Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1257 – Sweeping Eternal Ancient Road

Chapter 1256 – Unequaled in Eternal Ancient Road

“Its true! I saw it with my own eyes! Firmament Holy slayed the two Empyrean reincarnations Blueflame Leopard Emperor and Ghostface Emperor as well as Redstar Great Holy. Firmament Holy has already surpassed me in terms of strength.”

“Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy! Thats Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy!”

“Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy is a person of virtue and prestige. He wouldnt tell lies. That is to say, its true? Firmament Holy really defeated 3 quasi-Empyreans and 2 Great Holy rank Empyrean reincarnations?”


Once Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy appeared in the Holy Forum, he immediately caused a sensation. Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy is the oldest quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse in Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield. Which his confirmation, the Holies began to believe it.

“Firmament Holy is very strong. Few people in Eternal Ancient Road can be his opponent. Hes far stronger than I am.”

A comment appeared on the Holy Forum.

“Thats Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy! He also showed up!”

“It seems to be true.”

“I was also there at that time. Firmament Holy really defeated Blueflame Leopard Emperor and Ghostface Emperor!”

“I was there, as well! Redstar Great Holy was indeed killed by Firmament Holy.”

“The allied army suffered disastrous casualties. Its Holies and Great Holies were all killed. With the help of the Blue Mirror of Fate, Firmament Holy killed the fleeing Holies and Great Holies one after another. How dreadful.”


One after another, Holies appeared on the Holy Forum and talked about what happened on the battlefield, prompting the other Holies to shudder.

“Firmament Holy is as powerful as a quasi-Empyrean! How truly fearsome!”

“How come its so fast? Its been less than 50 years since he promoted to a Great Holy. How could he progress so rapidly?”

“Advanced Great Holy! Even though he is proficient in the essence of devour, its impossible to promote so quickly! After all, he is not an Empyrean reincarnation.”


The Holies wondered how Yang Feng could become so powerful in such a short time.

“Slayed a quasi-Empyrean! How did this happen? How can he be so fearsome!”

Eternal Ancient Road, in a huge Qilin Blood Pool, the eyes of Gold Qilin Prince flashed with the color of shock. He is emanating Great Holy rank fluctuations of power.

As a pure blood child of an Empyrean, Gold Qilin Prince possesses true spirit level pure bloodline and is extremely talented. After entering the Eternal Ancient Road, he found one treasury after another, purified his bloodline, and advanced all the way to the Great Holy realm.

For a Holy to promote to a Great Holy in less than 500 years, thats an absolutely incredible feat. It should be noted that many Holies spend thousands or tens of thousands of years as just junior Holies, unable to make any progress.

Even in the Eternal Sovereign age, Gold Qilin Princes rate of progress would be regarded as incredible. But when compared to Yang Fengs rate of progress, its not worth mentioning.

Gold Qilin Princes eyes flashed with billows, and he sighed: “The ninth Warlock Emperor! The human race, will it give birth to a 9th Warlock Emperor?”

Yang Feng can already kill quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses. In the same realm, there is basically no one who can compete with him. No matter how unwilling, Gold Qilin Prince is aware that he is no longer Yang Fengs opponent.

Eternal Ancient Roar, in a secret realm on the edge of the central starfield, there is a mysterious dragon tomb.

In that dragon tomb, the are countless dragon bones piled up. The dragon bones are decayed and mottled. Although the bones are full of vestiges of the passage of time, but they still emanate wisps of Holy might. These dragon bones clearly belong to Holy Spirit Warlock rank beings.

In the center of the dragon tomb, there is a huge, lifelike green dragon with a length of 100,000 kilometers. The green dragon emanates immortal Empyrean might.

Different from the dragon bones, there are no traces of the passage of time on the green dragon. If it werent for the fact that the huge green dragon has no soul fluctuations, no one would be able tell that it is a corpse.

Under the green true dragon, there is a 100-meter-tall green altar engraved with countless mysterious runes.

In the center of the altar, there sits a person. It is Green Dragon Prince.

The green altar gathers the dragon force of the whole secret realm and channels it into Green Dragon Prince.

From the huge green dragon corpse, pure dragon force is extracted and channeled into Green Dragon Prince.

Intermediate Great Holy rank fluctuations of power emanate from Green Dragon Prince.

“Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Ghostface Emperor, Redstar Great Holy! Firmament Holy has become so formidable that even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse died at his hands.”

Surrounded by dragon qi, Green Dragon Prince opened his eyes, his eyes flashed with complicated emotions, and he sighed.

Green Dragon Prince opened one treasury after another that his father hid in Eternal Ancient Road. As a result, within a short period of time, he has promoted to an intermediate Great Holy. He even surpassed Gold Qilin Prince. But hes still no near the level of quasi-Empyrean rank old monsters in terms of strength.

Since Yang Feng can already slay quasi-Empyrean rank old monsters, Green Dragon Prince realized that the gap between him and Yang Feng is getting bigger and bigger. It is almost impossible for him to catch up.

Eternal Ancient Road, in a secret realm.

On a 10,000-meter-tall parasol tree enveloped by Phoenix Fire, there is a huge phoenix nest. The phoenix nest, which is made from countless phoenix feathers, is filled with phoenix force.

The huge phoenix nest is a small world of itself, in which there is an exquisite, luxurious palace.

The first phoenix born in the world naturally wasnt interested in making exquisite palaces. But some of the phoenix born later rather liked to build palaces in their nests and enjoy themselves.

In the center of the palace, there sits a devastatingly beautiful woman. It is Phoenix Princess.

The eyes of Phoenix Princes flickered with a complicated shade, and she sighed, “Blueflame Leopard Emperor, Ghostface Emperor, and Redstar Great Holy, they actually died at Firmament Holys hands. Theres no longer anyone in Eternal Ancient Road who is his opponent. If those old monsters sleeping in the river of time dont appear, he will be invincible in the whole world!”

Phoenix Princes was a peerless prodigy of an era, a terrifying being unequaled in the same realm back in the day. However, she is being overshadowed by Yang Feng.

Even though Phoenix Princess has obtained many treasuries hidden in Eternal Ancient Race by the phoenix race, but she is still far from being the opponent of a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. Even when it comes to old Great Holies like Cloud Dragon Great Holy and Silver Brilliant Great Holy, she can at most barely contend against them.

“Firmament Holy! Hes too fierce!”

“The human race! It seems that it is going to give birth to a ninth Warlock Emperor!”

“He is unequaled in Eternal Ancient Road!”

“What fast rate of progress! Although the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race have once been unequaled in Eternal Ancient Road, but none of them had such a rapid speed of progress.”

“Firmament Holy, Im afraid hes the most overbearing Great Holy in the history of the human race!”


Discussions spread all over the central starfield.

The Emperorslayer Forum is a forum that brings together the top assassins of Eternal Ancient Road.

“Hand of Death gave up the mission to assassinate Firmament Holy.”

“Their assassination success rate is 100%. Once they accepted a mission, Hand of Death has never given up.”

“Theres no other way. After all, the target is Firmament Holy, who even slayed Redstar Great Holy, a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. Even though Hand of Death has previously assassinated Great Holies, but theyre not Firmament Holys opponent.”

“Twin Dark also gave up!”

“Normal, rational people wont accept this assassination mission. Thats the Firmament Holy. If you offend him, you will lead your whole race into the abyss of extinction.”

“Eye of Dreams! Ranked No. 1, Eye of Dreams hast given up the mission yet.”

“If its Eye of Dreams, then perhaps theres hope that they can assassinate Firmament Holy.”

“If Eye of Dreams can assassinate Firmament Holy, then the whole world will pay attention to us assassins!”


In the Emperorslayer Forum, a flood of discussions surged. Almost all the assassins who accepted the mission of assassinating Yang Feng gave up the mission.

Unless they have the protection of the other two Empyrean grade fate secret treasures, then once anyone leaves traces in the universe and is targeted by the Blue Mirror of Fate, they wont be able to escape Yang Fengs pursuit.

In the Emperorslayer Forum, the hopes of all the assassins are placed on Eye of Dreams, the person ranked first on the assassin list. They wish Eye of Dreams can create a miracle and assassinate Yang Feng.

After annihilating the main forces of the allied army, Yang Fengs mechanical legions rushed towards the domains of the blueflame sky leopard race, the ghostface race, and the other defeated races.

The mechanical legions swept one star after another and easily conquered them.

Originally, the collapse of such a huge force as the blueflame sky leopard race would surely have attracted countless hungry wolves. However, when the forces ready to make a move heard that that Yang Feng is eyeing the domains of the blueflame sky leopard race and the other races, they became well-behaved and didnt dare to make a move, afraid that Yang Feng would find an excuse to destroy them and annex their domains.

Yang Feng deliberately revealed some flaws in order to dupe those forces into taking action. But those forces didnt dare to mess around. They even actively cooperated with Yang Fengs subordinates and helped them take over one star after another.

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, Guang Hai Great Holy, Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, these three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses gave a joint warning to the forces who wanted to become an enemy of Yang Feng, making it so these restless forces kept a clear head.

Yang Feng alone already had stifled countless forces in Eternal Ancient Road. Coupled with the three eternal ancient race, they basically didnt gave others any leeway.

Although Arachnid Great Holy escaped the calamity, but she was still forced to cede one-third of her domain to Yang Feng.

After Yang Feng absorbed those domains, his sphere of influence expanded wildly and his became the largest domain in Eternal Ancient Road.

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