Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1266: Swallowing Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon

Chapter [NaN]

1265 Yang Feng Arrives

Mofeceraja looked around. Mysterious runes appeared, and she saw Hollies and Great Holies hidden in the surroundings.

The hidden Holies and Great Holies came here for an important purpose, that is, to see whether Firmament Holy Yang Feng returned or not.

Firmament Holy Yang Feng is the most formidable genius of this era. It has been less than 1,000 years since his rise, yet he has advanced from an ordinary person all the way to a Holy Spirit Warlock and defeated countless prodigies. Furthermore, he has numerous avatars, which are located in Feisuo Plane, the endless Abyss, and other places.

Those Holies and Great Holies guessed why Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon took action against Yang Feng while unprovoked. Thats because he and Yang Feng both walk the path of devour. The one who devours the other and survives will be able to get great benefits.

At noon.

On the peak of Godslayer Mountain, black lights descended, and a black litter suddenly appeared. On the black litter, a 100-meter-tall powerhouse covered in black dragon scales, with four arms, dragon horns, a big belly, and a ferocious face, looking like a mountain of meat, appeared abruptly.

“Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon!”

“He is Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon, a powerhouse invincible below the Empyrean realm!”

“Its said that he once devoured an Empyrean!”

“Firmament Holy!”

“Thats Firmament Holy! Hes back!”


The countenance of the spectating Holies changed dramatically when they saw the fearsome figure.

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