Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1252 – Devouring Ghostface Emperor

tar. For it, the Green Yang Halberd is as small as a speck of dust.

The Green Yang Halberd ran through the head of the hundred-armed giant, and then 10 green stars exploded inside its body and blasted it apart.

The black hole emerged and swallowed the parts of the hundred-armed giant that Ghostface Emperor incarnated into.

Ghostface Emperor was once an unparalleled overlord for a reason. He broke out with countless runes, turned into a huge golden stone, and sealed himself in it.

The golden stone is a peerless secret method gilliant specter race powerhouses wield. Once used, they will be turned into an extremely durable Gilliant Mystic Stone. Not unlike when Michaelia changed into an angels egg, it is the most formidable life-saving secret method of the gilliant specter race.

When Ghostface Emperor turned into a Gilliant Mystic Stone, the rate at which his life origin flowed out decreased by an amazing degree.

“Everyone at the Holy realm and above, come and besiege Firmament Holy! If he doesnt die today, we will all suffer a tragic end!”

Arachnid Great Holys beautiful eyes shimmered with fear and regret, and she shouted.

The Holies and Great Holies who struggled with mechanical legions all over the place cast all kinds of secret methods and frantically rushed this way.

7 Great Holies with an Empyrean grade secret treasure stimulated their Empyrean grade secret treasure to the limit, and attacks containing Empyrean might tore the firmament and shot towards Yang Feng.

The 7 Great Holies with an Empyrean grade secret treasure possess terrifying battle prowess. When faced against the 7 people at the same time, even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse will have to flee.

Meanwhile, the 6th generation battle robots and ruler series battle robots took this opportunity to deal the Holies and Great Holies a large number of injuries.

“This is my territory! For you to try kill me here, what a joke.”

With a flash of disdain in his eyes, Yang Feng smiled coldly and snapped his fingers.

Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, at 36 nodes, 36 Star Fortress Annihilation Cannons appeared abruptly.

Lights shone, the energies drifting in Zhenxu Divine Kingdom were extracted, and 36 beams burst out from Zhenxu Divine Kingdom and shot towards the sky.

Swept by the Star Fortress Annihilation Cannon beams, Holies turned into ashes one by one. At the same time, the magic shields of the 7 Great Holies with an Empyrean grade secret treasure collapsed and a part of their body was vaporized, dealing serious damaged.

In just an instant, 23 Holies and 3 Great Holies were blasted into slag, 40 Holy Spirit Warlock rank weapons were destroyed, and 10 Great Holies and 36 Holies were seriously injured.

“So this is Firmament Holys trump card!”

“How terrible! So this if the fallback Firmament Holy set up? Even if eternal empyrean races come to attack, they will have to pay a very painful price.”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng! Truly dreadful!”


When they saw a large, empty area in the starry sky, the spectating Holies inhaled a breath of cold air, their hair standing on end.

A volley fired by the Star Fortress Annihilation Cannons wiped out the equivalent of an empyrean race of another starfield. This combat power is simply incredible.

“Fortunately, I didnt participate. Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really terrifying!”

The eyes of Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, who is hiding in the void, shimmered with lingering fear. When he saw Redstar Great Holy, Arachnid Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, and other powerhouses of the allied army join forces, he wanted to join them and drive Yang Fengs forces out of the central starfield in one fell swoop.

However, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy hesitated and ultimately didnt participate in the battle. Not long ago, he still regretted not participating in the feast of dividing Yang Fengs sphere of influence. But now hes rejoicing.

A river of time emerged. In an instant, Yang Feng appeared in front of Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy, and the projection in the black hole extended a hand towards the other party.

“No! Help me!”

At this time, half of Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holys body began reorganizing, and he unleashed a shaking scream, a look of fear on his face. He radiated dark light from his three heads and resisted the erosion of the black hole.

That black hole shone with countless runes. In an instant, the black hole drew Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy inside.

A river of time appeared around the black hole and accelerated the flow of time of the black hole. After just a few breaths of time, Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy, the No. 1 expert of the dark weavedread race, was turned into a desiccated corpse.

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