Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1268: Devour Nine-headed Phoenix Great Holy

Chapter 1267: Shock

“The lord was swallowed! How is that possible?”

Upon seeing this scene, Blackhorn Dragon Great Holys eyes flashed with the color of shock, his body trembled all over, and a chill welled up in his heart. He knows how powerful Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon is. After all, thats a peerless direbeast that has even devoured an Empyrean. For such a terrifying being to be swallowed by Yang Feng, this is simply appalling.

Hundred Illusions Great Holys expression flickered. His figure fluttered, and he turned into a golden roc and flew away.

“Since you came, dont go just yet!”

Michaelia smiled sweetly, and then unfurled and flapped her wings. In a flash, she appeared above the golden roc and slashed down with her sword.

A sword ray containing the essence of darkness tore the firmament, evolved into a 10,000-kilometer-long sword, and sliced the golden roc in two, and blood scattered in the sky.

Countless golden runes flashed slightly, and the golden roc turned back into Hundred Illusions Great Holy. There is an appalling wound on his body.

Blackhorn Dragon Great Holys eyes flickered for a moment. His figure fluttered, and he surged with dragon qi, turned into a stream of light, and escaped into the distance.

“Your opponent is me!”

There was a ripple in the void, and Shi Yu appeared in front of Blackhorn Dragon Great Holy in a flash. She operated the essence of petrification and sent a strike barreling towards the other party.

Nine-headed Phoenix Great Holy, Nine Heads Great Holy, and Babatarok are an eras unparalleled powerhouses in the same realm for a reason. Even though Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, and Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, these three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses, are using an Empyrean grade secret treasure each, but theyre still not a match for the other party. They were beaten back again and again.

“It seems that only you three fools have come to throw away your lives. The rest are really careful.”

Yang Feng suddenly smiled. With a flash of light, the Green Yang Halberd appeared in his hand. He stabbed the black hole and sliced Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon in two.

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