Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1252 – Devouring Ghostface Emperor

Chapter 1251 – Swallowing Blueflame Leopard Emperor

“To have such a trump card, thats the reincarnation of an Empyrean for you.”

“Why didnt he use this card earlier? If Zhenxu Divine Kingdom had been breached earlier, then even though Firmament Holy returned, he wouldnt be able to reverse the situation.”

“Quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are difficult to control. The three-headed starry dark stone dragon is obviously difficult to control. If it was taken out at will, the three-headed starry dark stone dragon may have attacked Blueflame Leopard Emperor and them.”

“The situation has become more chaotic. The three-headed starry dark stone dragon has become the key variable in deciding the outcome of this war.”


Holies and Great Holies spectating from afar looked at the three-headed starry dark stone dragon with a flash of excitement in their eyes. The quasi-Empyrean rank three-headed starry dark stone dragon has the fearsome power to influence the outcome of this war.

Yang Feng narrowed his eyes, gave up chasing Blueflame Leopard Emperor, and stared at the three-headed starry dark stone dragon with great vigilance. The three-headed starry dark stone dragon is a pinnacle intermediate quasi-Empyrean rank being. Back in the day, Blueflame Leopard Emperor paid a great price to suppress it. It is definitely a strong enemy.

Shi Yu looked at the three-headed starry dark stone dragon, her eyes flickered with enigmatic shade, and abstruse fluctuations diffused from her and spread in all directions.

Since the Holies and Great Holies are focused on Yang Feng, no one noticed the fluctuations Shi Yu released secretly.

Countless pieces of shattered starlight surged. The starlight barrier where Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy is located was shattered.

Of the 27 mechanical stars and 500 million battle robots Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy confronted, only 16 mechanical and barely 400 million battle robots remain.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy looked at Yang Feng with apprehension and said, “Firmament Holy, if you swear by your soul that you wont pursue todays matter, we can act as if nothing happened. We will never oppose you again!”

For him to be able to defeat Empyrean reincarnations Ghostface Emperor and Blueflame Leopard Emperor, who are invincible in the the same realm, Yang Feng possesses incredible strength. At this time, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy is extremely regretful, his mind shrouded in layers of gloom.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense to him? The situation is still under our control. We must get rid of Yang Feng now. Otherwise, once we give him some time, he will grow further. If we cant kill him now, well all die in the future. And become the nourishment for his evolution.”

The redstar barrier collapsed, and Redstar Great Holy emerged from the redstar barrier and uttered icily.

There are still 22 mechanical stars remaining in the redstar barrier. The redstar race powerhouses are still entangled with the huge mechanical legion.

“Sir Firmament Holy, what happened today is our fault. We are willing to compensate you three times the damage you incurred. Why dont we sweep this incident under the rug? If we continue to fight, both sides will only suffer.”

The barrier of threads collapsed, and Arachnid Great Holy walked out of the void, a sweet smile on her face.

Inside the barrier of threads, there are still 13 mechanical stars left. Arachnid Great Holy clearly hadnt tried hard.

Blueflame Leopard Emperor gnashed his teeth, and then lowered his head and said reluctantly, “Firmament Holy, we were wrong this time. If you let this matter rest, our forces will withdraw from the central starfield. We will never oppose you again!”

“Thats right. We will compensate you three times the damage you incurred. We will never oppose you again!”

Ghostface Emperor clenched his teeth. The right side of his body is full of cracks and wounds, with blood running down his body and dripping into the void.

Yang Fengs attack contained the law of karma. Before the law of karma is dispelled, the wounds littering Ghostface Emperors body cant be healed.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and the killing intent in his eyes fluctuated. He weighed things repeatedly.

All of a sudden, ripples transmitted from the rear, and his eyebrows relaxed.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, erupted with countless runes, and emanated terrifying killing intent.

“He wants to challenge Blueflame Leopard Emperor and them!”

“Thats a total of four quasi-Empyreans and two Great Holy rank Empyrean reincarnations, who are only second to quasi-Empyreans!”

“Thats insane! Even if its the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, they werent as crazy while in the Great Holy realm.”

“Advanced Great Holy, he actually promoted to an advanced Great Holy. What a fast speed of advancement. However, rapid advancement isnt equivalent to a great increase in combat strength.”


When the wills of Holies and Great Holies sensed Yang Fengs seemingly substantial killing intent, the color of incredulity shimmered in their eyes.

“If it were somewhere else, it might be hard for me to make you stay. But this is my territory. Now that youre here, I wont allow you to leave.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and countless mysterious runes appeared on the Xi Shen Armor.

The remaining mechanical stars shone and resonated with each other. Countless mechanical towers appeared on the mechanical stars. Queer fluctuations emerged and resonate with each other.

Seal chains swept towards Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy from all directions and drew him into a space.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy roared madly, shone with starlight all over his body, and attacked frantically the sealed space.

Under the frenzied attacks of Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, ripples were set off inside the sealed space, yet the space didnt break.

Blueflame Leopard Emperor roared, “Lets take action! Or else hes going to deal with us one by one!”

The Blueflame Spirit Bead shone brightly, frantically extracted Blueflame Leopard Emperors Blue Fire of Purification, turned into a fire star with destructive power, and shot towards Yang Feng like a meteor.

When hit by this attack, even an Empyrean will be injured. This is the strongest attack of Blueflame Leopard Emperor.

All of a sudden, a ghost mask flew out and landed on Ghostface Emperors face, and he turned into an eyesore tyrant with 99 eyes.

The eyesore tyrant is a terrifying extraordinary life form. A mature eyesore tyrant possesses at least Infinity Warlock rank strength. Each eye of the eyesore tyrant contains a strange curse, which is impossible to defend against.

As soon as Ghostface Emperor turned into the eyesore tyrant, the 99 eyes locked on Yang Feng, radiated hair-raising light, and fired gray curse rays at Yang Feng.

Redstar Great Holys eyes shone coldly. He raised his hands, lifted the Scarlet Star, which is an Empyrean grade secret treasure handed down by the redstar race from generation to generation, stepped on a path formed from scarlet light, traversed thousands of kilometers, and appeared in front of Yang Feng, and the Scarlet Star burst out with brilliant light and barreled towards Yang Feng.

Arachnid Great Holy smiled sweetly. She flicked her fair finger repeatedly, and threads that even Holies cannot see crossed the void and shot towards Yang Feng.

Wherever the strange threads passed, the void was completely sealed. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they wouldnt be able to break through the sealed space created by the threads for a short period of time. At the same time, despite looking soft, the threads can break through the magic shields of even quasi-Empyreans.

Faced with the siege of the four formidable powerhouses, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with ridicule.

With a dull look in its eyes, the three-headed starry dark stone dragon appeared in the rear. There was a cold flash in its eyes, and its three dragon heads ejected lightning fast, crossed the void, and bit at Redstar Great Holy.

“Damn beast!”

Redstar Great Holys countenance changed dramatically. He twisted his body and escaped to one side, his invincible momentum broken.

The Scarlet Star radiated scarlet light and formed a scarlet barrier.

The three-headed starry dark stone dragon forcibly crushed the scarlet barrier, and then tore off Redstar Great Holys right arm.

Gray light of petrification spread across Redstar Great Holys body from his right shoulder.

“Damn beast, how dare you hurt me! Go to hell!”

There was a fierce flash in Redstar Great Holys eyes, and he roared. All of a sudden, scarlet blades, spears, swords, and halberds flew out from the Scarlet Star, turned into a torrent of light, and stabbed towards the three-headed starry dark stone dragon.

The three-headed starry dark stone dragon is formed from Starry Dark Stone, which is extremely hard and cant be broken by even Great Holy rank powerhouses. However, the countless scarlet blades, spears, swords, and halberds punched the three starry black stone dragon full of holes, and a large amount of silver blood dripped into the void.

With a fierce flash in its eyes, the three-headed starry dark stone dragon turned into a dark ray and engaged Redstar Great Holy.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards the vicious curses and the beam formed from Blue Fire of Purification, and devoured everything.

A torrent of time appeared, enveloped the black hole, and transported it to a different time. In an instant, the black hole appeared in front of Blueflame Leopard Emperor.


A large hand covered by the Xi Shen Armor, containing terrifying devour runes, emerged from the black hole and pressed on Blueflame Leopard Emperors forehead.

The devour runes shone, and the arrogant and unparalleled Blueflame Leopard Emperor distorted and was swallowed by the black hole in an instant.

When they saw Blueflame Leopard Emperor being swallowed into the black hole, the faces of the powerhouses of the allied forces distorted and assumed the colors of fear and despair.

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