Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1256 – Unequaled in Eternal Ancient Road

Chapter 1255: Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy Submits

Yang Feng swept the allied army with his gaze, smiled coldly, and uttered frigidly, “If you want to surrender, kill the powerhouses of the blueflame sky leopard race, the ghostface race, the redstar race, and the starmoon sky snake race. Only by killing them and using their heads and souls, can you be qualified to surrender. Otherwise, you will be wiped out.”


“Lend me your head!”

“Im sorry, sir! Lend me your head!”


The allied army broke apart in an instant, and Holies and Great Holies of the allied army frantically attacked the 4 strong races and fought recklessly for a chance to survive.

With his prestige on the line, Yang Feng will never go against his word.

When the zhenxu race collapsed, apart from the races that slayed zhenxu race Holies, the other races were all wiped out by Yang Feng.

Now that the Blue Mirror of Fate is in Yang Fengs hands, even if these races have the protection of Great Holies, they cant escape Yang Fengs pursuit, not even if they escape to the edge of the universe. The only way for them to survive is to kill powerhouses of the 4 strong races and exchange their heads for a chance to surrender and live.

“You scoundrels!”

“You dare betray us!”

“Stop, you lowlifes!”

“Lets kill all the traitors!”


The powerhouse of the 4 strong races fought their former vassals with bloodshot eyes.

Countless lives faded in the void.

The powerhouses subordinated to Yang Feng besieged the 4 races and their loyal vassals together with the huge mechanical legions.

Now that the overall situation changed so much, everyone can see that the defeat of the 4 races is already set in stone.

“Stop, Firmament Holy. You can kill me, but please let the starmoon sky snake race live! I will offer you all the wealth accumulated by the starmoon sky snake race! Furthermore, I know the coordinates of an Eternal Sovereign laboratory. As long as you give the starmoon sky snake race a chance to survive, I will tell you the coordinates of the Eternal Sovereign laboratory. Im the only one who knows the coordinates.”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy madly attacked the sealing barrier formed by the mechanical stars and roared.

Yang Feng glanced at Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy and said coldly, “Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, I already gave you a chance. But since you gave up that chance and refused my kindness, you have to pay the price. The starmoon sky snake race will be destroyed because of your stupidity and become a stepping stone for my progress.”

The path to the Empyrean throne is laid with the corpses of countless powerhouses. Since Empyreans require too many resources. Without sufficient resources, no matter how incredible a prodigy is, it is impossible to promote to the Empyrean realm.

“Firmament Holy, can you give me face and let Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy off? I can guarantee that he wont oppose you again. With the universe great tribulation imminent, any quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse of our universe is an important asset and should not be squandered in internal strife in vain.”

Ripples rose in the void, and Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy sighed, flew out of the void, and said unhurriedly.

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy also stepped out of the void and said slowly, “Thats right. Firmament Holy, I also ask that you let Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy and the starmoon sky snake race off. Of course, you can take four-fifths of their domain.”

In the void, light shone, and Guang Hai Great Holy with long, cyan hair and enveloped by bright light emerged from the void.

Guang Hai Great Holy, who emanates quasi-Empyrean rank aura, uttered slowly: “Firmament Holy, please give us face and pardon Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy. We will compensate you 10 times as much as the losses you incurred this time as well as have Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy swear a Styx oath that he and the starmoon sky snake race will never oppose you again. The death of a quasi-Empyrean is too great a loss to our universe.”

There are less than 20 known quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses in Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield, and each one of them has terrifying power. They are considered top powerhouses even in the backdrop of the universe great tribulation.

With a sharp gaze in his eyes, his face expressionless, Yang Feng looked at the three quasi-Empyreans and asked: “If I dont give you face, will you go to war with me?”

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy felt a chill go down his spine and replied decisively, “No, if you really want to wipe out the starmoon sky snake race, the cosmic eyes tiger race is willing to help you!”

The rate at which Yang Fengs strength increases is too fast. Not long ago, he wasnt the opponent of a quasi-Empyrean. But now, even Redstar Great Holy, a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, died at his hands. This filled Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy with fear.

Every Empyrean reached the pinnacle by treading a path inlaid with the corpses of countless powerhouses. Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy doesnt want to be a stepping stone under Yang Fengs feet.

The cosmic eyes tiger race has a feud with Yang Feng to begin with. If Yang Feng finds an excuse to start a war, it will be a nightmare for the cosmic eyes tiger race.

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy said with a slight sigh, “Firmament Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy offended you. You have the right to deal with him any way you see fit. I just hope that you consider it some more and preserve the vitality of our universe.”

Guang Hai Great Holy smiled and uttered, “Firmament Holy, its up to you how to deal with Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy. If you insist on wiping out the starmoon sky snake race, the guang hai race is willing to help you wipe it out. If it is annihilated as soon as possible, it will also allow our universe to preserve more vitality.”

Inside the mechanical star sealing barrier, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy revealed the shade of despair in his eyes.

The cosmic eyes tiger race and the guang hai race are both eternal empyrean races. Once these two eternal empyrean races join in the suppression, the starmoon sky snake race will truly seize to exist in the universe. Not even a trace of its line will remain.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, out of respect for the 3 quasi-Empyreans, I will give you a chance. As long as you swear to be my slave, open your soul, and let me set a restriction in your soul, I will give you a way to survive and the starmoon sky snake race the right to surrender. I only give you 10 seconds to consider. If you dont agree, you will be annihilated together with the starmoon sky snake race.”

“I agree! Firmament Holy!”

Within the mechanical star sealing barrier, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy sighed slowly, and then radiated starlight and reverted to his human form. He looks like he aged by hundreds of thousands of years.

Each Empyrean rank powerhouse is a protagonist of an era, a peerless prodigy, and the protector of a race. Few quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are willing to yield to another.

However, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy evidently cares quite a lot for the starmoon sky snake race. He chose to submit to Yang Feng for the sake of his race.

Countless runes emerged from Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holys forehead and condensed into a starmoon sky snake projection formed from starlight.

Numerous mysterious mechanical tentacles extend from the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into the starmoon sky snake projection, and formed mysterious runes that eroded Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holys soul.

“So this Firmament Holys secret treasure! Truly formidable!”

“To be able to control a quasi-Empyrean, what a dreadful secret treasure!”


When the present Holies saw this scene, a chill surged in their hearts.

Once a powerhouse is promoted to a Holy, they will obtain an immortal body and their soul will gain a wisp of immortal property. By then, no domination spells will be able work on them. Only when they open their soul, will it be possible to tamper with their soul.

For Yang Feng to be able to set up a restriction on a quasi-Empyreans soul, even though the quasi-Empyrean has to open their soul, it is already extremely terrifying.

Yang Feng said flatly, “The starmoon sky snake race can surrender! Go destroy my enemies, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy!”

“Yes! Lord! I will destroy your enemies for you!”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy saluted Yang Feng, and then shone with countless runes, revealed his true body, which is as big as a star, and rushed towards the battlefield.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heaven-shaking explosions sounded in the void.

Wherever Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy passed through, starlight shone and blasted powerhouses of the enemy races into pieces. No Holy can stop his attacks.

Following behind Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, a huge mechanical legions unleashed a massacred on the enemies.

After Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy joined the battle, the allied army collapsed completely. Some of the powerhouses of the allied army fled in different directions, while others stayed to fight Yang Fengs forces to the death.

The fierce battle lasted for one day and one night. In the end, two-thirds of the allied armys elites were wiped out and most of its Holies and Great Holies were slayed by Yang Feng and his subordinates.

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Ghostface Emperor, and Redstar Great Holy died; Arachnid Great Holy escaped; Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy submitted; and two-thirds of the allied army was annihilated.”

Before the war was completely over, a piece of information appeared on the Holy Forum, and the forum exploded.

“Firmament Holy is back!”

“How? Even though Firmament Holy is back, it should be impossible to kill Redstar Great Holy! Redstar Great Holy is a quasi-Empyrean!”

“Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy! Even among quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses, he is ranked at the top. How could he have submitted to Yang Feng?”

“Thats 3 quasi-Empyreans, 2 Great Holy rank Empyrean reincarnations, and a large number of Holies and Great Holies, how could Firmament Holy have defeated them?”

“No way! This information must be false!”

“Theres some kind of ploy involved here! Firmament Holy cant be so powerful!”


In the Holy Forum, countless Holies commented one after another, filled with disbelief. No one believes that Yang Feng can kill a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse while being besieged by so many powerhouses.

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