Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1244: Blueflame Leopard Emperor

Chapter 1243: Shi Yu Advances to a Great Holy

Purple Stone Mountains are located 300 kilometers west of Galonia Provinces Roca City, in the middle of Light Empire. They are rich in a rare mineral called Purple Stone. Purple Stone is a mineral essential to refine top warships such as the White Shark Battleship.

In the space above Purple Stone Mountains, ripples rose abruptly, a spatial gate opened, and Yang Feng stepped out.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Purple Stone Mountain, and countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes. Two rays emanated from his eyes and swept Purple Stone Mountains, searching for Shi Yus traces.

Yang Feng mused: “According to Chi Yanguang, the place where Shi Yu is sealed should be here. He wouldnt dare deceive Scarlet Dragon Great Holy. That is to say, Purple Stone Mountains are interfering with my investigation.”

Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and an Earth Staff containing the essence of earth appeared in his hand.

Countless mysterious runes appeared from the Earth Staff and enveloped Yang Feng, covering him in an earth-yellow halo.

Yang Feng fell from the sky, landed on the ground, strangely assimilated into the ground, and proceeded towards the depths of the earth.

“Found it!”

After diving for about 10,000 meters, a huge cave with a mysterious stone suspended in the air appeared in front of him.

Countless vein-like tubes extended from the stone, pierced into the earth, and continuously extracted power from Purple Stone Mountains.

“Thats evolution! How reckless!”

Yang Fengs expression changed slightly, and he silently recited an incantation and flicked his finger.

Springs of Immortality suddenly emerged, and a huge amount of spring water containing immortal Holy might flowed towards the stone.

The mysterious stone absorbed the spring water like crazy, and its aura, which was weak, became strong.

Ripples rose in space, and precious minerals suddenly emerged and flew towards the stone.

When the minerals reached the stone, all their essence was extracted, and they turned into dust.

Countless runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, and he looked at the stone. He threw all kinds of precious minerals when the stone needed them.

On the ninth day.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and Anchaluss cyan jade giant body appeared and flew towards the stone.

A stone tentacle ejected from the stone and stabbed into the cyan jade giant body.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the cyan jade giant had its essence extracted by the stone. It collapsed inch by inch and turned into ashes.


Along with a sharp sound, the stone split open, and the exceedingly beautiful and charming Shi Yu emerged.

With a flash of white light, a white dress appeared on Shi Yu, making her look pure and beautiful to the extreme.

“Older brother!”

Shi Yus eyes flashed with excitement, and she pounced into Yang Fengs arms.

Yang Feng hugged Shi Yus soft body and unleashed a slight sigh of relief.

“Older brother, I promoted to a Great Holy!”

After a long time, Shi Yu broke away from Yang Fengs embrace, shone with countless runes, and emanated Great Holy rank fluctuations of power.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and uttered, “Great Holy? Why did you have to advance here? If it were not for my timely arrival, then you would have weakened continuously and died one year later.”

Shi Yu replied slowly, “I was seriously injured and I exhausted when I escaped here. Only by advancing to a Great Holy would I have a way to survive. As such, I could only choose to advance to a Great Holy.”

The two variants of heaven and earth Michaelia and Shi Yu have incredible power. When they are seriously injured, if they manage to advance successfully, all the injuries will disappear, and they will become stronger. Of course, if they try to advance while seriously injured, they have a 90% chance of dying.

This time, if Yang Feng hadnt arrived in time, Shi Yu wouldnt have been able to complete the transformation. Only death would have awaited her.

Yang Feng said, “Now that I found you! Lets get ready to go back!”

Shi Yu smiled sweetly and said in reply, “Alright!”

Jing Yuan Continent is already under Yang Fengs control. With a command from him, the whole Jing Yuan Continent began to offer all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth one after another.

Among the countless treasures of heaven and earth, Yang Feng found two primary materials necessary to refine the level-7 stronghold of the xizu and more than 30 kinds of treasures of heaven and earth that can be used to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures.

On Jing Yuan Continent, there are countless treasures. Yang Feng even found an Empyrean skeleton at the bottom of Jing Yuan Ocean and let the Spirit Osta Fortress refine it.

After refining the Empyrean skeleton, although the Spirit Osta Fortress didnt recover to the state it was in prior to the fight with Divine Imperator, but it was no longer unusable.

A month later, Yang Feng appeared in front of the distorted hole. His figure fluttered, and he entered the distorted hole.

As soon as he entered the distorted hole, a terrifying force capable of crushing Holies enveloped Yang Feng.

Yang Feng unleashed countless mysterious runes, resisted the terrifying power, and traveled freely through the distorted space.

Black holes suddenly emerged and devoured all kinds of energies gathered here, nourishing Yang Fengs body.

“So this is a quasi-Empyrean rank body! No, my body already has some characteristics of a Warlock Emperor rank body. To allow my body and soul to evolve and transition to a higher level, that fruit was really something else.”

As he easily devoured all kinds of higher universe level energies and nourished his body, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with joy.

Not long ago, in this twisted void, Yang Feng used all his trump cards, but he was still suffered terribly and received serious damage, nearly dying. Now, however, he can travel freely in this space and devour all kinds of higher universe energy level energy. This difference allowed him be more deeply aware of how powerful he has become.

However, seeing how extraordinary that fruit was, Yang Feng is aware that the two Empyreans, Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress, will never let him off. That fruit was an extraordinary plant Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress cultivated in order to step into eternity.

If Yang Feng hadnt come to Jing Yuan Continent by chance, perhaps the plan Du Ling Emperor and company hatched up would have succeeded.

Eternal Ancient Road, the central starfield, in an eternal relic site, dark light shone suddenly, and the energies within millions upon millions of kilometers rushed over, gathered in this area, and formed dark clouds.

A fearsome energy beam ejected from the dark clouds and barreled down.

Great Holy rank fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

“Great Holy, someone promoted to a Great Holy!”

“So strong! What a dreadful aura! This is no ordinary Great Holy!”

“Who is this?”


The spies nearby were startled. Magic fluctuations converged on this place.

A blue fire flew out of the eternal relic site and formed a flame bridge. On the flame bridge, there stands a handsome young man wearing blue armor, with long, blue hair, a leopard tail wrapped around the waist, and overbearing temperament.

“Divine Imperator, Young Lightning Empyrean, Darkglare Emperor, your time is over. From now on, it is the time of I, Blueflame Leopard Emperor!”

With blue hair flying about, exuding confidence and domineering temperament, with a heroic smile dancing on the lips, the young mans voice kept shaking in this area.

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor! Hes an Empyrean from the Five Empyrean era!”

“He is the reincarnation of an Empyrean, as well!”

“This is already the fourth reincarnation of an Empyrean. I wonder how many reincarnations of Empyreans are still hidden.”


Eyes full of apprehension and vigilance focused on Blueflame Leopard Emperor.

Empyreans are peerless geniuses who opened their own path and reached the peak.

Reincarnations of Empyreans who once reached the peak are far better than powerhouses born in this era in terms of the mastery of power. Each one is an invincible overlord of the same rank, with only a few people daring to challenge them.

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Divine Imperator and Young Lightning Empyrean have both died at the hands of Firmament Holy Yang Feng! Your information is outdated!”

A calm voice sounded in the void. A three-meter-tall man dressed in white, with a fierce, ghost-like face, four pairs of bone wings, and the faces of all kinds of intelligent life forms on the back, flew out of the void and came to Blueflame Leopard Emperor.

There was a flash of apprehension in Blue Flame Emperors eyes, and he uttered slowly, “Ghostface Emperor, I didnt expect you to come out, as well! And you even advanced to a Great Holy!”

Ghostface Emperor is also the reincarnation of an Empyrean. But his achievements are even greater than those of Blueflame Leopard Emperor. In Ghostface Emperors era, except for those old monsters slumbering in the river of time, he was the only Empyrean in the whole universe. He was an unparalleled overlord level Empyrean back in the day.

Ghostface Emperor said Flatly, “Theres no other way! If we continue to hide in the dark, Im afraid we wont get the chance to advance to Empyreans in this era.”

Every powerhouse who wants to reach the top and advance to an Empyrean needs to consume countless resources. Even if an Empyrean is reborn, they still need to consume countless resources to promote to an Empyrean again.

Unparalleled overlords like Ghostface Emperor reincarnate in order to cultivate anew and lay a foundation to step into eternity. Consequently, they have to consume far more resources than in the past. The treasure-troves they left behind are basically not enough for them to become Empyreans, so they have to fight over resources.

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