sacred objects are controlled by the three empires respectively. Anman Federation and Light Empire have a feud with us. I dont know how long it will take us to get them to agree to use the sacred objects. If it takes too long, Firmament Holy Yang Feng will conquer Thorny Growth Federation before the negotiations are completed.”

The three empires have been fighting each other for more than 700 years. During the 700 years of fighting, the three empires have forged a blood feud with each other. Even if envoys are sent on a diplomatic mission, it will take a lot of time to convince the other two nations.

The president pressed a button and said flatly, “Come in!”

A dashing middle-aged man with blue hair and blue eyes and a capable looking middle-aged man with chestnut hair and blue eyes walked in together.

The middle-aged man with blue hair and blue eyes smiled and said, “I am Lombers, an envoy of Anman Federation. According to the presidents secret order, I bring the sacred object of our nation, the Duolun Seal. Your distinguished nation can use our sacred object to contact the mighty ancestors.”

The man with chestnut hair and blue eyes uttered in an aloof tone, an expressionless look on his face, “I am Gald, an envoy of Light Empire. At his majestys order, I bring the sacred object of our nation, the Box of Light. Your distinguished nation can use this sacred object to contact the mighty ancestors and ask them to suppress the wicked barbarian Yang Feng.”

The president smiled and said, “Please take the two sacred objects to the Altar of Heaven. Im going to contact the ancestors now and ask them to suppress the barbarian Yang Feng.”

The minister of finance advised, a look of unwillingness on his face, “Mr. president, please reconsider. If our three nations join hands and mobilize our troops, there may be hope to suppress Yang Feng.”

In order to contact the ancestors, the three empires must not only use the three sacred objects, but they also need to consume the life of at least one pure blood descendant.

The rulers of the three empires are the direct bloodline, are the pure blood descendants of the ancestors. For them to ask the ancestors to take action means that they are on the verge of collapse.

The eyes of the president shimmered with sacred light, and he uttered calmly, “When I became president, I swore to offer everything to the federation. Now is the time for me to keep my promise. Long live Thorny Growth Federation!”

“Long live Thorny Growth Federation!”

The ministers in the hall got up and shouted.

The president smiled with gratification and strode outside.

There are a total of three Altars of Heaven and they are controlled by the three nations respectively. They are located in the core of the capital of the three nations and are heavily guarded.

The site of the Thorny Growth Federations Altar of Heaven is a square covering an area of thousands of hectares. In the middle of the square, there is a beautiful and mysterious altar with a height of 900 meters. The altar is engraved with countless mysterious runes and emanates a metallic luster.

Tens of thousands of armed elite soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation are guarding around the Altar of Heaven.

There are 40 White Shark Battleships, more than 200 Blue Swordfish Battleships, and more than 500 old model warships flying in the sky.

Thorny Growth Federation produces many warships every year. Their newest models are put into use, while the older models are vacuum sealed. Once a war breaks out, the older models will be used to form a powerful combat force.

“Mighty ancestors, your descendants are praying piously here. Please heed our call.”

The president prostrated himself in front of the huge altar and prayed loudly.

The three sacred objects, the Duolun Sea, the Box of Light, and the Ring of Thorns, are embedded at the foot of the altar. They erupted with countless runes and radiated mysterious light.

199 beautiful girls brought boxes of precious treasures of heaven and earth and put them around the altar as sacrifice.

“An evildoer from outside came to our world and is attempting to unify the world. He is killing your descendants, destroying the altars dedicated to you, and plundering everything you left behind.”

“Mighty ancestors, please come to this world, suppress the evildoer, and save your descendants! I am willing to offer you everything! Please come here!”

Along with the presidents prayer, a bright column of light rose into the sky. Its as if an invisible gate opened.

A mysterious river emerged in the void. A pair of eyes opened inside the mysterious river and looked at the president indifferently.

“Havent the remaining evils of ancient times been killed yet?”

A cold and cruel voice echoed in the area, and wisps of immortal Empyrean might emanated from the eyes.

A transparent figure struggled in the mysterious river. Consequently, the mysterious river suddenly became chaotic.

“Its not time yet. Antalux, go down and kill the remaining evils of the ancient times!”

The eyes closed and sank into the river of time.

“Yes! Sir!”

In the river of time, a stone statue appeared and cracked, and black light entered the void according to mysterious laws.

At the Altar of the Heaven, a mysterious force shrouded the president. The president shriveled and turned into ashes.

In the whole Jing Yuan Continent, the direct bloodline descendants of the ancestors trembled slightly, and fear filled their faces. Under a mysterious force, they were sucked dry and turned into ashes.

A pillar of light emerged from the altar and connected with a secret space.

A handsome, tall, and burly powerhouse with blond hair and blue eyes, a mysterious rune on the forehead, and a pair of goat horns and equipped with a white armor and a three-meter-long silver spear slowly emerged.

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