Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1246: Closing in Step by Step

Chapter 1245: Night Tiger Great Holy Dies

“Dont worry!”

Night Tiger Great Holy smiled, turned into a dark ray, and flew towards the void.

At Nolangana Stars outer space.

With a flash of dark light, Night Tiger Great Holy appeared in the starry sky. Countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked down.

Night Tiger Great Holy uttered with a cold smile, “For a junior Holy rank small fry to resist us! What a reckless thing!”

“No, its an ambush!”

Night Tiger Great Holys face fell abruptly, and he looked at the void.

“As expected of the Great Holy of the night tiger race!”

Ripples rose in the void, and the handsome Blueflame Leopard Emperor and the ferocious Ghostface Emperor walked out of the void and completely sealed Night Tiger Great Holys escape routs.

Night Tiger Great Holys countenance suddenly changed dramatically and his eyes shimmered with a dignified shade, “Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Ghostface Emperor!”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor advanced to a Great Holy not long ago, yet he didnt shy away from displaying his strength. He, Ghostface Emperor, and Darkglare Emperor are reincarnations of Empyreans. In the central starfield of Eternal Ancient Road, they are most dreadful and most formidable powerhouses.

Night Tiger Great Holys eyes twinkled, and he said slowly, “Why have the two sirs appeared here?”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor smiled and said, “Night Tiger Great Holy, youre such a smart chap. Cant you guess why were here?”

Night Tiger Great Holy uttered, “My lord is Firmament Holy. If you attack me, lord Firmament Holy wont let you get away with it!”

Ghostface Emperor smiled ferociously and said, “Firmament Holy? If he were still on Eternal Ancient Road, I would be somewhat wary. But now? When he returns, there will be no place for him in the central starfield! Night Tiger Great Holy, you should surrender! If you do, youll still be able to survive.”

Night Tiger Great Holy suddenly unfurled a pair of black wings, erupted with countless runes on his wings, integrated with the night, and disappeared.

The handsome face of Blueflame Leopard Emperor turned frosty, and he pointed with a finger.

In the void, a blue stone bowl full of an ancient and desolate aura appeared at once. As soon as the blue stone bowl emerged, it changed into a stone bowl the size of a star.

Countless blue threads ejected from the stone bowl and swept towards the void.

In the void, Night Tiger Great Holy, who fully integrated with the night, his body twisted slightly, and he was forced out of the void.

All of a sudden, blue flames appeared all over Blueflame Leopard Emperor. Looking like an invincible god of fire, he stepped into the void and appeared in front of the Night Tiger Great Holy in a flash.

Endless blue fire enveloped Night Tiger Great Holy.

Violent shock waves raged in the blue fire.

A quarter of an hour later, the endless blue fire disappeared. In the void, only Blueflame Leopard Emperor remained, standing proudly, holding a severed head in his right hand. The severed head belongs to Night Tiger Great Holy.

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor killed Night Tiger Great Holy!”

Before long, a post appeared on the Holy Forum and blew up.

“For Blueflame Leopard Emperor to kill Night Tiger Holy, does he want to forge a blood feud with Firmament Holy?”

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor wants to uproot Firmament Holys forces now that hes away!”

“Theres going to be war! Since Blueflame Leopard Emperor took action, he wont pull his punches! An all-out war is bound to break out! He wont let Yang Fengs forces to stay in Eternal Starfield.”


As soon as Holies saw this information on the Holy Forum, they vaguely guessed the direction in which things will develop.

Three empyrean races of Darksmoke Starfield declared their allegiance to the blueflame skyleopard race, propelling the blueflame skyleopard race to the ranks of an eternal empyrean race.

Four empyrean races of Tamadonia Starfield declared their allegiance to the ghostface race, propelling the ghostface race to the ranks of eternal empyrean races.

The blueflame skyleopard race and the ghostface race, these two powerful races comparable to eternal empyrean races, barged into Eternal Starfield and began to attack Yang Fengs forces.

Rita Star.

A black ghost mountain suspended above the Holy star sent dark aura falling down. One after another, ferocious and cruel evil spirits emerged from the dark aura and engage the battle robots on Rita Star.

Countless lights ejected from Rita Star and rained down on the ghost mountain.

In front of the ghost mountain, there is a fierce-looking Great Holy sitting cross-legged. He operated a huge black tortoise shell.

Countless runes appeared on the huge tortoise shell, forming a powerful defensive barrier that resisted the rain of light.

“To posses at least Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess, Firmament Holys mechanical golems are frighteningly strong.”

The Great Holy operating the black tortoise shell looked at the battlefield and saw the mechanical legion cut the evil spirits to pieces one after another. Had it not been for the support of three Holy Spirit Warlock rank evil spirits, the huge evil spirit legion would have been torn to pieces by the mechanical legion.

A Great Holy with nine ogre horns and a malevolent appearance emerged from the void and said flatly: “After all, Firmament Holy is a monster who slayed Young Lightning Ancestor and Divine Imperator. He is an overlord level prodigy most hopeful to become the ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race and open up his own path. The mechanical golems he made are naturally not simple!”

The Great Holy operating the tortoise shell said, “Nine Cornu Great Holy, has Ronalej Star been suppressed already?”

Nine Cornu Great Holy replied coldly, “Rock Tortoise Great Holy, I personally suppressed Ronalej Star. In that battle, our side lost 200,000 elite soldiers and wiped out 1.62 million enemy troops.”

Rock Tortoise Great Holy sighed slightly: “The losses are really heavy!”

Nine Cornu Great Holys elite legion was more than 2 millions strong. The loss of 200,000 elite soldiers is equivalent to one-tenth of the legion being wiped out. Even with an amazing damage ratio of 1 to 8, its still a big blow to Nine Cornu Great Holys race.

Nine Cornu Great Holy said, an expressionless look on his face, “Yesterday, Black Sea Holy went to suppress Jiadamu Star alone. Consequently, he was ambushed by Firmament Holys ruler series mechanical golems and died.”

Rock Tortoise Great Holy felt a chill in his heart: “Even an Holy has died! But the other side hasnt dispatched Holies yet.”

Since the death of Night Tiger Great Holy, Michaelia recalled all the scattered Holies to Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

If the Holies stayed on other stars, they would be sitting ducks.

There are many powerhouses under Yang Fengs command. But only when they all combine forces, can they contend against incredible powerhouses such as Blueflame Leopard Emperor. So long as they are on their own, even if theyre Great Holies, they will be killed.

The mechanical legions left on the stars continued to fight the blueflame skyleopard race and the ghostface race.

Although blueflame skyleopard race and the ghostface race are two powerful races comparable to eternal empyrean races, but they need to mobilize Holies and Great Holies in order to attack and defend stars.

Yet the mechanical legions, which are composed of all kinds of battle robots, dont have such restrictions. They hide on different stars and constantly carry out guerrilla warfare attacks against the enemy powerhouses.

Void Assassins can display terrifying combat strength in guerrilla warfare. If there is no Holy on a star, the enemy powerhouses on said star cant be at peace.

Although the allied forces of the blueflame skyleopard race and the ghostface race have been victorious, but they have also suffered heavy casualties, especially when it comes to powerhouses below the Holy Spirit Warlock rank.

An unclear shadow surged in the hearts of the vassals of the two strong races.


Rock Tortoise Great Holy abruptly had an unclear premonition. All of a sudden, he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Nine Cornu Great Holy blurred and escaped 100 kilometers away.

A terrifying pillar of light suddenly shot out from Rita Star, tore the sky, and slammed into the black ghost mountain.

The barriers shrouding the black ghost mountain collapsed one by one. In an instant, half of the barriers collapsed and more than 300,000 of the 600,000 rock tortoise race elites on the ghost mountain were directly erased. The remaining 200,000 plus elites were seriously injured.

“Damn it!”

Rock Tortoise Great Holy bellowed and waved his hand, and a meteorite 100 kilometers in diameter suddenly appeared, fell from the sky like a meteor, and shot towards the artillery fort that suddenly emerged.

The meteorite blazed brightly, dropped from the sky, and hit a plain.

A mushroom cloud rose slowly and shock waves shrouded an area thousands of kilometers in radius. The artillery fort was directly destroyed.

Rock Tortoise Great Holy looked at the destroyed artillery fort, yet there was no joy in his eyes.

After this battle, 30% of the rock tortoise race elites have been eliminated. If it continues to fight over stars like this, then when it reach Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, the rock tortoise race will probably have a single person left, namely Rock Tortoise Great Holy.

A 3,000-meter-tall, blue ancient tree is flying in the vast void. On the crown of the blue ancient tree, there is a palace.

In that palace, there are two people sitting, namely Blueflame Leopard Emperor and Ghostface Emperor.

“How tricky! Firmament Holy Yang Fengs mechanical legions are really tricky to deal with.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor frowned and pointed with a finger, and blue light shone and formed a screen in the void.

On a star, a Void Assassin suddenly jumped out of the void, killed a blueflame skyleopard Infinity Warlock with its dagger, then rushed into the squad subordinated to the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse and massacred his subordinates, and then jumped into the void.

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