Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1254 – Primal Chaos Mother Spider

Chapter 1253 – Devouring Redstar Great Holy

“The dark weavedread race is finished!”

When the spectating Holies saw Three-headed Dark Weavedread Great Holy being devoured by Yang Fend, a thought welled up inside them.

Without the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Dark Rod, the dark weavedread race can no longer continue to be an empyrean race and suppress a starfield.

A torrent of time surged. In an instant, Yang Feng crossed thousands of kilometers, appeared in front of Darkmist Great Holy, and extended his hand, and a black hole suddenly emerged and swept towards Darkmist Great Holy.

Darkmist Great Holys expression changed greatly. He shone with countless runes and frantically escaped towards the outside.

Darkmist Great Holy, who is proficient in the essence of mist, can gathered and dispersed at will. Thus, the Star Fortress Annihilation Cannons havent dealt him much damage. However, Yang Fengs essence of devour restrains his essence of mist. If he turns into mist, he will be easily swallowed by the black hole.

The black hole expanded and became the size of a world at once, about to swallow Darkmist Great Holy.

“Damn it!”

Darkmist Great Holys countenance changed greatly. His strength flared up. The Mist Spirit Bead flew out above his head, and a curtain composed of countless runes appeared and guarded him.

The Mist Spirit Bead is said to be a treasure formed by the blood essence of an Eternal Sovereign. Only a powerhouse proficient in the essence of mist can operate this secret treasure, which contains unpredictable power. Even though its not a secret treasure of an unparalleled overlord level Empyrean, but its still classified as an unparalleled secret treasure.

“The secret treasure is quite formidable! Its a shame, but you yourself are too weak!”

A cold voice emerged from the black hole, and the Green Yang Halberd suddenly flew out and, as if a shooting star, slammed into Darkmist Great Holy.

Along with flashed of distorted light, the Green Yang Halberd crushed the curtain of mist formed from countless mysterious mist runes, and then sliced Darkmist Great Holy in two.

The terrifying black hole swallowed Darkmist Great Holy.

As soon as Darkmist Great Holy was swallowed, his life origin was extracted, and he collapsed and disappeared. There isnt even a trace of dust left.

Darkmist race powerhouses are strange beings formed from extraordinary power of mist. If they are devoured, no residue will be left behind.

“So strong! To instakill the strongest powerhouse of an empyrean race in one move, Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really scary!”

“What a terrible monster!”

“Even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse cant instakill the strongest powerhouse of an empyrean race in one move. Firmament Holy has become stronger. How did this happen? How did he make such rapid progress in such a short time?”


The Holies hidden in the surroundings felt a chill go down their spine when they saw this scene. Even when confronting a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, Darkmist Great Holy would be able to resist somewhat. It would be impossible to instakill him. However, such a fearsome being was not able to withstand a single blow of Yang Feng. This made those Holies feel cold all over.

Ripples rose, and a black hole appeared in front of Dragon Giant Great Holy in an instant and barreled towards him.

The lower half of Dragon Giant Great Holys body was blown away by the Star Fortress Annihilation Cannons, dealing him serious damage. Now he can unleash less than 50% of his original fighting strength. In a breath of time, the black hole swallowed him, frantically extracted his life origin, and turned him into ashes.

The other four strongest powerhouses of empyrean races with an Empyrean grade secret treasure felt their blood run cold when they saw this scene.

When faced with the 7 strongest powerhouses of empyrean races with an Empyrean grade secret treasure, even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse may not be able to prevail. But since they were badly injured by the Star Fortress Annihilation Cannons, it enabled Yang Feng to easily eliminate them one by one.

With a cold flash in her eyes, Arachnid Great Holy flicked her finger, and Primal Chaos Mother Spiders projection turned its head, locked its eyes on Michaelia, and opened her mouth, and Primal Chaos Dark Light shot towards Michaelia.

“Arachnid Great Holy, youre courting death!”

Killing intent streaked across Yang Fengs eyes. Yang Feng willed, and a mechanical star appeared in front of Michaelia in an instant and blocked the Primal Chaos Dark Light.


Along with a sky-shaking blare, the mechanical star collapsed and disintegrated.

Two mechanical stars collapsed, and cracks began to appear of the barrier formed by the remaining mechanical stars. It is clearly hard to seal a terrifying quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse such as Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy for a long time.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, Arachnid Great Holy, and Redstar Great Holy, of the three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy is the strongest. Because of this, he was the one Yang Feng chose to seal.

“Firmament Holy, if you agree not to pursue this matter, we can act as if nothing happened. If this war continues, your beloved Michaelia and Shi Yu will die.”

There was a cold flash in Arachnid Great Holys beautiful eyes. She flickered her fair finger, and threads strangely appeared behind Shi Yu and stabbed at her.

At this time, Shi Yu, who is manipulating the three-headed starry dark stone dragon, is in an unguarded state. She cant resist the threads.

As a heavenly earthen emperor, Shi Yu has dominion over all earthen. Even so, it is impossible for her to dominate a quasi-Empyrean rank three-headed starry dark stone dragon.

But after being sealed for countless years, the consciousness of the three-headed starry dark stone dragon has become hazy and its soul has become badly damaged. This is the reason why the Great Holy rank Shi Yu was able to dominate it. However, to manipulate the quasi-Empyrean rank three-headed starry dark stone dragon to fight Redstar Great Holy, it is already Shi Yus limit. She cant protect herself at the same time as she manipulated the three-headed starry dark stone dragon.

The Vajra Rulers guarding Shi Yu suddenly flew out, resonated with each other, and formed a fearsome defensive barrier.

When the threads stabbed into the barrier, they strangely passed through the barrier and stabbed at Shi Yu.

Primal Chaos Threads are the most formidable secret method Arachnid Great Holy has mastered. Unless its a barrier containing immortal Holy might, no barrier can hinder or touch the Primal Chaos Threads.

Although the barrier formed by the resonance of the 1,000 Vajra Rulers is enough to resist a full-strength attack of a Great Holy, but it cant stop the Primal Chaos Threads.

Regarding Holies, beings below the Holy rank are ants. After all, in the face of attacks unleashed by Holy rank extraordinary life forms, even top quasi-Holies have no strength to resist.

“Fourth form!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. His figure shook slightly, and the projection appeared behind him and fused with him.

The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes, and a nearly endless amount of power gushed out from the Kunmo Stone.

A torrent of time appeared, and the flow of time around Yang Feng increased hundred-fold. In an instant, he crossed a distance of thousands of kilometers, appeared behind of Shi Yu, and flicked a finger, and terrifying Blue Fire of Purification emerged, turned into a fire dragon, and rolled out towards the Primal Chaos Threads.

Blue fire shone, and the Primal Chaos Threads, which easily passed through the barrier formed by the Vajra Rulers, were easily burned by the Blue Fire of Purification into nothing.

“Blue Fire of Purification, how can he wield Blueflame Leopard Emperors bloodline innate skill. Has his essence of devour evolved to that point?”

Upon seeing this scene, Arachnid Great Holy felt a chill in her heart.

After the essence of devour evolves to the extreme, then when you devour a powerhouse, youll be able to devour everything of the opponent. Youll even be able to master their bloodline innate skills and essences.

Arachnid Great Holy only heard of powerhouses who evolved the essence of devour to the extreme in legends. According to legend, every powerhouse who has evolved the essence of devour to the extreme is invincible in the same realm.

A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse who evolved the essence of devour to the extreme once took down an Empyrean with them.

“You actually forced me into the fourth form! Go to hell!”

A voice full of killing intent echoed in the area. With a frigid flash in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, crossed the river of time, appeared above Redstar Great Holy, and sent a palm strike barreling towards the opponent.

A golden horn extended from Yang Fengs right hand, emanated immortal Empyrean might, and stabbed towards Redstar Great Holy.

“Firmament Holy, you dont have the ability to kill me!”

Redstar Great Holy has the upper hand while fighting the three-headed starry dark stone dragon. Even though he was suddenly attacked by Yang Feng, he still has a tyrannical look on his face. The scarlet star above his head shone with countless runes, emanated immortal Empyrean might, and shot towards Yang Feng.

When the golden horn stabbed the scarlet star, a terrifying golden beam tore the scarlet star apart and ran through Redstar Great Holys body.

The three-headed starry dark stone dragon rushed over at once, and its three dragon heads tore Redstar Great Holy to pieces.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the pieces of Redstar Great Holys body, and frantically devoured the other partys life origin.

A river of time appeared inside the black hole and frantically accelerated the flow of time.

Inside the black hole, Redstar Great Holy struggled frenziedly, and then turned into dust that floated out of the black hole.


“Redstar Great Holy died!”

“Thats a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse! Yet he actually died at Yang Fengs hands.”

“Without employing Eternal grade secret treasures, he actually killed a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse! When did Firmament Holy become so terrifying? How did he become so terrifying? What the hell happened?”


When the Holies present saw Redstar Great Holy die, they felt their blood run cold. A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is a bigwig standing at the very top of Eternal Ancient Road. Since such a strong powerhouse died at Yang Fengs hands, is there anyone if the entire Eternal Ancient Road that is Yang Fengs opponent?

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