Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1272: Empyreans Death Shakes the World

Chapter 1271: Devouring Black Ogre Emperor

“Whats going on? How could Black Ogre Emperor be slayed by Firmament Holy?” “Even though its an avatar, but hes still far stronger than a quasi-Empyrean. How could he be slayed by Firmament Holy?” “Thats an Empyrean. Firmament Holy mercilessly killed his avatar. Does he want to fall out with an Empyrean?” “…” The spectating Holies inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw Black Ogre Emperors avatar being slayed. The seven quasi-Empyreans hidden in the void also inhaled a breath of cold air, not daring not act rashly. Yang Feng took a step, unleashed spatial fluctuations, and disappeared. Inside a warship above Dark Canyon, a warp gate opened, and Yang Feng walked out and looked into the distance. Ruler series battle robots frantically besieging the ancient bronze coffin. But no matter how they try, their attacks cant break the cyan barrier. In the ancient bronze coffin, strange runes shone, and a large hand covered in black fur extended, burst out with terrifying black qi, and ground everything in its way into powder. Yang Feng smiled icily: “Black Ogre Emperor, since I found your true body, today is the day you die.” Ripples surged in the void, and a mechanical sphere with a diameter of 10,000 kilometers flew out. From the mechanical sphere, 1,000 ruler series battle robots flew out at once. Each of the 1,000 ruler series battle robots emanates Holy rank fluctuations of power. The 1,000 ruler series battle rulers emanating Holy rank fluctuations of power blurred into motion and flew towards the ancient bronze coffin. 100 Holy rank Dazzling Rulers resonated, radiated dazzling light, and formed a beam condensed to the extreme that blasted into the ancient bronze coffin. In response, the ancient bronze coffins barrier trembled, blurred, and collapsed. In a flash, 100 Holy rank Blade Rulers appeared in front of the ancient bronze coffin, brandished their blades, and left wounds on the large hand covered in fur, and black blood spilled. “1,000 Holy rank mechanical golems! How is that possible? How can there be so many Holy rank mechanical golems? Even Golem Lord didnt have so many Holy rank golems!” An startled and voice transmitted from the ancient bronze coffin. The large hand covered in black fur extended, and a huge claw thousands of kilometers in length emerged and shot towards the Holy rank battle robots. 100 Vajra Rulers suddenly emerged, resonated with each other, and shone with countless runes, and a huge energy shield appeared. When the huge claw slammed into the energy shield, it only managed to set off ripples. Strange Devour Rulers jumped on the ancient bronze coffin and began devouring the coffins materials. The ancient bronze coffin was gradually devoured by the Devour Rulers. 100 Holy rank Seal Rulers flew to above the ancient bronze coffin and resonated with each other, and sealing light derived from the technologies of the xizu, the Shidna civilization, and the world of Warlocks fell down from the sky and shone on the ancient bronze coffin. Strange seal runes constantly eroded the large hand covered in black fur, melting and sealing his power bit by bit. “You ants are not qualified to kill me!” With a bellow, the lid of the ancient bronze coffin opened, and Black Ogre Emperor covered in black fur, with a ferocious face, a horn, and four arms, appeared. Once Black Ogre Emperor appeared, terrifying immortal Empyrean might emanated from him. When the sealing light approached him, it twisted and broke. As if spears, countless black hairs rose, ejected, punched the Blade Rulers full of holes, and sent the ruler series battle robots flying thousands of kilometers away. The 100 Dazzling Rulers resonated, and a terrifying beam capable of wiping out a quasi-Empyrean barreled towards Black Ogre Emperor. “Distort!” With an icy shimmer in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor flicked a finger, and distorted light sundered the firmament. Swept by the distorted light, the beam capable of wiping out a quasi-Empyrean distorted, brushed past Black Ogre Emperor, and slammed into the earth, and a large, bottomless pit appeared. A dignified shade flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “Amazing! As expected of an Empyrean!” Even if its Yang Feng, he would have to expend great effort in order to deal with the beam fired by the 100 Dazzling Rulers. But Black Ogre Emperor could easily distort the void and evade the blow. His control of power is simply terrifying. “Firmament Holy, kneel! Ill spare your pathetic life if you swear allegiance to me!” In the ancient bronze coffin, Black Ogre Emperors eyes flickered fiercely and his black fur rose. His gaze crossed heavy fog, passed through the warships alloy walls, and locked on Yang Fengs true body aboard the flagship. A creepy sense of danger welled up inside Yang Feng, as if Black Ogre Emperor would tear him to pieces in the next moment. “Black Ogre Emperor, if you were in your top condition, you might be able to kill me. But do you think you can kill me now?” Yang Feng smiled derisively and waved his hand. The 100 Blade Rulers pulled out the black hairs that pierced them, and then turned into streams of light and shot towards Black Ogre Emperor. “Stubborn fools! Go to hell!” In the ancient bronze coffin, with a ferocious shimmer in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor erupted with countless runes all over his body, emanated immortal Empyrean might, and tore the void with his hands. In an instant, a terrifying cosmic storm emerged and swept in all directions. The 100 Holy rank Blade Rulers were blown 100 kilometers away by the terrifying cosmic storm. The 100 Holy rank Vajra Rulers flew to the front of the flagship and opened a defensive boundary guarding Yang Feng. The Vajra Rulers are battle robot specially developed for defense. If 100 of them are combined, they can somewhat withstands even the attacks from an Empyrean. With a flash of cyan light, the ancient bronze coffin turned into a stream of light and shot towards the hole torn in space. Yang Feng uttered frigidly, a look of contempt in his eyes, “Black Ogre Emperor! Now is still not the time for Empyreans like you to wake up. A forceful waking will do you a lot of harm, right?” Terrifying spatial fluctuations surged, and Holy rank Space Rulers appeared on the other side of the hole torn in space. The hole in space healed at once. The Blade Rulers appeared in front of the ancient bronze coffin in a flash and brandished their blades. “Firmament Holy, dont go too far!” With a fierce shimmer in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor bellowed and stabbed a Blade Ruler lightning fast. Frenzied black qi erupted, and the Blade Rulers exploded and turned into powder that could no longer combine together. After instakilling a Blade Ruler, a wrinkle appeared on Black Ogre Emperors face and traces of aging and decay appeared on his body. Blade Rulers and Dazzling Rulers rushed towards Black Ogre Emperor dauntlessly one after another. With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor extended a claw again and again, blasting a Blade Ruler or a Dazzling Ruler apart each time. At the same time, black light shone and formed a distorted magic barrier guarding him. In a short dozen plus breaths of time, the 200 Holy rank ruler series battle robots were nearly wiped out, leaving only 50 plus intact. “Truly impressive! Despite being under the siege of 1.000 Holy rank rulers, he was still able to destroy about 150 units. Nes Black Ogre Emperor not for no reason!” Aboard the flagship, Yang Feng looked at the seemingly invincible Black Ogre Emperor with a dignified color in his eyes. If he was faced with the siege of 1,000 Holy grade rulers, he would have to run away. “Firmament Holy, since you want me to die, then lets die together!” With a fierce flash in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor took a step out of the ancient bronze coffin, and overbearing Empyrean pressure emanated and swept in all directions. As soon as Black Ogre Emperor stepped out of the bronze coffin, an aura of decay of the soul emitted from him. He took a step, braved the siege of the rulers, appeared in front of the flagship, and sent a claw barreling towards the flagship. The 100 Vajra Rulers shone, and a huge shield appeared in front of the flagship. Boom! The terrifying claw ran through the huge shield, stabbed into the flagship, and tore the flagships magic barrier together with the alloy armor apart. “You dont have what it takes to kill me!” Yang Fengs eyes shimmered fiercely. He immediately entered the fourth form and brandished the Warbringer Halberd, and countless heroic spirits emerged from the river of time and shot towards the terrifying claw. The terrifying claw broke out with endless light, smashed the countless heroic spirits, and slammed into Yang Feng. In an instant, Yang Feng was blasted thousands of kilometers away, the right half of his body smashed. Countless wisps of demonic qi, as if they have a life of their own, turned into countless runes and eroded Yang Fengs body. “Almost!” Black Ogre Emperors eyes flashed with unwillingness, and he sighed and dropped from the sky. His life ran out and he died. A black hole emerged, shrouded Black Ogre Emperor, and devoured him, and a stream of Empyrean origin flowed into Yang Feng.

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