Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1238 – Fruit that Surpass Eternal God Fruits

Chapter 1237: Jing Yuan Island

“Brilliant Three Changes!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Anlins body expanded, and he turned into a three-meter-tall giant. At the same time, his strength doubled. His figure twisted slightly, and he turned into a white radiance flying into the distance.

Ghostfaces expression twisted. His body elongated and turned into a sharp needle containing the extraordinary power to break all barriers, and he shot into the distance.

When the other dozen plus powerhouses perceived the terrifying power of the black hole, they cast all kinds of spells and tried to escape from its scope.

The black hole expanded to 1,000 kilometers in radius and drew in the dozen plus top powerhouses of Jing Yuan Continent. In the next moment, dust floated out of the black hole.

The black hole disappeared, and then the huge rift in the void vanished.

Standing proudly in the void, Manirt looked around disdainfully, smiled coldly, and stated, “This is the ending of lord Firmament Holys enemies. If anyone else wants to take my life, go ahead and give it a try!”

With that, Manirt boarded the White Shark Battleship and flew towards the City of Light.

“Anlin, Ghostface, Mansent, they were all wiped out.”

“How is that possible? How can Manirt be their opponent? Even if Firmament Holy has upgraded Manirts strength, its still impossible for him to be the opponent of a dozen plus powerhouses.”

“Firmament Holy took action himself! From across a great distance, he killed Anlin and them with a single attack. This is simply unimaginable.”

“No wonder Manirt dares to strut around by himself.”

“After today, Im afraid no one will dare to attack Manirt again!”


After hearing that Yang Feng slayed more than a dozen powerhouses, the rebels of the three empires were discouraged and filled with despair.

Whether in terms of frontal confrontation or secret assassination, the rebels of the three empires suffered crushing defeats. The rebel armies were executed along with their families.

Whether it is Peng Lang, Zhou Yuning, or Manirt, they showed the rebels no mercy. Bilina and the other powerhouses who joined Yang Fengs camp cant act as ruthlessly. Naturally, its impossible for Yang Feng to attach much importance to them. As a result, they dont hold much power.

Manirt was the first powerhouse who sold himself to Yang Feng. In order to maintain his position, hes naturally dead set on working hard for Yang Feng. He shows no mercy to his former companions. It is precisely because of this that he, Peng Lang, Zhou Yuning, and Peng Shuang became the four bigwigs of the new empire and hold great power.

With Manirt taking charge, rebel forces of the three empires were purged again and again, with countless rebels dying. Under the jagged and unswerving attacks of the four bigwigs, the rebellions collapsed continuously and finally vanished without trace.

In the middle of the sphere of influence of the three empires, there is a vast ocean called Jing Yuan Ocean. In Jing Yuan Ocean, there are countless direbeasts, some of which can match the No. 1 powerhouses of the three empires.

In the middle of Jing Yuan Ocean, there is an island called Jing Yuan Island. Jing Yuan Island is also known as the sacred island and the island beloved by god.

There are countless treasures on Jing Yuan Island. Back in the day, the three ancient races fought each other for the control of Jing Yuan Island. After the three empires were established, they also fought countless times over the ownership of Jing Yuan Island.

At this time, a 10,000-meter-long luxury cruise ship is sailing in Jing Yuan Ocean. On the deck of the luxury cruise ship, Yang Feng is reclining on a deck chair. He is surrounded by Bilina and more than a dozen beautiful women.

Suddenly, the water churned, and a 10,000-meter-long dragon-winged lion whale with countless sharp teeth and a pair of huge dragon wings ejected from the water, opened its big mouth, and shot towards the luxury cruise ship.

As soon as the more than a dozen beautiful women saw the dragon-winged lion whale, they lost all color in the face, and several of them unleashed shrill screams.

Bilina said calmly, “Sir, this is a dragon-winged lion whale, one of the most powerful direbeasts in Jing Yuan Ocean. Even when White Shark Battleships are mobilized, its difficult to deal with them. The federation has more than 100 warships destroyed by them every year.”

“Just an ant!”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, a black hole emerged and swept towards the dragon-winged lion whale. In an instant, it swallowed the dragon-winged lion whale and easily devoured its life origin.

Bilinas beautiful eyes flashed with a complex color, and she exclaimed with heartfelt admiration: “As expected, sir is really amazing!”

Direbeasts like the dragon-winged lion whale are a headache for Thorn Growth Federation. It must send a powerful fleet to hunt them every year. However, only a few dragon-winged lion whales can be hunted every year. After all, this kind of direbeast possesses a certain amount of intelligence.

“There are some direbeasts hidden below! To try hit my ship, how daring!”

Yang Feng snorted coldly, and his hand extended downwards, erupted with countless runes, turned into a giant hand, and stabbed into the water.

The water churned, and the giant hand emerged with five giant direbeasts with a length of more than 7,000 meters.

A huge black hole suddenly appeared and drew the five direbeasts inside. In a breath of time, dust floated out of the black hole.

When Bilina saw this scene, an enigmatic gleam flashed in the abyss of her beautiful eyes: “Incredible! Each of the five direbeasts is more powerful than I am. In fact, Im not even able to block one blow from them. As expected of the character who slayed an ancestor.”

Among the more than a dozen beautiful women, several looked at Yang Feng with a burning color in their eyes.

When the direbeasts hidden in the nearby waters saw Yang Feng easily devour the top predators of this tract of the ocean, they were greatly alarmed and fled in different directions.

Along the way, some direbeasts tried to attack Yang Fengs cruise ship from time to time. However, as soon as they approached, they were directly devoured by Yang Feng.

In the middle of the ocean, there is a giant island full of all kinds of extraordinary plants. Despite how knowledgeable he is, Yang Feng has never seen many of them.

“So this is Jing Yuan Island! Its guarded by an Empyreans barrier!”

Yang Feng took a look at the Jing Yuan Island. Countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he saw a powerful barrier enveloping Jing Yuan Island.

Bilina uttered, “Jing Yuan Island opens once every 100 years. Only secret treasure walkers below level-3 can enter and search for treasures!”

Secret treasure walker is a classification specific to the three empires. Level-1 secret treasure walker has Great Warlock rank strength. Level-3 secret treasure walker is comparable to Moonlight Warlock. Of course, if a secret treasure walker is equipped with all kinds of mystical secret treasures of the three empires, the combat strength they are able to display can exceed their own strength by far.

Manirt is just a level-6 secret treasure walker and possesses Infinity Warlock rank strength. But if the power of secret treasures is added, even Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses may not be his opponents. The weapons of the three empires even have the power to harm Holies.

“This barrier is pretty good! But its a pity that it met me!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. Ripples rose in the surrounding space, and Devour Rulers suddenly appeared and pounced at the barrier.

After persevering for a quarter of an hour, the barrier set up by an Empyrean collapsed.

Mysterious fragrances diffused from Jing Yuan Island and spread in all directions.

As if attracted by an irresistibly delicious aroma, with Jing Yuan Island as the core, the direbeasts within thousands of kilometers became restless and rushed towards Jing Yuan Island.

“Really! Jing Yuan Island is mine. Have you come to throw away your lives? Well, your life origin is of some use to me! So Ill accept it reluctantly!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, pointed with his finger, and erupted with countless runes, and 10 black holes suddenly appeared in different areas of Jing Yuan Island.

The ten black holes broke out with terrifying devour force that shrouded the surrounding direbeasts. Countless direbeasts were sucked into the black hole and had all their life origin devoured.

The ten black holes moved constantly and devoured every creature in their way.

After witnessing the terror of the ten black holes, the top direbeasts in Jing Yuan Ocean retreated one after another, not daring to go near Jing Yuan Island.

After forcing back countless direbeasts, Yang Feng dispelled the black holes and set foot on Jing Yuan Island.

“So this is the center of Jing Yuan Continent! All power converges here. In addition to the variation of universe laws, Jing Yuan Continent cannot give birth to Holies because someone has gathered Jing Yuan Continents power here.”

“Things nurtured by all the power of Jing Yuan Continent, it seems that my luck is pretty good! I should be able to gain a lot!”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped on Jing Yuan Island, he detected a change in laws and energy, as if coming to a different plane.

He who has conquered one plane after another felt that there is something different about Jing Yuan Island.

“Three Color Spirit Grass! Theres so much of it!”

Yang Feng looked around, and his eyes brightened at once. He saw patches of spirit grass emanating tri-colored light growing all over like weeds.

The Three Color Spirit Grass is an extraordinary plant extremely rare in the world of Warlock. It is a precious material needed to refine Springs of Immortality. A stalk of Three Color Spirit Grass is invaluable in the world of Warlocks. With the magic crystals you can make by selling a stalk, you can hire a Moonlight Warlock for 100 years.

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