Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1251 – Swallowing Blueflame Leopard Emperor

Chapter 1250: Yang Feng Returns

“Yang Feng!”

When he heard the voice, Blueflame Leopard Emperors smile stiffened, and endless flames rose, and he looked in the direction of the voice.

“Yang Feng!”

With a flash of apprehension in his eyes, a distorted force fields shrouded shrouded Ghostface Emperors incarnation of the hundred-armed giant, and he looked in the direction of the voice.

“Firmament Holy!”


“… Yang Feng!”


Cries of surprise came from all directions.

Firmament Holy Yang Feng is recognized as one of the most powerful and most terrifying Great Holies in the central starfield. He devoured all the Holies of the eternal empyrean race, the zhenxu race, and nearly eradicated the remnant forces of the zhenxu race.

Yang Feng slayed Young Lightning Empyrean and Divine Imperator, who were reincarnations of unparalleled Empyreans, and even killed the quasi-Empyrean rank Zhenxu Great Holy. His reputation has spread to the whole Eternal Ancient Road.

Ripples appeared in the void, and Yang Feng emerged. Beside him, there stands a person. It is Shi Yu.

“Firmament Holy is back!”

“Thats Firmament Holy!”

“Hes back! Firmament Holy is back!”


The wills of the Holies and Great Holies spectating from afar shook. These Holies and Great Holies, who were lying in wait and waiting for an opportunity to take action, took a breath of cold air at once. All their deviant thoughts extinguished.

When they saw Yang Feng, the Holies and Great Holies of the allied army took a breath of cold air, their aura fluctuated, and fear flashed in their eyes.

When Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, Blue Ridge Great Holy, and the other Great Holies saw Yang Feng, the shade of elation emerged in their eyes, and they secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yang Feng, youre too late. Now that the general trend has been set, your Zhenxu Divine Kingdom is doomed. Ghostface Emperor!”

Blueflame Leopard Emperors eyes flashed with a cold glint. He opened his mouth, and a blue pillar of fire formed from Blue Fire of Purification tore the firmament and shot towards Yang Feng.

Ghostface Emperors incarnation of the hundred-armed giant took a step, stepped on a twisted and incomprehensible path, crossed thousands of kilometers, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and sent the 100 heavy weapons in his 100 hands barreling towards Yang Feng.

The cooperation between Blueflame Leopard Emperor and Ghostface Emperor was wonderful, completely blocking Yang Fengs maneuvering space. They didnt give Yang Feng time to react.

“Be careful!”

“Lord, be careful!”


Exclamations came from Anchaman Great Holy and the other Great Holies subordinated to Yang Feng. Blueflame Leopard Emperor was too fast. They were unable to respond in time.

“Second form!”

All of a sudden, countless mysterious runes appeared on the Xi Shen Armor, and it entered its second form. Its mechanical wings full of countless mysterious runes radiated dazzling brilliance.

Yang Feng unleashed a punch, and a golden horn filled with immortal Empyrean might suddenly appeared.

When the golden horn knocked into the 100 weapons of the hundred-arm giant, it smashed the weapons, and then stabbed into the hundred-arm giant.

Terrifying golden light broke out and, as if sharp swords, stabbed from all directions.

Stabbed by the golden light, the hundred-armed giant spilled a copious amount of blood.

The hundred-armed giant blurred and changed into Ghostface Emperors true body, and a copious amount of blood spilled. His injury is so severe that he cant exercise control over his blood.

“How is this possible?”

“Ghostface Emperor is the reincarnation of an Empyrean and he is using an Empyrean grade secret treasure. Even if Firmament Holy is stronger than him, its impossible for Firmament Holy to deal him severe damage with a single strike.”

“Thats Ghostface Emperor, who was once an invincible overlord of an era. The hundred-armed giant he incarnated into had terrifying strength. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, they cant compete with him in terms of strength. How could Firmament Holy deal him heavy damage with a strike?”


The eyes of the Holies and Great Holies spectating from afar shimmered with the shade of astonishment.

Ghostface Emperor displayed the terrifying combat power of the reincarnation of an unparalleled Empyrean. While he incarnated into the hundred-armed giant, he withstood the endless artillery barrage and destroyed the mechanical stars one by one.

Such a terrifying being was severely wounded by Yang Feng, to the point that he could no longer maintain the hundred-armed giant form. Its unbelievable.

At this time, the blue pillar of fire swallowed Yang Feng.

“Is it over?”

“He consumed too much power. Furthermore, he surprisingly didnt block Blueflame Leopard Emperors attack. This time hes in danger.”

“One on one, whether its Blueflame Leopard Emperor or Ghostface Emperor, theyre not the opponents of Firmament Holy. But one on two, its another story.”


The Holies and Great Holies spectating from afar felt a little relieved.

Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy smiled coldly and roared: “Firmament Holy amounts to only this much! In front of our lord, he stands no chance! Our lord is a supreme prodigy and the future Empyrean of this era!”

“The lord is invincible!”

Deafening cheers erupted from the blueflame sky leopard race powerhouses.

If Blueflame Leopard Emperor defeats Yang Feng, he will be able to become the being with the most potential in Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield and obtain a huge influence and countless resources.

“Older brother!”

Michaelia gazed at the void shrouded in Blue Fire of Purification with a look of worry on her face.

The Blue Fire of Purification can easily burn even pinnacle Great Holy rank powerhouses to ashes. Although Yang Feng is extremely powerful, but he may not be able to withstand the Blue Fire of Purification.

The eyes of Anchaman Great Holy and the other Great Holies flickered with worry.

“To be able to injure me, the Blue Fire of Purification is really terrific. Blueflame Leopard Emperor, youre pretty strong. Its a shame, but you are destined to die here. This is your fate!”

A black hole rose in the middle of the Blue Fire of Purification, swallowed all the fire, and then appeared in front of Blueflame Leopard Emperor in the blink of an eye.

The Green Yang Halberd flew out of the void, countless runes shone, and ten stars appeared, formed a green halberd ray, and slashed towards Blueflame Leopard Emperor.

“Yang Feng, you want to kill me?! Youre not qualified!”

With a flash of pride in his eyes, Blueflame Leopard Emperor shone with countless runes all over his body, the power of bloodline surged inside him, and his pair of wings covered with countless mysterious runes turned into a blue thread of fire slashing towards Yang Feng.

Fire Empyrean Slash!

This is the strongest offensive secret method Blueflame Leopard Emperor has mastered. Furthermore, under the influence of the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Blueflame Spirit Bead, all the power inside him was compressed and unleashed in this attack. Even if its an Empyrean, they will be injured by this attack.

When the green halberd ray and the blue thread of fire collided, a terrifying force broke out.

In an instant, the green halberd ray cut the blue thread of fire in two, and then sliced Blueflame Leopard Emperors wings and his body in two.

“Lost, even Blueflame Leopard Emperor has lost.”

“How could this happen?”

“While faced against the reincarnations of two unparalleled Empyreans, he actually emerged victorious. Truly incredible.”

“How can Firmament Holy be so powerful?”


When the Holies and Great Holies of the allied army saw this scene, their eyes flashed with shock, unable to believe their eyes.

Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy turned pale at once. His lord, despite having a numerical advantage, was still seriously wounded by Yang Feng. This filled his heart with fear.

A terrifying attractive force suddenly emerged from the black hole, rolled out towards Blueflame Leopard Emperor, and pulled the other party towards the black hole.

Countless mysterious runes appeared, and a blue mask flew out of the Chest of Ghost Faces and landed on Ghostface Emperors face.

Ghostface Emperor distorted and changed into a cyan spearman, an extraordinary life form with a cyan spear for the right half of its body.

Cyan spearmen are born with half of their body in the form of a spear. The spear of cyan spearmen is an invincible weapon that can defeat enemies of higher ranks. The spear of a Holy rank cyan spearman can pierce through even the magic shields of an Empyrean.

Cyan runes appeared. Ghostface Emperor operated the essence of speed, crossed hundreds of kilometers in an instant, and stabbed at Yang Feng.

“Cyan spearman! Your means indeed contain myriads of changes, Ghostface Emperor. Its a shame, but youre too weak!”

The black hole restrained its attractive force. The Green Yang Halberd tore the firmament and stabbed the cyan spear Ghostface Emperor transformed into.

Containing tyrannical essence of power, a green halberd ray ran through the cyan spear Ghostface Emperor transformed into and cut open a huge hole on Ghostface Emperors body.

Taking advantage of this moment, Blueflame Leopard Emperor waved his hand, and a blue bead appeared.

The blue bead shone with countless runes and emanated quasi-Empyrean rank aura.

A three-headed starry dark stone dragon with three dragon heads and a black body, shrouded in the essence of petrification, emanating terrifying fluctuations of power, suddenly emerged and emanated chaotic light from its eyes.

Cloud Dragon Great Holys eyes flickered with shock, “Three-headed starry dark stone dragon. According to legend, its a wicked direbeast that destroyed 36 greater races and even killed a quasi-Empyrean. Reportedly, it was slayed by Blueflame Leopard Emperor. It unexpectedly is still alive.”

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