Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1235 – Unification of the Continent

Chapter 1234: Devouring a Quasi-Empyrean

“So strong! This is the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen! Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they wouldnt be able to break through the sanctuary. But he pierced open a hole in it! Hes just a Great Holy, an intermediate Great Holy. When did humans become so powerful?”

Fernandess eyes flickered with shock.

The Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen is a top-shelf defensive secret treasure that Du Ling Emperor refined by spending a lot of resources and power. It is a defensive secret treasure Du Ling Emperor used while in the quasi-Empyrean realm. If it wasnt for the fact that Fernandes is the First Heavenly General under Du Ling Emperors command, he wouldnt be able to obtain this secret treasure.

A black hole suddenly emerged, shone with countless runes, and devoured frantically the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen.

Countless top heroic spirits of powerhouses from different eras appeared behind Yang Feng, erupted with brilliant light, and poured all kinds of exquisite combat skills into Yang Feng, making his every strike contain exquisite combat skills.

After the Xi Shen Armor devoured the Warbringer Halberd and the Warbringer Armor, not only did its defensive power increase by a level, but it also gained one of the powers of the two Empyrean grade secret treasures, namely the Heroic Spirit Summoning and the Heroic Spirit Integration.

Originally, Yang Fengs combat skills were slightly inferior to those of Fernandes. But after integrating the power of the countless heroic spirits, his combat skills became almost flawless, and he stifled Fernandes.

“Firmament Holy, I admit that youre really strong! However, in order for you to maintain this form, it must come at a great cost. So long as I wait until you cant continue, its my win. Your strength won my respect. How about we divide equally Jing Yuan Continent?”

Looking like a silver god of war, with the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen on his head, Fernandes entangled with Yang Feng. Every spear strike of his contains infinite changes, forcibly blocking the attacks of Yang Feng, who is in the third form.

“If you can stop my next offensive, well divide Jing Yuan Continent equally! Fourth form!”

There was a cold flash in Yang Fengs eyes, and he completely integrated with the mysterious projection. A stream of tremendous amount of power poured into Yang Feng from the Kunmo Stone.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and a terrible black hole that swallows all light suddenly appeared and slammed towards Fernandes.

“Damn it!”

Fernandess countenance changed greatly. With his extraordinary perception, he detected danger to his life from the terrible black hole. Countless runes glittered, and he turned into a silver spear and stabbed into the distance.

The silver spear pierced through everything that stood in front of it. In the wink of an eye, it flew 300,000 kilometers away.

The black hole expanded in an instant. In a breath of time, it expanded to 1 million kilometers in radius, and fearsome devour force shrouded Fernandes, making him slower.

A stream of life origin was extracted from Fernandes and channeled into Yang Feng.

Fernandess eyes flashed coldly, and he stopped struggling. He erupted with silver light, turned into a rune, and merged into the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen.

Boosted by Fernandess power, the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen erupted with countless runes and firmly locked all power.

All of a sudden, ten silver beads emerged, flew into nodes of the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen, radiated brilliant silver light, and formed a second boundary inside, locking Fernandess life origin.

Inside the black hole, tremendous devour force shrouded the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen and continuously extracted its power. However, compared with Yang Fengs consumption, the power he devoured was a drop in the bucket.

“As expected of the First Heavenly General subordinated to Du Ling Emperor, his response is quite appropriate. The consumption of the fourth form is really great. I cant maintain it for too long. If it were only me alone, I indeed wouldnt be able to deal with you. But thats only the case if it were only me alone!”

There was a flash of praise in Yang Fengs eyes. Fernandes has rich combat experience. At a glance, he saw that Yang Feng cant last long in the fourth form. As long as Fernandes can persevere, Yang Feng will end up being sucked dry and turned into a desiccated corpse by the Xi Shen Armor instead.

Spatial ripples surged, and Devour Rulers appeared, turned into a frightening mechanical torrent, and rushed towards Fernandes.

The Devour Rulers threw pounced on the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen, and devour runes appeared on the sanctuary.

The Devour Rulers have been fine tuned in order to adapt to the current environment. Furthermore, strengthened by the high universe energy law, they have become more terrifying, exceeding the original scope of xizu technology by far.

When the Devour Rulers activated their devour ability, the energy within the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen poured out like a flood.


Fernandess expression suddenly changed dramatically. He can sense his power, which is supporting the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen, disappear at a rapid pace.


There was a cold gleam in his eyes, and Fernandes got up. The spear in his hand turned into silver light. In an instant, he unleashed 136 spear strikes.

The 136 spear strikes stabbed 136 Devour Rulers, and silver light shone, shrouded the 136 Devour Rulers, and crushed them to pieces.

“You moved! Regrettably, as long as you persevered for a while, this fight might have ended in a draw. But now that you moved, you can go to hell!”

Yang Fengs carefree voice came from the black hole.

Mysterious, strange runes emerged from Fernandess sanctuary and touched his body.

The strange runes shone and devoured frantically Fernandess life origin.


Fernandess complexion changed greatly. He silently recited an incantation, and silver light turned into spears that stabbed towards the devour runes.

The spears stabbed the devour runes and broke them.

Thousands upon thousands of devour runes emerged from the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shen and rushed at Fernandes.

In a flash, Fernandes broke out with silver light, and the silver spear in his hand stabbed tens of thousands of times and broke devour runes one after another.

At this moment, the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shens boundary collapsed, and all the power within it was absorbed by the black hole.

At the moment when the Sanctuary of Du Ling Shens boundary collapsed, Fernandess life origin began to flow into the black hole.

“Fernandes, I appreciate you very much. If you swear allegiance, surrender, and let me set up a soul restriction, I will spare your life!”

Yang Fengs voice sounded in the black hole.

“Impossible! Yang Feng, I, Fernandes, have vowed to dedicate my life to the mighty Du Ling Emperor! I will never surrender to you! Since you want to kill me, then lets die together!”

There was a fierce gleam in his eyes, and Fernandes shouted, erupted with countless runes, and ignited with silver flames.

In an instant, Fernandes burned all his power and turned into a silver spear that ran through the void and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

There was a cold flash in Yang Fengs eyes. A halberd containing the will of countless heroic spirits and a brilliant golden horn that can run through everything suddenly flew out and barreled towards Fernandess incarnation of the silver spear.

Fernandess incarnation of the silver spear smashed the halberd, broke the golden horn, and then appeared in front of Yang Feng, stabbed him in the chest, ran through the Xi Shen Armor, and skewered Yang Fengs heart.

In an instant, endless silver light broke out, trying to tear Yang Feng to pieces.

The Xi Shen Armor shone, and terrifying devour force erupted and devoured the terrible silver light.

“Its a pity that I failed to kill you, an enemy of the Emperor!”

There was a gleam of regret in his eyes. Fernandes smiled, turned into dust in the silver light, and disappeared.

The black hole collapsed, and Yang Feng emerged and coughed up a lot of blood. There is big hole, which was left by Fernandes, in his left chest. Blood is flowing out of the big hole and falling into the void.

“What a dreadful enemy!”

Yang Feng looked at the place where Fernandes disappeared with respect in his eyes.

If Fernandes hadnt chosen to burn himself, he would be devoured by Yang Feng and wouldnt be able to hurt him.

But Fernandes chose to burn his life origin and soul, unleash his secret method to the extreme, and ultimately deal Yang Feng serious damage. Even Yang Fengs soul suffered considerable harm.

“Fortunately, my soul has reached consummate level. Otherwise, it would take at least 100,000 years for my soul to recover from Fernandess last-ditch strike.”

Yang Feng scanned his soul, and the shade of elation flashed in his eyes.

The power of the last-ditch strike unleashed by a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse who burned their life origin and soul is extraordinary. Even though Yang Feng was in the fourth form and had the protection of the Xi Shen Armor, he still suffered serious damage.


In a secret space in the mysterious torrent of time, a pair of eyes slowly opened and filled with anger and a voice that seems to shake the heaven and earth sounded.

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