Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1267: Shock

Chapter 1266: Swallowing Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon

“Firmament Holy!”

“Firmament Holy is back!”

“So strong! Hes actually able to beat Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon back! Hes become so strong!”


Holies and Great Holies focused their gazes on Yang Feng, filled with shock.

Mofecerajas beautiful eyes flashed with astonishment: “So strong! Firmament Holy Yang Feng has grown to this degree! How dreadful! To beat a famous direbeast like Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon back, truly incredible.”

Bai Bingxian stared at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes flickered with the shade of unwillingness. She sighed and said, “Eternal Ancient Road is also called Empyrean Road. For Firmament Holy to come out, Im afraid he must have become invincible in Eternal Ancient Road, not unlike the eight human Warlock Emperors. How dreadful! Practically everyone of the eight human Warlock Emperors spent thousands of years before they were able to become invincible in Eternal Ancient Road. Yet he entered Eternal Ancient Road less than 500 years ago.”

“Yang Feng! Its him! He became so strong!”

Brilliant Great Holy, who was forced to kneel on the ground, looked at Yang Feng standing in front of him with incredulity. When Brilliant Great Holy was reborn, Yang Feng was just an Infinity Warlock. But now, Yang Feng can fight peerless direbeasts like Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon.

Along with two flashes of light, Michaelia and Shi Yu appeared behind Yang Feng and looked around with a proud expression.

“Thats Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon! He was surprisingly defeated by Firmament Holy. And he was swallowed, to boot! Firmament Holy Yang Feng, how can he be so powerful? Hes just a pinnacle Great Holy!”


The spectating Holies and Great Holies were struck dumb by what they saw, unable to believe their eyes. Not long ago, Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon still had the upper hand. But then the situation reversed completely almost in an instant. Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon couldnt even escape and was directly swallowed by Yang Fengs black hole. This is beyond shocking.

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