Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 124 – Hanging By A Thread

Chapter 123 – Bagru Boa Cavalries

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The expressions of everyone above the city wall changed abruptly. Under the downpour, the archers could be considered to be impaired. Additionally, with that rainy mist environment, not only would human warriors be extremely weakened, but the fighting strength of those different venomous snakes would get a huge upgrade.

The Warlock Tower in the center of Narona City at once effused extremely formidable fluctuations of magic, before a Dispel instantly shrouded the black cloud in the sky.

Under the power of Dispel, the dark cloud in the sky had immediately disappeared.

The black cloud had just disappeared a short while ago, when the snake hellion legions Warlocks once again cast Rainy Mist; once again forming a black cloud.

Narona Citys Warlock Tower continuously dispelled the black cloud in the sky. The magic powers of both parties continuously intertwined in the sky.

The heavy-duty catapults above the city wall were still hurling kerosene jars, followed by the level-1 Warlocks casting Fireball to ignite the kerosene.

Tracts of fire accompanied by thick smoke once again emerged in the sea of snakes, devouring large tracts of the sea of snakes.

The snakes of the densely packed sea of snakes avoided the tracts shrouded in fire; they then swiftly passed Narona Citys moat, before climbing Narona Citys city wall.

“Shadow Ray!”

“Arcane Projectiles!”

“Negative Energy Ray!”


More than a 1,000 Apprentice Warlocks continuously cast level-0 offensive spells, bombarding the densely packed sea of snakes.

More than a thousand venomous snakes would meet their end every moment.

Some Apprentice Warlocks also released a lot of rankless extraordinary life forms as well as a variety of extraordinary plants in order to fight against that sea of snakes. Fernandro Principalitys royal guards also continuously acted, madly killing those snakes.

The poisonous snakes died by the thousands and ten thousands every second. The many poisonous snakes that managed to climb above the city wall would immediately bite at the royal guards legs, but they were obstructed by the royal guards armor and instead would be chopped into mincemeat.

Following a royal guard clad in armor brandishing his sword and chopping a venomous snake in two, a one meter long demonic snake suddenly burst out and ferociously bit at the royal guards thigh. Its extremely sharp fangs at once penetrated the royal guards armor and pierced into his thigh, before injecting its venom.

“Ah!! Go to hell!!” That royal guard revealed a frightened expression. He screamed mournfully and brandishing his sword in a chopping motion, before chopping the snake in two.

In the next moment, that royal guard only felt his head spin. The poison attacked his mind, before he weakly fell to the ground and was covered by countless venomous snakes.

There were a lot of low-level extraordinary life form rank demonic snakes hidden in that densely packed sea of venomous snakes. The demonic snakes mixed with the ordinary snakes, continuously lunched sneak attacks and bit at the legs of the royal guards.

Very quickly, extremely mournful cries emitted by the royal guards were heard above the city wall. A large number of royal guards died because of those poisonous snakes.

The official Warlocks that originally intended to preserve their spirit force, were forced to act after seeing this scene.

All of a sudden, a demonic wolf with flames igniting all over its body, an up to ten meter tall steel golem, three demonic lions, a demonic leopard and three carnivorous demonic rattans appeared above the city wall. The formidable beings with fighting strength comparable to that of level-1 Warlocks acted, decimating large numbers of venomous snakes.

Olerya waved her jade-white hand.

Ten thousand out of the twenty thousand strong snake hellion legions warriors separated from the rest and immediately rode their bulky demonic snakes towards Narona City.

The demonic snakes that the snake hellion legions warriors rode were known as Bagru Boas. They were also a subspecies birthed from the Snake Hellion Clans mating. After reaching adulthood, their terrifying physical constitution would be comparable to that of level-1 Warlocks. Their drawbacks were their low intelligence and their inability to use magic; therefore, their true strength was far below that of level-1 Warlocks.

When the ten thousand Bagru Boa cavalries launched a coordinated attack, then even a level-3 Warlock would die if he didnt escaped.

The complexions of Fernandro Principalitys bigwigs paled once they saw the ten thousand Bagru Boas move.

Narona Citys Warlock Tower erupted with extremely formidable fluctuations of magic in a flash.

Clusters of fire elemental particles were quickly gathering into a sea of fire in the sky. Obviously, a destructive fire-attributed spell with a large area of effect was being prepared. Once the level-3 fire-attributed spell with a large area of effect was released, then all life within the scope of the sea of fire would be hit by the fire spell.

A gorgeous woman among the ten thousand Bagru Boa cavalries instantly erupted with the terrifying life force of a level-3 Warlock rank. She had a head full of short black hair, wheat colored skin, a pair of huge milk-jugs and was dressed in a sensual leather armor that merely covered her key places.

This gorgeous woman was Demonic Snake Princess Oleryas assistant, Emma, and snake hellion legions legion lieutenant commander.

Emma pointed towards the sky and immediately cast Dispel.

A magical radiance entered the sky and instantly dispelled the destructive fire-attribute spell with a large area of effect. The sea of fire immediately crumbled and faded away.

Meteorological spells with large areas of effect had great might and vast scope. The only drawback was the extremely long preparation time. They could be easily dispelled by an expert casting Dispel. Of course, if there were no experts proficient in dispelling spells keeping watch; then once a meteorological spell was successfully cast, the resulting destructive power would be earth-shaking. Just like when Narona Citys Warlock Tower was preparing the meteorological spell; if it were to be successfully cast, then it would be able to annihilate more than half of the ordinary venomous snakes as well as inflict serious damage to the ten thousand Bagru Boa cavalries.

Once that meteorological spell was dispelled; Leimix, the one in charge of the Warlock Tower, was so depressed that he felt like spitting blood.

The Warlock Tower glimmered with a magical radiance. Several dozen clusters of fireballs were shot like rocket artillery from the Warlock Tower and bombarded the Bagru Boa cavalries, immediately blasting apart several dozens of them.

Emma watched with indifference as the several dozen Bagru Boa cavalries were killed by those Fireball. She was only responsible for dispelling and countering the spells with a large area of effect. She wouldnt waste her spirit force to help the Bagru Boa cavalries resist the spells.

“Arcane Projectiles!”

“Negative Energy Ray!”

“Acid Rain!”




The several thousand Apprentice Warlocks watched the madly surging Bagru Boa cavalries as they crazily cast all kinds of level-0 spells, bombarding the Bagru Boa cavalries.

The Bagru Boa cavalries exerted themselves, before directly bursting the web apart. Arcane projectiles, negative energy rays, acid rain and other level-0 spells bombarding those Bagru Boa cavalries that werent blocked by their Bagru Boas were then blocked by their boa armor. Unless a single Bagru Boa cavalry was simultaneously attacked by several hundreds of level-0 spells; otherwise, it was basically impossible to kill them.

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