Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1245: Night Tiger Great Holy Dies

Chapter 1244: Blueflame Leopard Emperor

The reincarnations of Empyreans such as Ghostface Emperor and Blue Flame Leopard Emperor all have their own treasure-troves and forces. But if theyre hidden in the dark, although they wont be targeted by enemies, yet their speed of development will be far lower than that of overlord level powerhouses like Yang Feng, Divine Imperator, Young Lightning Empyrean, and Darkglare Emperor.

Blueflame Leopard Emperor uttered, “Since Young Lightning Empyrean and Divine Imperator have died at his hands, that makes Firmament Holy Yang Feng an overlord of this era. What is his origin?”

Ghostface Emperor spoke with a dignified look on his face: “Firmament Holy Yang Feng is a human from the main world. He is one of the big shots of the Human Supreme Council and the sect master of Battle Demon Sect. Using his alchemy, which reached a peak, he refined a large number of mechanical golems. His mechanical golems are extremely strong, to the point that they can besiege and kill Holies.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperors eyes constricted slightly: “A second Golem Lord?”

The age of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race is known as modern times. In modern history, the Warlock Imperial Courts have shone the brightest. The reincarnations of Empyreans have naturally learned about the achievements of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race.

Ghostface Emperor uttered, “He treads the path of alchemy, not that of golems. His mechanical golems are even a notch better than those of Golem Lord. No, theyre several notches better.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor took a deep look at Ghostface Emperor: “Be that as it may, what can I do for you?”

“Im here to make an alliance with you in order to eradicate Firmament Holys forces in the central starfield. Firmament Holy has disappeared! Now is the best time to drive his forces out of the central starfield of Eternal Ancient Road. If his forces are completely expelled from the central starfield, well be able to win precious time.”

“Now that Firmament Holy isnt here, its an excellent time for us to make a move. Firmament Holy has offended countless people in the central starfield. Although these people wont help us openly, since theyre apprehensive of him, but they will give us support in secret.”

“Once we chase Yang Feng out of the central starfield, we can divide his sphere of influence equally among ourselves!”

Ghostface Emperor spoke unhurriedly, a scorching shade in his eyes.

Yang Feng swallowed the spheres of influence of Divine Imperator, Young Lightning Empyrean, and the zhenxu race and compelled the cosmic eyes tiger race and the starmoon sky snake race to cede some Holy stars. At this time, his sphere of influence is one of the largest in the central starfield.

Every day, the many stars under Yang Fengs control produce countless precious resources, including resources needed for Holies to practice cultivation.

Ghostface Emperor uttered with a confident smile, “Even if Firmament Holy doesnt die, we are still strong enough to contend against him.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor pondered for a moment and said decisively, “Okay! I agree to your proposal!”

Nolangana Star is a star occupied by the cyan scales jackal race. The cyan scales jackal race was originally a vassal of the zhenxu race. But after the zhenxu race was destroyed, the cyan scales jackal race joined Yang Fengs camp and killed all the zhenxu race people on the star, thus preserving itself.

Nolangana Star, in a beautiful and luxurious palace that is 100 meters tall.

A five-meter-tall powerhouse covered in cyan scales, with a jackal head, is standing quietly in the palace. He is the patriarch of the cyan scales jackal race in this generation.

A four-meter-tall cyan scales jackal elder asked, “Patriarch, why have you called us?”

The other thirty plus cyan scales jackal elders looked at the patriarch curiously.

The cyan scales jackal patriarch answered with surging passion: “An ancestor has awakened! He is calling us to take up arms and overthrow the rule of Firmament Holy in one fell swoop.”

There was a silence in the hall. The elders gazed at the patriarch with a frenzied look in their eyes.

An elder spoke after a moment of silence, “I dont think Qingchai Lie is fit to be the patriarch of the cyan scales jackal race!”

“I second that!”


All the other elders in the in the palace agreed.

An elder said coldly, “Qingchai Lie, our race doesnt even have a Holy. How do you want us to fight against Firmament Holy? If you want to die, then we wont stop you. But you cant take the cyan scales jackal race to the grave with you.”

The elders stared at the Qingchai Lie with hostile looks in their eyes.

The name Firmament Holy Yang Feng has all races in the central starfield of Eternal Ancient Road shake in their boots. The cyan scales jackal race doesnt dare to oppose him at all.

Qingchai Lie smiled bitterly and remained silent.

All of a sudden, runes appeared, and strange ripples rose in the void.

A 50-meter-tall powerhouse with a cyan jackal head, emanating Holy rank fluctuations of power, with a berserk air about him, emerged from the void, and terrifying bloodline force filled the area.

“Ancestor! Lord ancestor!”

The countenance of the elders changed dramatically. Subjected to the pressure from the bloodline force feeling the area, they knelt on the ground and spoke with trepidation.

The cyan scales jackal Holy roared, “Descendants! Lead the cyan scales jackal race to destroy the forces Firmament Holy Yang Feng left on this star at once! The mighty Ghostface Emperor and Blueflame Leopard Emperor will lead us to destroy the forces belonging to Firmament Holy in the central starfield. If we make great contributions, the cyan scales jackal race will rise and become more powerful than in the past!”

The eyes of the elders shot with blood and shimmered with a feverish shade, “Yes! Ancestor!”

The bleak sound of horns came from the palace.

Fully-equipped cyan scales jackal race powerhouses rushed to the various mechanical legions stationed all over Nolangana Star.

“Hostility detected! Targets have approached the warning field! Begin fire!”

A cyan scales jackal race army just approached the military base of a mechanical legion, when numerous muzzles extended from the military base, countless lights shone, and a rain of light barreled towards the opponent.

One after another, cyan scales jackal race powerhouses were blown to pieces.

After less than 10 breaths of time, the 30,000-strong cyan scales jackal race army had 10,000 plus powerhouses blasted to pieces by the rain of light.

The remaining powerhouses collapsed directly and fled in different directions.

“How can this be? How is this possible? This is the weakest mechanical golem legion of Firmament Holy, so how can it be so powerful? To provoke such a terrifying being, what are the higher-ups thinking?!”

When a commander saw this scene, fear and regret flashed in his eyes.

A cyan beam ejected from the military base. In an instant, the cyan beam slammed into the head of the commander, who possesses Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base, and blasted his head apart.

6th generation battle robots flew out of the military base and rushed towards the cyan scales jackal race powerhouses.

Miserable screams sounded as hundreds upon hundreds of cyan scales jackal race powerhouses were slayed by the mechanical legion.

As if someone stabbed hornets nests, such scenes appeared all over Nolangana Star. Countless 6th generation battle robots flew out of military bases and started a massacre against the cyan scales jackal race powerhouses.

Under the attacks of the mechanical legions, the cyan scales jackal race armies collapsed almost at once, suffering disastrous casualties.

The cyan scales jackal race patriarch and elders turned pale in the face after receiving reports of the heavy casualties.

“A bunch of trash!”

The cyan scales jackal race Holy snorted coldly. His figure shook slightly, and he appeared on a battlefield.

On the battlefield, thousands of 6th generation battle robots are frantically attacking 30,000 cyan scales jackal race soldiers.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the cyan scales jackal race Holy shone with countless runes and turned into a 10,000-meter-tall being with a wolf tooth club in hand, shrouded in a distorted magic barrier.

The cyan scales jackal Holys figure fluttered, and he turned into a blur, rushed towards the 6th generation battle robots, and brandished the wolf tooth club.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Along with frightening explosions, 6th generation battle robots were destroyed one after another, unable to put up any resistance.

“Holy discovered! According to the analysis, the power of the celestial body is not enough to suppress a Holy. Enter covert combat mode.”

The 6th generation battle robots scattered all over Nolangana Star like small dots and frantically attacked the gathering places of the cyan scales jackal race. One after another, the the 6th generation battle robots mercilessly erased gathering places of the cyan scales jackal race.

Every time they heard that a gathering place of the cyan scales jackal race was erased, the patriarch and elders turned slightly paler, and fear flashed in their eyes.

The cyan scales jackal race Holy bellowed wildly. Fighting on Nolangana Star nonstop, he destroyed the 6th generation battle robot one after another.

The green scales jackal race began to pull back its people, concentrating them in big cities.

Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, in a vast conference hall.

Sitting in the seat of honor in the conference hall, Michaelias eyes shimmered with a dignified shade, “Nolangana Stars cyan scales jackal race rebelled! Theres a Holy involved in the rebellion!”

Night Tiger Great Holys eyes shimmered, and he revealed a ferocious smile: “Lady Michaelia, let me handle this! I will bring back the head of that Holy!”

If you successfully hunt a Holy, the wealth youll obtain will be able to entice even a Great Holy. However, Holies are generally sheltered by great forces or have many friends. You cant hunt them at will. But when it comes to rebellious Holies, even if Night Tiger Great Holy kills them, the great forces and the friends of the rebellious Holy wont have any objections.

Michaelia responded, “Then Ill have to trouble you!”

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