Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1243 – Shi Yu Advances to a Great Holy

Chapter 1242: Devouring Anchalus

The panicked Anchalus released earth-shaking roars: “How is this possible? How could you have become so strong?”

At this time, Yang Feng has only used the Xi Shen Armors second form, yet the strength that he can display has already greatly surpassed than that of the fourth form from not long ago. Anchalus cannot believe that the person in front of him is the same Yang Feng whom he fought not long ago.


Cyan light shone, and the cyan jade giant Anchalus transformed into explored.

Along with the shocking explosion, Yang Feng was blasted hundreds of kilometers away and a large number of cyan jade fragments few in all directions like meteors.

When the cyan jade fragments hit the surrounding barriers, they set off ripples.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes shimmered coldly, and he sneered, “Anchalus, its useless! This place was completely sealed by me. If you were alone, you might have been able to break the seal. But with Firmament Holy here, youre toast!”

Black holes emerged inside the barriers and swallowed the cyan jade fragments.

When the cyan jade fragments were swallowed into the black holes, they had all their power extracted and turned into ashes.

A fist-sized cyan jade fragment suddenly shone with countless mysterious runes and changed into Anchalus, who roared angrily at Scarlet Dragon Great Holy: “Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, is it worth it? Although Im going to die, but you will die in three months, as well!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes shimmered with the shade of madness, and he laughed loudly and uttered: “Of course its worth it! I should have died long ago! As long as I can foil Du Ling Emperors plans, its worth the price!”

A black hole emerged, swallowed Anchalus, and frantically extracted his life origin.

A tremendous amount of life origin flowed into Yang Feng and nourished his body and soul.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy waved his hand, and the barriers collapsed. Scarlet Dragon Island recovered its calm.

An hour later, the black hole disappeared, and Yang Feng emerged.

Yang Feng asked, “Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, whats the deal with you dying in three months?”

After this incident, Scarlet Dragon Great Holy and Du Ling Emperor have become mortal enemies. If Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, who is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, becomes his ally, it will be of great benefit to Yang Feng.

“When Du Ling Emperor undid my seal, he set up a contract with me using the law of contracts. According to the contract, if I dont kill you within three months, I will die.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy returned to his seat, hugged two beautiful scarlet dragon race women, and said indifferently.

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and uttered, “The law of contracts? Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, if you trust me and open your soul, I may be able to break it.”

“Opening my soul? Are you serious?”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy narrowed his eyes, his gaze became sharp, and his tone became cold.

When faced with powerhouses of the same realm, people wont lightly open their souls defenses. After all, once their souls defenses are opened, they can fall under the other partys control.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “You can refuse if you want.”

“Okay! Ill trust you this once.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy pondered for a long time, and then revealed a self-deprecating mile and uttered, “Im still so hang up on life.”

Runes shone, and a scarlet true dragon projection emerged from Scarlet Dragon Great Holy, and true spirit level aura spread in all directions.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy is a true spirit level scarlet true dragon. If this were the Eternal Sovereign age, he would definitely be able to ascend the Empyrean throne. At present, however, quasi-Empyrean realm is already his limit. He must strive hard in order to advance further.

Abstruse runes containing the mysteries of the law of contracts appeared on the scarlet true dragon and emanated immortal Empyrean might.

With a wave of Yang Fengs hand, an Erosion Ruler suddenly flew out and sent a tentacle probing towards a contract rune.

Mysterious light shone as the contract rune was being analysed.

Streams of information were sent back by the Erosion Ruler.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Erosion Ruler flew back.

There was a flash of disappointment in the Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes: “You also have no way to deal with it? After all, this is a spell set up by Du Ling Emperor. Its normal for you to have no way to deal with it.”

Yang Feng said flatly, “I have a way.”

“Du Ling Emperor mastered the essence of contracts. Although his core path is not that of contracts, but few people in the universe can crack his spell. Except for Empyreans who take lies and deception as their core path, only the legendary Eternal Sovereigns can break his spell.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy sighed in disappointment. But in the next moment, he reacted, and asked with a look of incredulity, “What? You have a way? You said you have a way?”

“I do! I have a way to break Du Ling Emperors spell. To be exact, it is not break, but fool. My mechanical golems can simulate special fluctuations and make it so that the contract runes engraved onto your soulthink that the time has not come, thus delaying their activation.”

“Of course, this method has its disadvantages. That is, you have to place one such golem in your soul, which poses a threat to your soul. It is up to you.” Yang Feng said frankly.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy pondered for a moment and uttered decisively: “Ill trust you!”

Runes shone, and the scarlet true dragon containing true dragon might emerged from Scarlet Dragon Great Holy.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Erosion Ruler blurred and flew into the scarlet true dragon. Invisible tentacles disappeared into the runes and emitted strange fluctuations.

The scarlet true dragon flew back into Scarlet Dragon Great Holys body and disappeared.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy uttered lazily while hugging two beautiful scarlet dragon race women, “Is there anything else? If its about undermining Du Ling Emperors plans, then Im quite interested. Dont bother me with anything else.”

Yang Feng was speechless. Unlike the other quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses he met until now, Scarlet Dragon Great Holy lacks the demeanor of a powerhouse.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Except for Scarlet Dragon Island, the rest of Jing Yuan Continent will belong to me. Do you have any objections?”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy replied lazily, “None!”

“I need the scarlet dragon race to help me find a place.”

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and the map of the mountain range where Shi Yu is sealed appeared.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy said: “Chi Yanguang, go find this place.”

Chi Yanguang came forward and said respectfully, “Sir Firmament Holy, thats Purple Stone Mountains. Its located in the middle of Light Empire, near Galonia Provinces Roca City.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy said indifferently, “If you have any questions, speak!”

Yang Feng asked, “Who is Du Ling Emperor? Why have I never seen any traces of him in history?”

Since the Eternal Sovereign age, countless Empyreans have been born and died. Every Empyrean is a bigwig and will leave their traces in history.

Only if someone pays a great price, can a section of history be erased and thrown into obscurity.

The level of technology of Du Ling Emperors secret treasures is a notch higher than that of the secret treasures used by human Warlocks. If such a powerful civilization had ever appeared in the world of Warlocks, it would be impossible to cover up its traces.

“Lets start with Jing Yuan Continents origin! In fact, Jing Yuan Continent is a bridgehead Eternal Sovereigns established in ancient times in order to go to the greater universe. This place used to be a universe node that links the greater universe with our universe.”

“After the Eternal Sovereigns retreated in defeat, they cut off the connection between our universe and the greater universe, and this place became a strange existence.”

“In this place, where higher energy level universe energies can be absorbed, various formidable extraordinary plants are produced. At one point, the scarlet dragon, golden roc, and black phoenix races came to this place to settle down.”

“10,000 years after we settled here, Du Ling Emperor and company suddenly appeared from a universe rift.”

“Their origin is a mystery. According to my guess, they should be from the greater universe or another universe.”

“As for their purpose, as the defeated side, we have no clue. However, since they fell into a deep sleep, their objective must be becoming an Eternal Sovereign our universe.”

When Scarlet Dragon Great Holy heard the name Du Ling Emperor, his eyes shimmered with the shade of hatred, and he finally got serious and started speaking unhurriedly.

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and asked, “How many Empyreans do they have?”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy answered slowly, “Their side has two Empyreans, namely Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress. Furthermore, Du Ling Empress is a notch stronger than Du Ling Emperor.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “Two Empyreans!”

He suddenly gained two terrifying enemies, coupled with Gumana Universes powerhouses biding their time, Yang Feng couldnt help but have a slight headache.

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy said lazily, “You dont have to worry. As long as you promote to an Empyrean before they wake up, you will be able to take advantage of their weakened state after they wake up. You can just go and kill them then. At your stage, you have a vast expanse before you and an endless abyss behind you.”

Yang Feng smiled at the other partys words and no longer worried.

Although he has many allies. But at the same time, he also made countless enemies. If he cant promote to a Warlock Emperor or gain the strength to contend against Empyrean rank powerhouses before the Empyreans wake up, he will be torn to pieces by the hostile Empyreans.

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