Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1270: Slaying Black Ogre Emperors Avatar

Chapter 1269: Black Ogre Emperor

Nine Heads Great Holy opened his mouth, and a broken stele emitting Eternal aura suddenly flew out. On the broken stele, there is an ancient, abstruse character engraved. Countless mysterious runes shone, and the ancient character flew out, turned into a terrifying blade ray, and shot towards Yang Feng.

“Cant avoid it!” As soon as Yang Feng saw the terrifying blade ray, it dawned on him — the Wheel of Times magic cant allow me to dodge this blade.

The power of the character inscribed on the broken stele is far lower than that of the nine-headed phoenix spear. However, its energy level is far higher than that of the nine-headed phoenix spear. It contains Eternal force that can break Wheel of Times magic. The resplendent and abstruse blade ray sundered the firmament and sliced the heroic spirits in its way apart, completely erasing all traces of theirs from history.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and an Ogres Head Shield emanating immortal Empyrean might suddenly flew out. A terrifying ogre head containing immortal Empyrean might flew out and shot towards the terrifying blade ray.

The blade ray broke out with Eternal fluctuations and shattered the ogre head, and then slammed into the Ogres Head Shield.

The blare ray split the Ogres Head Shield apart, and then severed Yang Fengs left arm, and blood spilled into the sky. With an expressionless look on his face, Yang Feng appeared in front Nine Heads Great Holy in a flash and unleashed a halberd strike, and countless heroic spirits appeared again, cast all kinds of offensive spells, and hurled attacks at Nine Heads Great Holy.

The broken stele with Eternal aura appeared and radiated gray light, withstanding the countless attacks hurled by the heroic spirits.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy operated countless specks of starlight, formed a starlight spear, and stab at the broken stele.

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy unleashed a cosmic blade that sundered the firmament and barreled towards the broken stele.

Gray light radiated from the broken stele and blocked the attacks from Yang Fengs group of three.

But at the same time, Nine Heads Great Holys aura weakened continuously.

Nine Heads Great Holy roared: “Firmament Holy! Its your win! Let me go! If we continue to fight, both sides will suffer. Neither will benefit. As you know, there are countless people who want you to die.”

“Youre not qualified to make me suffer!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of a hand, and the Spirit Osta Fortress appeared. In the center of the Spirit Osta Fortress, there sits an Empyrean skeleton.

The Empyrean skeleton emanates Empyrean aura.

The Spirit Osta Fortress is one of Yang Fengs trump cards.

After it was severely damaged, Yang Feng mobilized resources in Eternal Ancient Road to repair it. At this time, its power has risen. The Empyrean skeleton opened its eyes, and its eyes glimmered. The void trembled and collapsed.

It extended a hand towards the broken stele.

The broken stele vibrated and radiated gray light that forcibly blocked the hand of the Empyrean skeleton.


Yang Feng unleashed a halberd strike, and countless heroic spirits appeared abruptly and imbued all combat skills theyre proficient in into him, converging into a terrifying combat force that slammed into the gray light.

The gray light finally collapsed. The Empyrean skeleton grabbed the broken stele, stuffed it into its mouth, and chewed.

The broken stele is the remains of an Eternal grade secret treasure. By absorbing its power, the Spirit Osta Fortress can recover by a fraction.


When Nine Heads Great Holy saw that his most precious life-saving treasure was eaten by the Spirit Osta Fortress, he unleashed a sky-shaking bellow.

“Die!” The cosmic blade immediately appeared behind Nine Heads Great Holy, slammed into him, and cut him apart.

The starlight spear formed from countless specks of star force crossed the void, stabbed Nine Head Great Holy, and ran through him. Boom!

At the moment when the starlight spear ran through him, Nine Heads Great Holy exploded. The terrifying explosion swallowed everything around.

Thousands of kilometers away, there was a blur, and Nine Heads Great Holy appeared again, his strength already fully recovered.

He flapped his wings and fled into the distance. In terms of strength, Nine Head Great Holy is slightly inferior to Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon. But in terms of survivability, he is far above the other party.

As long as he isnt killed nine times in a row, Nine Heads Great Holy can be reborn continuously.

Only Eternal rank powerhouses or some special Empyrean grade secret treasures can kill Nine Heads Great Holy in one time.

“Firmament Holy, you destroyed my secret treasure! You and I are mortal enemies! I will kill all the people you care about! I will kill them one by one and make your life miserable!” Nine Heads Great Holys voice full of resentment came from the void.

“You brought about your own ruin!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. Countless runes shone, and the Web of Fate suddenly emerged and silently entered the void. In Yang Fengs eyes, fate radiances surged and a mysterious runes containing fate aura emerged.

As soon as the mysterious rune containing fate aura emerged, fate treads appeared in Yang Fengs view.

Among the countless fate treads, seven are really thick. Furthermore, they are distorted and blurry, as if affected by magical power that can break free from the snare of fate.

“Seven quasi-Empyreans, there are seven quasi-Empyreans here. I only discovered two! There are five who are hiding really well! The mantis stalks the cicada, unawares of the oriole behind? Its a shame, but you wont get any opportunities.”

Yang Feng showed a contemptuous smile. His figure blurred, and he appeared in front of Nine Heads Great Holy and unleashed a halberd strike. A green halberd ray sliced Nine Heads Great Holy in an instant, and then black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed him. Nine Heads Great Holys body blurred.

Under some kind of law, Nine Heads Great Holy was reborn 10,000 kilometers away in an instant.

A torrent of time shrouded Yang Feng, and he appeared in front of Nine Heads Great Holy and sliced the other party in two again.

A black hole appeared and devoured Nine Heads Great Holys flesh and quintessence.

“How do you know where I am reborn?”

After being reborn again, Nine Heads Great Holy saw Yang Feng appear in front of him once more and felt his blood run cold. He bellowed wildly.

“Its due to the power of fate! You are destined to die here!”

A halberd ray emerged, slammed into Nine Heads Great Holy in an instant, and cut him in two. “Firmament Holy, spare my life! I will be your most faithful ally!”

“Firmament Holy, dont kill me! We can form an alliance. Once we form an alliance, others wont be able to compete with you. You will be the sole Empyrean of this era.” “…”

No matter how Nine Heads Great Holy implored, Yang Feng paid it no attention and continued to kill him again and again.

After Nine Heads Great Holy was cut in two for the ninth time, a black hole suddenly appeared and drew him inside. Countless runes shone.

Nine Heads Great Holys life origin was extracted, and he turned into ashes. “Nine Heads Great Holy died, as well!”

“How dreadful! Nine Heads Great Holy is proficient in countless escape secret methods and has nine lives.

For Yang Feng to be able to kill such a powerhouse, thats really scary.

“What magic was that? It was actually able to determine the places where Nine Heads Great Holy was reborn.”

“Thats Web of Fate, one of the three fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasures. Under the power of fate, no one can escape from the Web of Fate.”


The eyes of the Holies and Great Holies shimmered with graveness. The eyes of the seven quasi-Empyreans hidden in the void flickered with apprehension.

“Its your turn at last!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed cold.

He looked at Babatarok, and his eyes flickered with frigid murderous intent. Under the siege of Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, and Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, Babatarok has been riddled with wounds. However, he is still as fierce as ever.

While fighting desperately, he is looking for a chance to escape. Seeing that Yang Feng slayed Nine Heads Great Holy, Babatarok decisively took out a black skull and recited an incantation.

Black light shone, and the black skull spewed out terrifying black qi.

A terrifying being cowered in black fur, with a horn on the head, suddenly appeared, and immortal Empyrean might emanated from him.

“Black Ogre Emperor!”

“Its him!”

“He intervened.”

“Thats right. After all, Babatarok is his most devoted subordinate as well as currently his arms and legs in the world.

Naturally, he doesnt want the other party to be annihilated by Firmament Holy


When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw the terrifying being, their complexion changed dramatically. Thats an Empyrean, a terrifying existence at the peak of the universe. Ever since the Eternal Sovereign age ended, it has been the Empyrean age, where Empyreans rule supreme.

“Fuck off!” Black Ogre Emperor glanced at Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, and Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, and extended a claw.

A giant claw as big as a star, covered with black fur, emerged from the void and tore the attacks of the three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses apart, and then slammed into the three quasi-Empyreans themselves and blasted them 10,000 kilometers away.

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