Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1248: Unite

Chapter 1247: Redstar Great Holy and Arachnid Great Holy

Before long, warships of various races filled the void.

When the warships emerged, they flew towards different places and occupied strategic locations one after another.

Three days later, the starfield was covered with warships from the allied forces, looking like a large school of fish in the ocean.

After all allied forces arrived, the huge fleet flew towards Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Along the way, battle robots such as Void Assassins, Space Rulers, and Phantom Rulers disrupted the huge fleet continuously.

But the battle robots were torn to pieces by frightening weapons the moment they approached the fleet.

When fully staffed, the weapons of many races can display Holy Spirit Warlock rank destructive power. With more than a dozen such weapons working in tandem, they can even defeat a Great Holy.

The huge fleet forged ahead and crushed the battle robots trying to slow it down.

In just seven days, the terrifying fleet, which is composed of forces from the two strong races and their numerous vassals, bulldozed everything in its way and appeared in Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms outer space.

In Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms outer space, there are 108 stars floating. Those 108 stars are the final gate that guards Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Once the defensive perimeter formed by the 108 stars is broken, the whole Zhenxu Divine Kingdom will have its belly exposed to the blade of the two strong races.

Blueflame Leopard Emperor said coldly, “Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy, let them go up.”

“Yes! Lord!”

Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy waved his hand, and a terrifying will shrouded the vassal races.

A 3,000-kilometer-tall sunfire flower enveloped by raging flames appeared. In the middle of the huge sunfire flower, there stands a leaf person.

A 1,000-kilometer-long, pitch-black starry earthworm flew out. Inside the starry earthworm, countless runes shone and specks of light scattered. Each speck of light within its body represent an earthworm powerhouse.

Inside a huge meteorite 1,600 kilometers in diameter, countless runes shone. The meteorite elongated, turned into a 10,000-kilometer-long meteorite snake, and radiated endless light. The meteorite snake is a kind of weapon formed from the combined power of meteoritekin.

Strengthened by the power of a race, each of these three weapons possesses Holy rank fighting strength. Their destructive power is even higher than that of Holies.

The sunfire flower shone with countless runes, and swaths of sunfire flew out from the stamens and formed a pillar of fire shooting towards a mechanical star.

The starry earthworm shone and flew towards a mechanical star.

The meteorite snake shone with countless runes, attracted starlight within hundreds of thousands of light-years, opened its mouth, and fired a beam of starlight barreling towards a mechanical star.

1,800 Holy Slaying Artillery on 18 mechanical stars shone brightly, and a rain of beams shot towards the three weapons.

Under the bombardment of the Holy Slaying Artillery beams, the sunfire flower, the starry earthworm, and the meteorite snake turned into ashes in an instant

After their attack succeeded, the 18 mechanical stars returned to the group of stars at once. At the same time, the other stars flew to the front to shield the 18 stars.

Swarms of battle robots flew out from Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, spread about, and formed a new defense perimeter that covered the mechanical stars.

Warships emerged in the rear one after another. Of the 3,976 warships of various types that appeared in total, 2,000 are equipped with Holy Slaying Artillery and 132 are Holy Spirit Battlestars that can suppress a Holy Spirit Warlock alone.

One after another, Holy and Great Holy rank auras rose from behind the mechanical sea. The powerhouses Michaelia gathered in Zhenxu Divine Kingdom appeared within the defensive perimeter constructed by the 108 stars.

While under the cover of mechanical legions, the Holies and Great Holies can display their combat strength to the limit.

The Holies within the huge fleet led by the two strong races are well aware how scary the Holies and Great Holies hiding within the mechanical legions are.

Back when his main forces attacked Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, Yang Feng and company hunted down a dozen plus Holies by relying on mechanical legions. At the same time, the mechanical legions tied down Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms Great Holies. In the end, the whole Zhenxu Divine Kingdom fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Now so many powerhouses appeared among the 108 mechanical stars in front of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom. When the powerhouse of the allied forces saw the battle formation, they felt their scalp go numb.

The eyes of many vassals of the two races flashed with fear. In such a large-scale war, vassals are used as cannon fodder. It is the mission of the cannon fodder to attract the attacks of enemy powerhouses.

Whether it is the starry dragon eagle beast, the sunfire flower, or the starry earthworm, they are all weapons of lesser races that dont have the protection of Holies.

A projection of Michaelia appeared in the depths of the mechanical sea: “Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Ghostface Emperor, if you attack us, we will both suffer! It will only convenience other forces! If you leave now and withdraw from our sphere of influence, I will pretend that nothing happened. We can sign a contract. By then, even when Firmament Holy comes back, we wont pursue this matter.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor smiled coldly and said, “Youre Michaelia? The woman Firmament Holy Yang Feng values greatly? How extraordinary! If it were only our two races, it would be indeed hard to uproot you guys. However, in Eternal Ancient Road, its not just our two races who want to ruin Firmament Holy.”

Ghostface Emperor said with a ferocious smile: “Redstar Great Holy, come out! Our two races alone arent enough to deal with Firmament Holys fortress.”

A red radiance suddenly appeared in the void. In an instant, the red radiance expanded and turned into a star 100,000 kilometers in diameter.

Redstar Great Holy with long, red hair, covered in a twisted, blood-colored barrier, emanating quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power, walked out from the red star.

Following behind Redstar Great Holy, there are 3 Great Holies, 10 Holies, and 3 million redstar race powerhouses, who have red hair and a red star mark engraved on the forehead.

“Redstar race!”

“The redstar race is an eternal empyrean race!”

“The redstar race has come! Coupled with them, we can definitely breach Zhenxu Divine Kingdom!”


The eyes of the allied force powerhouses shimmered with excitement.

With just three Great Holies, the redstar race is far worse than other eternal empyrean races in terms of underlying strength. However, the redstar race has a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, which is enough to propel it to the ranks of eternal empyrean races.

A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse already has the power to decide the outcome of a major battle. Whats more, Redstar Great Holy didnt come by himself, but brought the top elites of the redstar race, as well.

When the Great Holies and Holies subordinated to Yang Feng saw Redstar Great Holy, their countenance changed dramatically. If it were not for the restrictions Yang Feng set up in their souls, many of them might have changed sides on the spot.

Redstar Great Holy uttered coldly, “Arachnid Great Holy, come out! I dont want to be on guard against you guys hiding in the dark while fighting.”

“We can step in if you want. However, we want to take 30% of the spoils. Otherwise, we shall change sides and join Firmament Holys camp.”

A devastating beauty who looks similar to Feisuo Planes Queen of Spiders Lolth and is even a few notches more beautiful than Lolth, with blonde hair, blue eyes, a sexy figure, and a charm that doesnt lose out to that of the succubus empress, walked out of the void and emanated quasi-Empyrean rank pressure, a sweet smile on her face.

Behind Arachnid Great Holy, there are only three female arachnid race junior Holies, who are extremely beautiful and charming. When the three arachnid race junior Holies appeared, they threw flirtatious gazes at the surrounding male Holies.

A large number of the male Holies looked at the arachnid race Holies with greed in their eyes.

The powerhouses who know about the inner workings of the arachnid race showed vigilant looks. After the Holies they seduced have a fun time with them, the arachnid race Holies will kill the other party and use them as nutrients for their evolution. Only a small number Holies will become their slaves and tools for amusement.

There was a flash of anger in Redstar Great Holys eyes: “Arachnid Great Holy, apart from you, only three Holies of the arachnid race have come, yet you still want to 30% of the spoils. Impossible!!”

Arachnid Great Holy looked at Michaelia with an enigmatic smile and said, “If you dont agree, then I can join Firmament Holys side. I think they will welcome me with open arms.”

Michaelias beautiful eyes flashed with the light of wisdom, and she said decisively: “Arachnid Great Holy, if the arachnid race joins our camp, then once we defeat the three strong races and Firmament Holy returns, once we kill them all, I will give you 50% of their territory.”

Blueflame Leopard Emperor said decisively, “Once we defeat Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, I and Ghostface Emperor will take 20% of the spoils respectively. The two of you can each take 30% of the spoils respectively. Lets work together to breach the final boundary of Firmament Holy.”

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