Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 127 – Weaver

Chapter 126 – Defeating The Snake Hellion Legion

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Yang Feng laughed merrily and said: “The equipment is also part of ones strength! Im an Alchemist. Isnt it only natural for Alchemists to command their golems in a battle? How many Alchemists would go into battle without their golems? In addition, I have a bone to pick with your speech from earlier; the backwards feudal era is over and gender equality is now the mainstream.”

Olerya felt even angrier. She loathed Yang Fengs shamelessness. Her speed soared abruptly and like a meteor striking, she madly bombarded those level-3 protective covers.

Unexpectedly, Olerya had forcibly torn an opening in those thirty level-8 mechanical shielded robots level-3 protective covers. She punched the super-alloy shield of a level-8 shielded robot, instantly erupting with a peerless and terrifying power, blasting that shielded robot into spare parts.

Yang Feng smiled, he then clapped his hands and said teasingly: “Amazing! However, please continue to work hard. Attacks of such might arent enough to destroy my escort.”

60 shield robots equipped with jet packs flew out from both sides, before landing beside Yang Feng and successively starting their level-3 protective covers.

The eighty nine level-3 protective covers overlaid and blocked in front of Yang Feng, giving birth to a feeling of powerlessness within Olerya.

The offensive power of level-8 shielded robots was exceedingly low, every part of them being only designed for defense. Even ordinary level-3 extraordinary life forms could somewhat withstand them. Olerya being able to shred the defense of thirty shielded robots, that was already terrifying. But in front of eighty 9 shielded robots, she seemed somewhat powerless.

Just then, rumbling arrived from afar.

Olerya turned to look and the felt cold inside.

From afar, she saw a cloud of dust rising. A large tract with tanks, IFVs, APCs, self-propelled artillery, howitzers, rocket launchers and other military weapons formed a huge fleet currently moving towards Narona City.1,2

That cluster of armored vehicles flanked snake hellion legion, blocking their retreating route.

Olerya took a look at her snake hellion legion, which she had built with great care, only to see it suffer heavy casualties under the frantic bombardment from the Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers, before scattering in every which way.

Although Emma had already completely suppressed Narona Citys Warlock Tower, but it was still impossible to reverse this battle.

The Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft were in the process of dropping paratroopers towards Narona City. The paratroopers consisted mainly of level-7 bladed robots and level-7 gunner robots. They were one-sidedly massacring the Bagru Boa cavalries.

The Omogudo Flying Snakes mid-air also suffered heavy casualties from the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters, with less than sixty remaining.

Olerya felt a sharp pain within, before mournfully ordering: “Retreat!!”

The entire snake hellion legion at once erupted with piercing howls, before collapsing and quickly fleeing in the direction from where they came.

Yang Feng said with some regret: “Unfortunately, you still insist in your shenanigans. Your legion will have to account for it.”

If Olerya let her self fall into rage and once again entangled with Yang Feng, then her snake hellion legion would be devoured by Yang Fengs mechanized infantry division.

Olerya recovered her calm. Her snake-like vertical pupils flashed with a touch of a bizarre radiance and she said coldly: “Whats your name?”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “How about becoming my slave? If you let me set you up with a restriction, then Ill tell you my name!”

“Alright! If youre willing to give me all of your war golems, then I dont see any problems in becoming your slave!”

A magical radiance flashed on Oleryas body, before she undid the Demonic Snake Morph and regained her mature, lively, sensual and tempting bearing of a beauty. She smiled lovely towards Yang Feng, before traces of dim fluctuations of magic surged from her and she silently cast a spell for charming humans.

A string of analysis flashed in Yang Fengs eyes.

Oleryas Charm was exceedingly formidable, not loosing one bit to Anushas. If it was Yang Fengs true body, then he would definitely fall into her trap. But he was merely possessing a Liquid-Metal Robot. Through it, Yang Feng only thought that she was very beautiful, without being eroded by the Charm.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “Alright! Ill consider it.”

“Sure enough, human males only amount this much.” Oleryas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of contempt.

But in the next moment, the cannons of the Lightning Supersonic Fighters mid-air rumbled, with countless cannon shells being shot at Olerya.

With her defenses down, Olerya had to resist the bombardment of several hundred cannon shells with her own flash, before being flung back. She spat a mouthful of blood, and glared hatefully at Yang Feng.

Looking like somebody that couldnt hurt a fly, Yang Feng said with a somewhat bashful smile: “Im so embarrassed for this lapse of mine! How about we have another chat?”

“Son of a bitch! Ill remember this! Next time, Ill make sure to treat you kindly!” Olerya glared fiercely at Yang Feng, then gave a furious roar and unleashed her Demonic Snake Morph. Her figure shook and she became a black streak of light madly flying towards the cluster of armored vehicles.

After several dozens of breaths, Olerya flew into that cluster of armored vehicles and with her seemingly unparalleled claws shrouded in black life force tore a tank in half.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of astonishment: “Tearing a tank in half with bare hands, truly amazing. Only in the World of Warlocks can one witness such a show of physical strength.”

With the joint forces of the two level-3 Warlocks, Olerya and Emma, the flanking cluster of armored vehicles were being torn to shreds, forcibly creating a path for the several thousand remnants of the snake hellion legion.

The hundred Lightning Supersonic Fighters quickly chased up to them, before continuously swooping down and strafing, killing the remnants of the snake hellion legion.

Simultaneously, the huge mechanized fleet split in two and continuously pursued the snake hellion legion from the rear.

Yang Feng rode the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft, before landing on Narona Citys city wall.

Archduke Fernandro took a crowd of Fernandro Principalitys ministers before Yang Feng, then bowed earnestly towards him in salute and said: “Yang Feng, welcome to Narona City. Im extremely grateful for saving Narona Citys 1,500,000 people and for saving Fernandro Family. Fernandro Family will never forget Your benevolence.”


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