Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1234 – Devouring a Quasi-Empyrean

Chapter 1233: Fighting a Quasi-Empyrean

“Long live the mighty ancestor!”

At he foot of the altar, when the senior officials of the three empires sensed the terrifying aura emanating from the powerhouse, they knelt on the ground.

The eyes of the senior officials flashed with excitement.

The ancestors of the three empires are their protectors, and the people of the three empires worship and respect them. There are many shrines dedicated to the ancestors in the three empires.

The ancestor descended from the altar and opened his eyes, and countless mysterious runes shone in his eyes.

A silver eye emerged from behind the ancestor, emanated light, and peered at the whole Jing Yuan Continent.

Xinsha City, in a villa, in an exquisite garden, Yang Feng is sitting in a recliner. There are jade boxes arranged around him and mysterious runes circling around him.

Jing Yuan Continent is quite mysterious. It is totally different from Eternal Ancient Road and the main world. It is a nexus between a high energy level universe and a low energy level universe.

In Jing Yuan Continent, there are countless precious miraculous herbs. Although those miraculous herbs cannot compare to eternal god fruits, but they are only a slightly inferior. The sacred herbs contain high energy level universe laws. Regarding a Great Holy like Yang Feng, they have a magical effect. Furthermore, they are a key to analyzing the high energy level universe laws.

Each time he consumes a miraculous herb, Yang Fengs strength increases by a fraction. At this time, Yang Feng has fully recovered from all injuries and has become more powerful than in the past.

“Someone is peering at me! Its coming from Thorny Growth Federations capital, the City of Thorns! So strong! This is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse!”

Yang Fengs eyes congealed slightly, shimmered with excitement, and surged with countless mysterious runes, and he looked into the distance. He saw the ancestor standing loftily in the void of Thorny Growth Federations capital.

Yang Feng got up and took a step forward, crossing thousands of kilometer. He walked leisurely towards the Thorny Growth Federations capital.

Ripples rose in the void around the Altar of Heaven, and a young man with extraordinary temperament appeared in the void.

Yang Feng took five steps, crossing a distance of 100,000 kilometers, and appeared here.

The dashing man looked calmly at Yang Feng and said slowly, “So you are Firmament Holy Yang Feng! I am Fernandes, the First Heavenly General of the du ling shen race!”

Yang Feng replied calmly, “I am Firmament Holy Yang Feng of the human race!”

“Yang Feng! So he is Firmament Holy Yang Feng!”

“So thats him. To not be at a disadvantage in front of our ancestor, hes really powerful.”

“So hes the one who caused the presidents death!”


The senior officials of Thorny Growth Federation stared at Yang Feng with fear and anger in their eyes.

Fernandess eyes flashed with appreciation, and he said slowly: “Human? Since youre not a scarlet dragon, a black phoenix, nor a golden roc, there is no enmity between us. Your pretty strong. If you join the du ling shen race, I can put you in charge of an empire.”

Yang Feng smiled and uttered, “An empire? Fernandes, my goal is the whole continent. The du ling shen race should withdraw from Jing Yuan Continent!”

Jing Yuan Continent, which is a special plane that contains endless secrets, is much more valuable than the 36 primary material planes of the main world.

There are a lot of treasures of heaven and earth like the Seven Color Spirit Lotus, which are second only to eternal god fruits, here. If he takes full control of this continent, Yang Feng will be able to obtain many precious resources and cultivate many Holies and even Great Holies

“How arrogant! Lets go to the void battlefield! As long as you can beat me, Jing Yuan Continent is yours.”

Fernandes smiled coldly, his figure shook slightly, and he turned into a stream of light and flew towards the starry sky.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he followed behind Fernandes and flew towards the starry sky.

Whether its Yang Feng or Fernandes, none of them is willing to fight on Jing Yuan Continent.

If powerhouses at the Great Holy rank or above fight on Jing Yuan Continent, they will cause severe devastation.

The origin of Jing Yuan Continent is exceptionally powerful. If Yang Feng and Fernandes fight here, although they wont smash the continent into pieces, but they will be able to turn the continent into a hell on earth. This is not something the two powerhouses want to see.

In an open space tens of thousands of light-years away from Jing Yuan Continent, two lights shone, and Yang Feng and Fernandes appeared in the starry sky.

“Yang Feng, let me ask you again. Will you join the du ling shen race, or will you die here?”

Fernandess silver armor shone, countless mysterious runes revolved around him, setting him off like a god, and he stared coldly at Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a burning fighting spirit, and he answered in a cold voice: “My choice is to kill you here!”

“Stubborn! In that case, go to hell!”

With a flash of killing intent in his eyes, Fernandes took a step forward, shone with countless runes, and stabbed at Yang Feng with the spear in his hand.

The silver spear shone, absorbed the universe energies within tens of thousands of kilometers, and formed a silver beam containing the law of karma stabbing towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole suddenly emerged, twisted the void, and swept towards the silver spear.

When the silver spear stabbed the black hole, silver divine light instantly ran through the black hole and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

The Green Yang Halberd emerged from the void and shone with countless runes, and ten green suns sundered the firmament, integrated into one, and turned into a green halberd stabbing towards the silver spear.


The ten green suns shattered, and terrifying power raged and released an earth-shaking explosion.

Due to the rebound force, Fernandes and Yang Feng were both sent flying 100 kilometers away.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure? I see, you have an Empyrean grade secret treasure. No wonder a mere Great Holy dares to challenge me.”

Fernandes glanced at Yang Feng, his eyes flashed with the shade of surprise, and he smiled coldly: “However, although the Empyrean grade secret treasure is infinitely powerful, but its wasted on you. You cant use all its power! Once I kill you, it will belong to me!”

Fernandess eyes flickered coldly. Countless mysterious runes appeared on his white armor, a white star appeared behind him, and he emanated wisps of the essence of power.

Fernandes absorbed the universe energies within a 100,000 kilometers, and then unleashed a strike with the spear in his hands.

The area within 100,000 kilometers formed a small independent universe that one one hand rejected Yang Feng and on the other hand boosted Fernandes.

Yang Feng shone with countless runes, cast numerous secret methods, and unleashed a strike with the Green Yang Halberd, and ten green suns stabbed towards Fernandes.


This time, the silver spear easily run through the ten green suns, stabbed Yang Fengs shoulder, ran through the Xi Shen Armor, and pierced open a big hole in his body, and blood flowed out of the big hole.

Fernandes has rich combat experience. After his attack succeeded, he launched a storm of attacks against Yang Feng.

Silver light shone as elusive silver spear rays stabbed towards Yang Feng, tore the defenses of the Xi Shen Armor, and blasted open one large hole after another in Yang Fengs body.

“As expected of a quasi-Empyrean! I cant contend against him while in the ordinary form. Second form!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with an enigmatic ray. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and entered the second form. Countless mysterious runes appeared, and formidable power poured into Yang Feng from the Xi Shen Armor.


The Green Yang Halberd unleashed a strike and radiated light, and ten green suns appeared again, integrated into one, and stabbed the silver spear. A frightening force erupted and sent Fernandes flying hundreds of kilometers away.

“How is that possible? How can a mere Great Holy be so powerful?”

After he was sent flying, Fernandes cried out, a look of shock on his face.

“No, with the second form, I can only fight him to a standstill at most. In order to defeat him, I must enter the third form! Third form!”

There was a cold flash in Yang Fengs eyes. The Xi Shen Armor shone, and a black hole with a projection inside suddenly appeared. The projections of five secret treasures, namely a crown, a golden horn, an armor, a halberd, and a bead, appeared on the projection.

Yang Feng took a step, fused with the mysterious projection, and unleashed a halberd strike.

In an instant, a twisted ray, golden divine light, a black hole, a torrent of time, and heroic spirits appeared, broke the sealed off space with absolute power, and stabbed towards Fernandes.

“Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen!”

Fernandess expression changed greatly. For the first time, he felt that his life was in danger. A pendant hanging in front of his chest rose into the air, opened, shone with countless runes, and formed a sanctuary made from divine light.

The Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen is a lifesaving secret treasure that Du Ling Emperor bestowed Fernandes. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they wont be able to break the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen for a while.

The Green Yang Halberd tore the firmament, stabbed the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen, and erupted with green sunfire than can burn everything.

The Green Yang Halberd pierced open a large hole in the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen.

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