Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1240 – Scarlet Dragon Great Holy

Chapter 1239 – Transformation

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng looked at the mysterious ancient golden tree with a burning shade in his eyes and took a step forward.

The ancient golden trees radiated golden light that formed a formidable barrier, hindering Yang Feng.

Instead of breaking it hastily, Yang Feng erupted with countless runes from his eyes, looked at the barrier, and analyzed it.

Many treasures of heaven and earth have strange characteristics. If Yang Feng forcibly breaks through the ancient golden trees barrier, the ancient golden tree may collapse directly, and the fruit may disappear.

“The energy level of this barrier is too high. Its extremely difficult to analyze it with my power alone.”

Yang Feng willed, and ripples appeared in the space, and Erosion Rulers suddenly emerged.

The Erosion Rulers ejected countless mysterious tentacles that stabbed into the ancient golden trees barrier and glimmered.

Queer fluctuations shrouded the golden barrier, which contains an amazing defense, as the Erosion Rulers eroded and analyzed the it.

Three hours later, a big hole that a person can pass through appeared abruptly in the golden barrier.

Shrouded in Erosion Rulers, Yang Feng blended into the the golden barrier.

The Erosion Rulers shrouding Yang Feng changed continuously, radiated golden brilliance, turned into a golden leaf, and naturally floated towards the crown of the huge golden tree along with energy currents.

As soon as Yang Feng reached the crown of the huge golden tree, the Erosion Rulers ejected countless tentacles that drifted about and analyzed the crown and the fruit.

In the world of Warlocks, many extraordinary plants have different ways of usage. If used in the wrong way, those extraordinary plants will change from rare treasures to rubbish or poison.

Yang Fengs database has the usage of countless extraordinary plants recorded. Using the database, he can deduce the usage of the mystical fruit that surpasses eternal god fruits.

Suddenly, the fruit erupted with fearsome attractive power that rolled out towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng was startled. He wanted to use his secret methods to resist the attractive power, but then the Fate Algorithm unleashed a fluctuation.

As a result, Yang Feng let the fearsome attractive power to pull him.

As he got closer to the fruit, Yang Feng shrank bit by bit, until he finally turned into a small black spot and disappeared into the mystical fruit.

Once he entered the mystical fruit, a vast force that exceeds the universe energy level of this universe poured into Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs body, which is infinitely close to the quasi-Empyrean rank, began to dissolve. At the same time, a severe pain ran through his soul, and his soul, which has already reached the consummate level, began to dissolve slowly.

If an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock was sucked into the mystical fruit, they would dissolve completely and become the fruits nutrients.

At this time, the Xi Shen Armor erupted with countless runes that covered Yang Feng at once. At the same time, black holes emerge close to the armor and began devouring the higher universe energy level power.

In the core of the Xi Shen Armor, serving as the energy source, the Kunmo Stone shone and madly absorbed the higher universe energy level power. The Kunmo Stone became increasingly brighter, and mysterious runes appear on its surface, making it more resplendent and mysterious.

Even so, the Xi Shen Armor collapsed and disintegrated inch by inch under the erosion of the terrifying higher universe energy level power of the mystical fruit.

Yang Feng unleashed the two peerless secret methods the Eternal Immortal Body and the Eternal Soul Scripture and frantically absorbed the terrifying energy contained in the mysterious fruit.

Threads full of mysterious power suddenly emerged and formed a huge cocoon that sealed Yang Feng inside.

Devour runes appear on the cocoon and devoured the higher universe energy level power contained in the fruit.

After absorbing the terrifying higher universe energy level power, Yang Feng quickly carried out analysis, reconstructed his body, and revised the structure of his soul.

The mysterious higher universe energy level energy is nearly endless like the sea. No matter how much Yang Feng devours, he cant devour it completely. He is on the verge of exploding.

This was the first time Yang Feng felt like he is about to “explode” after he comprehended the essence of devour.

“Then come in!”

Yang Feng operated a secret method and guided the terrifying power into the small world inside him.

The small world inside him was seriously damaged in the fight with Divine Imperator. Even though he has invested a lot of resources, but it is still difficult to restore it to its peak condition.

But as soon as the mysterious power contained within the fruit entered the small world, the listless world origin of the small world livened up and frenziedly absorbed the mysterious power.

Vitality filled the dispirited small world, and a large number of withered seeds of plants began to germinate and grow.

The earth trembled continuously and extended in all directions.

Various mysterious phenomena appeared one after another, and countless laws emerged and formed.

Yang Feng looked at the small world in his body and observed the birth and disappearance of laws. Once he can fully comprehend those laws and mysteries, he will be able to create a world by himself.

The strongest human Warlocks form a small world inside them, on the one hand, it is to obtain an almost endless power source. On the other hand, it is to comprehend the mysteries of creating and establishing a world by observing the changes in the small world inside them.

It was thanks to complete cultivation system that human Warlocks surpassed all kinds of extraordinary life forms that have incredible bloodlines, gave birth to eight Warlock Emperors, and proclaimed themselves hegemons in the not very distant past.

Yang Feng also accepted the complete cultivation system of human Warlocks, seized all opportunities, and constantly improved himself.

The small world inside Yang Feng continued to grow and become more powerful.

Since the small world contains half of his soul, Yang Fengs soul was strengthened as the small world became stronger.

Inside the mysterious cocoon, Yang Fengs body and soul are constantly evolving and transforming.

Scarlet Dragon Ocean is a vast ocean located north of the three empires, and it has countless ferocious marine direbeasts hidden everywhere.

In this ocean, there is a huge island with about one-quarter of Thorny Growth Federations surface area. This island is called Scarlet Dragon Island and it is the final domain of the scarlet dragon race.

At the time, after the ancestors of the three empires defeated the powerhouses of the three strong races, they fell into a deep slumber.

The scarlet dragon race was persecuted by powerhouses of the three empires and fled to Scarlet Dragon Island.

The three empires launched several crusades against the scarlet dragon race. Unfortunately, their armies were torn to pieces by countless marine direbeasts in Scarlet Dragon Ocean.

After internal strife broke out, the three empires became wary of one another, and no longer sent any expeditionary troops to attack the scarlet dragon race.

In the center of Scarlet Dragon Island, there lies a group of exquisite and luxurious palaces. The palaces were built by the ancestors of the scarlet dragon race when it dominated the world.

Originally, the palaces had mysterious extraordinary power, which was enough to cultivate scarlet dragon race Holies. Unfortunately, the laws in this world changed, and the origin force of Jing Yuan Continent was extracted by Du Ling Emperor in order to cultivate the mysterious ancient golden tree. Consequently, most of the palaces have lost their mysterious extraordinary power.

In the center of the most luxurious palace, there is a huge square. In the center of the square, there lies a scarlet true dragon statue with a length of tens of thousands of meters.

A handsome, tall, and sturdy man with black hair and red eyes strode towards the scarlet true dragon statue. He is Chi Yanguang, the leader of the scarlet dragon race. He is the only quasi-Holy rank powerhouse in the entire Jing Yuan Continent.

If it were not for the fact that the secret treasures of the three empires are extremely powerful, Chi Yanguang would have led the scarlet dragon race to sweep Jing Yuan Continent.

Even so, thanks to the pressure from Chi Yanguang, the sole quasi-Holy in Jing Yuan Continent, the powerhouses of the three empires dont dare to rashly come to Scarlet Dragon Sea.

Behind Chi Yanguang, there are tens of thousands of scarlet dragon race powerhouses, each of which emanates frightening aura. They are all in the Moonlight Warlock realm or higher.

“Mighty ancestor, the scarlet dragon race has reached a critical point. A human called Firmament Holy Yang Feng wants to destroy our race. Please awaken and protect our race!”

Chi Yanguang knelt on the ground and prayed loudly.

“Please descend, ancestors! Please protect us!”


The scarlet dragon race powerhouses knelt on the ground and prayed loudly.

The prayers of tens of thousands of powerhouses combined with their formidable spirit force to form a fierce extraordinary power that disappeared into the scarlet true dragon statue.

The scarlet true dragon statue shone, broke out with many runes, and then became dim again due to some mysterious sealing force.

A strange wind suddenly blew in the void, and a pair of mysterious eyes appeared in the strange wind,.

Queer fluctuations transmitted from the mysterious eyes and entered the scarlet true dragon statue: “Scarlet Dragon Holy, you want to come out of the seal?”

After a whole hour, a furious voice transmitted from the scarlet true dragon statue: “Du Ling Emperor, its you! Youre not dead yet?”

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