Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1264: Godslayer Mountain

Chapter 1263: Severely Wounding Hundred Illusions Great Holy

Battle Demon Sects headquarters on the branch floating continent.

Yue Wuxian got a piece of information from a communicator, and her complexion changed dramatically, “What! Brilliant Great Holy was captured!”

Yue Wuxian ordered decisively: “Pass down my orders. Our forces are to be pulled back at once. All top figure are to return to the headquarters immediately.”

Communicators shone and transmitted Yue Wuxians orders to different parts of the universe.

The foundation of Battle Demon Sect in the main world is much shallower than that of the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

With the passage of time, Holies and Great Holies of the six Warlock Imperial Courts awoke one after another from the river of time, and the six Warlock Imperial Courts became increasingly stronger.

After Yang Feng entered Eternal Ancient Road, Battle Demon Sect was only guarded by two powerhouses above the Warlock Monarch realm, namely Yue Wuxian And Brilliant Great Holy.

If it were not for the fact that Battle Demon Sect is a member of Human Supreme Council and that it has the support of Taboo Imperial Court, Star Imperial Court, and Brilliant Great Holy, it would have already been driven out of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continent by the rising greater races.

Now that Brilliant Great Holy was quelled by Blackhorn Dragon Great Holy, that Battle Demon Sect suffered serious damage, who knows how many powerhouses want to take a big bite of Battle Demon Sect.

Yu Yan asked, “My lord, are we going to ask Human Supreme Council for help?”

Yue Wuxian pondered for a while and said in reply, “Lets ask Human Supreme Council for help. Yu Yan, please go and ask the Holies for help.”

Yu Yan has already promoted to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. If she goes to ask for help, it can be regarded as Battle Demon Sect showing respect to the Holy Spirit Warlocks and Great Holies.

Originally, Yue Wuxian should be the one to go ask the Holies for help. But as shes currently the only Holy Spirit Warlock of Battle Demon Sect in the headquarters, she must guard the headquarters and cant leave at will.

Yu Yan nodded, and then turned into a stream of light and flew away.

“Brilliant Great Holy was captured! Thats the protector of Battle Demon Sect, one of the 12 Great Holies who used to follow Time Lord. He was surprisingly captured. Who was it?”

“Blackhorn Dragon Great Holy! The leader of the four generals subordinated to Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon from the Eternal Sovereign age!”

“Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon, its Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon who once devoured a severely injured Empyrean. He revived?”

“Thats right. Not long ago, the laws of the universe changed, and the quasi-Empyreans sleeping in the river of time climbed out of their graves!”

“Now that those monsters have climbed out of their graves, the humans are in trouble.”

“He-he, with the former slaves having become the dominant race in the universe, theres no way they wont be disgruntled.”

“Since the humans occupy the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, they naturally attract the hatred of others. After all, that place is the center of the universe. It also contains the opportunity to step into eternity. Theres no way they wouldnt care that the humans occupied that place.”


Cangzhi Planes magic network. On the magic network, other race powerhouses discussed with schadenfreude. Everyones attention is focused on Battle Demon Sect.

If it doesnt deal with this properly, the whole Battle Demon Sect will be swept by a storm and torn to pieces.

Human Supreme Council quickly responded. Taboo Imperial Court and Star imperial Courts each sent two Holies to Battle Demon Sects headquarters to help guard Battle Demon Sect.

Battle Demon Sects top figures returned from different places one after another and withdrew to the branch floating continent.

By recalling its top figures, Battle Demon Sect lost a lot of influence. But in this way, it gathered the strength of everyone to guard Battle Demon Sect, so that it wont be that easy to breach it.

Yue Wuxian is clever. She knows that once Yang Feng returns, all the enemies will be crushed.

A warship flew over from afar, entered Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, and stopped at an interstellar port.

Hundreds of human Warlocks alighted the warship and went to the detection area.

In the detection area, hundreds of fan-shaped scanners emerged, emitted all kinds of lights, and scanned the human Warlocks.

“Iris test, passed!”

“Gene test, passed!”

“Fingerprint test, passed!”

“Soul test, passed! Abnormality detected!”

“Enemy, enemy sneaked in! Energy level is high! Great Holy, Great Holy rank dangerous individual detected. Warning, warning, a Great Holy rank dangerous individual sneaked in!”


Soon after a Moonlight Warlock of Battle Demon Sect entered the detection area, loud alarms sounded.

Teleportation beams shone and teleported the Warlocks who passed the tests away.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really an amazing character. I, Hundred Illusions Great Holy, have run rampant back in the day and have never been discovered. I didnt expect to be discovered so easily here. Thats a peerless genius of the human race in this era for you.”

The Warlock smiled, and then distorted and changed into an androgynous-looking, beautiful man with long, black hair and a devilish charm.

Hundred Illusions Great Holy is one of the four generals under Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon and is proficient in the art of illusions. Back in the day, few people could see through his art of illusions.

“Well, it doesnt matter! Since youve seen through it! Let me destroy Battle Demon Sect! And make a great contribution to the lord!”

Hundred Illusions Great Holy smiled and pointed with a finger. Countless runes shone, and cyan light shot towards the interstellar port.


Along with a deafening blare, the interstellar port occupying an area tens of thousands of kilometers in radius was blown apart, including all the machinery.

“Great Holy!”

“A Great Holy sneaked in!”

“Advanced Great Holy! Thats an advanced Great Holy rank powerhouse!”


On Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, the expression of the four Holy Spirit Warlocks provided by the two Warlock Imperial Courts as support flickered, and they turned into four streams of light and gathered beside Yue Wuxian.

None of the four Holy Spirit Warlocks is a match for an advanced Great Holy rank powerhouse. With the four joining forces, coupled with the arrangements set up in Battle Demon Sects headquarters, it is possible to fight a Great Holy rank powerhouse.

“Starting final defense protocol!”

In a hall, Yue Wuxian pushed a button, an expressionless look on her face.

On Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, mechanical towers suddenly emerged and shone with innumerable runes.

The mechanical towers emitted resonance ripples and absorbed the energy of the whole branch floating continent.

In an instant, the area 10,000 kilometers in radius around Hundred Illusions Great Holy changed into a magic ban domain devoid of any drifting energies.

“Magic ban domain! Its not so easy to defeat me using a magic ban domain alone. Im not an elemental life form!”

With a faint smile, Hundred Illusions Great Holy radiated black light, suspended in the void, blurred into motion, and flew towards the center of the branch floating continent.

Along with flashes of light, swarms of battle robots formed a huge mechanical torrent that swept towards Hundred Illusions Great Holy.

“Impressive! So this is the mechanical legion of Battle Demon Sect!”

“Theyre so many! So this is the underlying strength of Battle Demon Sect!”


When the four Holy Spirit Warlocks, who came to support, saw the mechanical legion, their eyes flashed with the color of shock, and they felt their scalp turn numb.

Even is its a Holy Spirit Warlock, once theyre surrounded by the endless mechanical legion, only death will await them.

“Battle Demon Sects mechanical legion! Interesting! However, the only thing going for them is their numbers, thats all! They cant stop me!”

Hundred Illusions Great Holy revealed a proud smile. Cyan light formed cyan bladed and slashed towards the mechanical legion.

In the wake of the cyan blades, battle robots were shattered into pieces.

In an instant, Hundred Illusions Great Holy crossed 100 kilometers as if unobstructed.

Strange rune chains ejected from the void and shot towards Hundred Illusions Great Holy.


Hundred Illusions Great Holy tried to cast a spell to evade the chains. All of a sudden, his expression flickered. He felt that the surrounding void had been completely sealed.

Cyan light radiated from Hundred Illusions Great Holy and slashed towards the rune chains.

Under the assault of the cyan light, rune chains collapsed one by one.

In an almost endless succession, elusive rune chains ejected from various areas.

Suddenly, a chain ejected from of the void, stabbed Hundred Illusions Great Holy, wrapped around him, and sealed him.

“Target locked! Starting annihilation protocol!”

Holy Slaying Artillery emerged on the branch floating continent, lights shone, and annihilation beams barreled towards Hundred Illusions Great Holy.


Hundred Illusions Great Holys expression changed greatly, and he bellowed.

In the next moment, Hundred Illusions Great Holy was swallowed by the terrifying beams.

With a flash of cyan light, Hundred Illusions Great Holy, half of whose body was blasted away just now, fled into the distance.

“So strong! So this is the underlying strength of Battle Demon Sect!”

“How terrible! As expected, Firmament Holys base is indeed a tigers den!”


The four Holy Spirit Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw this scene. If they were the ones bombarded by the terrifying beams, they would have been turned into ashes, and even their souls would have ceased to exist.

Rune chains appeared abruptly and ran through Hundred Illusions Great Holys broken body.

“My lord, save me!”

Hundred Illusions Great Holy issued a miserable howl.

The void cracked open, and a black dragon claw covered in dragon scales extended out of the void, stabbed into Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, grabbed Hundred Illusions Great Holy, and pulled hard. The black dragon claw broke many rune chains and entered the huge rift.

“In a month, I will kill Brilliant Great Holy on Godslayer Mountain!”

A cold, callous voice full of endless killing intent came from the rift and spread in all directions.

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