Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1241 – Cooperation

Chapter 1240: Scarlet Dragon Great Holy

Du Ling Emperor uttered slowly, “Yes, its me! Only I can undo your seal! You have only 1,000 years left of your lifespan. If you want to get your freedom back, do something for me. As long as you do that, I will give you your freedom back along with a treasure that will extend your lifespan by 3,000 years.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys voice filled with endless hatred sounded: “You killed my father and sealed me here for tens of millions of years. There is a deep enmity between us, yet you still want me to do something for you. Do you think Ill agree to that?”

Du Ling Emperor uttered indifferently, “You will agree! Because if you do, you will get 4,000 years of freedom, instead of staying in eternal darkness.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy was silent for a moment, and then asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Du Ling Emperors eyes flashed with endless killing intent, but he said calmly: “I want you to kill someone! Kill the human Firmament Holy Yang Feng.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy was silent for a while, before saying, “Okay, I agree. But I want you to help me prolong my life by 10,000 years. 4,000 years is too short.”

Du Ling Emperor replied, a contemptuous look in his eyes, “Fine! I will prolong your life by 10,000 years!”

Abstruse runes appeared on the scarlet true dragon statue, and then collapsed.

The scarlet true dragon statue trembled slightly, and red magic jade fell off it. Quasi-Empyrean rank pressure diffused from Scarlet Dragon Great Holy.

Chi Yanguang looked up at Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, and his eyes flashed with fanaticism: “Ancestor! Our ancestor woke up!”

“The ancestor woke up!”

“Our ancestor woke up! This world will be ruled by the scarlet dragon race!”

“With the ancestor awake, the scarlet dragon race will return to the top of the world!”


When the scarlet dragon race powerhouses felt the unfathomable quasi-Empyrean rank pressure, their eyes flashed with excitement.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy opened his mouth and inhaled, and the energies drifting within 100,000 kilometers gathered into an energy vortex above him and formed an energy beam that fell from the sky and entered his mouth.

That terrifying energy beam lasted for a whole day and night. The concentration of all kinds of energies within 100,000 kilometers decreased greatly.

“Jing Yuan Continents concentration of energy is hundreds of times lower than in the past. No wonder there are no Holies among my people.”

After absorbing all that energy, Scarlet Dragon Great Holy glanced at the scarlet dragon race people and frowned.

“Du Ling Emperor, my strength has yet to be restored. You asked me to kill your enemy. You want have me deal with Yang Feng in this state?”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy looked at the abstruse pair of eyes that not even quasi-Holies can see.

“If you open this gate, you will get what you want!”

A mysterious rune appeared in the pair of abstruse eyes, and a radiance containing spatial coordinates fell into Scarlet Dragon Great Holys hand.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy stabbed his hand into the void. Countless mysterious runes shone, and his hand crossed a distance of tens of thousands of light-years and grabbed a star.

A large hole appeared above Scarlet Dragon Island, and a star flew out and suspended above him.

There was a cold flash in Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes, and two scarlet beams barreled towards the star.

1,365 Springs of Immortality suddenly appeared above Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, and precious spring water poured on him and nourished his life origin.

Under the nourishment of the Springs of Immortality, Scarlet Dragon Great Holys aura rose and became more and more terrifying. Shrouded by frightening true dragon aura, the scarlet dragon race powerhouses kneeling on the ground shivered, unable to move.

This is innate bloodline suppression. Even Chi Yanguang, a scarlet dragon race quasi-Holy basically stands no chance against the pure-blooded Scarlet Dragon Great Holy. He doesnt even have the courage and strength to resist the other party.

With a flash of light, a scarlet spear flew out of the star and landed in front of Scarlet Dragon Great Holy.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy erupted with countless mysterious runes and changed into a handsome young man with black hair, red eyes, and a pair of dragon horns.

“Redfang, we can fight side by side again!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy grabbed the scarlet spear and sighed faintly.

The scarlet spear suddenly issued buzzing sounds and transmitted the will of excitement.

A golden scroll emerged in the void and turned into countless runes that swept towards Scarlet Dragon Great Holy.


Scarlet Dragon Great Holys expression flickered. He extended his hand, and wisps of true qi condensed into a dragon claw that can suppress and tear anything and extended towards the golden scroll.

“Its no use! Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, this is a contract document formed by my power and the law of contracts. We already signed the contract. Now that I lifted your seal and restored your strength, you have to kill Firmament Holy Yang Feng within three months. If you break the contract, only death will await you.”

In the void, the pair of eyes formed by Du Ling Emperor remained tranquil.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys dragon claw caught empty air.

The golden scroll turned into runes, which changed into a rain of light and disappeared into Scarlet Dragon Great Holys body.

After failing to deal with the golden scroll, Scarlet Dragon Great Holy smiled faintly and restrained his power: “Showing no flaws, thats Du Ling Emperor for you.”

A cyan jade wolf tooth club fell down from the sky, stopped in front of Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, and transformed into Anchalus.

The pair of eyes flashed with an overcast glint, and Du Ling Emperor said slowly, “Anchalus will assist you. If you two join hands, you can kill Firmament Holy. Remember, your have less than three months to live!”

“I understand! Enough with the nonsense! Go back to your coffin!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy eyes shimmered fiercely, and he extended his hand, which contains terrifying law of karma fluctuations, and grabbed the pair of eyes that Du Ling Emperor formed.


Although the pair of eyes formed by a strand of will of Du Ling Emperor are extremely formidable, to the point that even quasi-Holies cant detect them. But they basically cannot resist the quasi-Empyrean rank Scarlet Dragon Great Holy and thus were shattered.

Thanks to the mysterious law of karma, strands of will of Du Ling Emperor hidden in different places were crushed.

“Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, you bastard!”

In the mysterious river of time, waves rose and an angry will reverberated.

Anchalus uttered in a muffled voice, “Firmament Holy Yang Feng is on Jing Yuan Island! Lets go and kill him now!”

“Whats the hurry? If you want to go, go by yourself! After being sealed for so many years, I want to enjoy myself first.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy relaxed and began to walk towards the ground.

Anchalus followed, “I cant beat him!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy asked, “How strong is Firmament Holy? How come youre not his opponent?”

Anchalus answered, “He is a human Great Holy and has a really powerful secret treasure. I almost died at his hands.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes flashed with a complex color, and he sighed: “Human? With the passage of time, former pets have become so powerful that they can produce such a terrible monster.”

“We pay our respects, mighty ancestor!”

As soon as Scarlet Dragon Great Holy landed on the ground, the scarlet dragon race powerhouses prostrated themselves on the ground and uttered respectfully.

“Go prepare the best food and the most beautiful women of this era!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy swept the powerhouses prostrating themselves of the ground, shrouded them with true dragon pressure, and ordered indifferently.

Chi Yanguang responded respectfully, “Yes! Lord ancestor!”

The fruit on Jing Yuan Islands ancient golden tree suddenly cracked open, and a majestic figure emerged, enlarged, and finally became the size of a person. The majestic figure is Yang Feng.

“Advanced Great Holy! To let me promote to the advanced Great Holy realm and condense a body comparable to that of a quasi-Empyrean, this fruit is really a treasure. Whats more, it made my soul aptitude advance further! Theres even a wisp of eternal power! No wonder Du Ling Emperor toiled so much to set up all kinds of fallbacks here! It was all to cultivate this fruit!”

Following a scan with his soul force, Yang Fengs eyes flickered with the shade of elation.

Ever since his soul aptitude advanced to superior level-9 in Myriad Souls Hall and reached the consummate level, no matter what treasures of heaven and earth he took, his soul aptitude showed no signs of advancement. But inside the mystical fruit, Yang Fengs consummate level soul aptitude advanced a step further, surpassing many Warlock Emperors.

Even many Eternal Sovereigns may not be able to compare with Yang Feng in terms of soul aptitude. This is what he is most happy about.

At the same time, his body, the small world inside him, and the Xi Shen Armor that bears his path have also obtained immeasurable benefits. They broke through their limits and attained a more terrifying evolution potential.

The ancient golden tree that seems to support the heaven and earth flashed, restrained the endless golden radiance, and began to wither rapidly.

The golden leaves containing higher universe energy level laws also withered and turned into dust.

Within several breaths of time, the ancient golden tree, which contains endless mysteries, whose origin is an enigma to even Yang Feng, shrank into a black seed the size of a thumb and fell quietly on the ground.

The barrier shrouding Jing Yuan Island collapsed directly, and the energies in Jing Yuan Continents surroundings were no longer forcibly channeled here.

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