Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1276: Promotion to a Quasi-Empyrean

Chapter 1275: Breaching the Empyrean Gate

Yuan Yi sensed the fluctuations of power that coming from the distance, and his eyes surged with a peculiar glint: “So fast! Hes going to promote to an Empyrean!” When Yuan Yi was a Glorious Sun Warlock, Yang Feng was just a Great Warlock. With the help of a massive amount og resources provided by Battle Demon Sect, he has advanced to only an Infinity Warlock. Yang Feng, however, has already begun to attack the Empyrean realm. This naturally filled Yuan Yi with complex emotions. Terrifying light shone, and a figure flew out of Battle Demon Sect and soared into the sky. It is Yang Feng. The energies within 1 million light-years gathered, combined with the laws of the universe, and formed a gate engraved with countless runes and emanating abstruse aura in the void. “The Empyrean Gate!” “As long as you open the Empyrean Gate and engrave your soul and essence on it, you will be able to advance to an Empyrean.” “That is the legendary Empyrean Gate. An aggregate of the laws of the universe. Firmament Holy, he actually reached this step!” “As long as he takes this last step, Firmament Holy will become the ninth human Warlock Emperor.” “…” Gazes full of enigmatic shade focused on the Empyrean Gate that appeared out of nowhere. All-Eyes Great Holy flew towards this side, and his eyes flashed with a peculiar gleam: “The ninth Warlock Emperor! What fast speed!” “Well met, All-Eyes Great Holy!” With a flash of light, a handsome powerhouse with a bloody rune engraved on the forehead, countless strands of hair that seem to have life, and chrysanthemum like teeth walked out of the void and stood in front of All-Eyes Great Holy. All-Eyes Great Holy said coldly, “Bloodhair Snake Great Holy, Im going to protect Firmament Holy! Are you trying to get in my way?” Bloodhair Snake Great Holy uttered coldly, “Thats right! Not only me, but everyone in the universe doesnt want to see Firmament Holy advance to an Empyrean. You humans have dominated the universe for too long. The opportunity to advance to an Empyrean cannot be given to you humans! This is the consensus of all life forms in the universe.” All-Eyes Great Holy said flatly, “Youre no match for me!” As a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse of Time Imperial Court, All-Eyes Great Holy possesses fierce combat power. Only a powerhouse second only to Empyreans like Heavens Devourer Tyrant Dragon can easily defeat him. All-Eyes Great Holy doesnt fear the rest of quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses. “Im indeed not your match, All-Eyes Great Holy. But my task is only to stall you!” Bloodhair Snake Great Holys figure blurred. He surged with countless wisps of blood qi, and an untold numbed of blood-colored hairs flew out of his head, turned into bloody snakes, and rushed towards All-Eyes Great Holy. All-Eyes Great Holys eyes flashed with a frigid shade. The vertical eye on his forehead shone with runes, and light beams shot towards the bloody snakes. In a tract of the starry sky, a 10,000-kilometer-long blackshine ebony tortoise made from Blackshine Rock stood in front of Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy. Blackshine Ebony Great Holy said, “Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, Firmament Holy is attacking the Empyrean realm! Why are you trying to help him? As long as he dies, you and the starmoon sky snake race will be free.” Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy uttered coldly, “Blackshine Ebony Great Holy, since I have recognized Firmament Holy as my master, I must serve him. Stop talking! Move out of my way! Otherwise, I will fight you!” “Lets fight then! My task is to stop you!” Blackshine Ebony Great Holys eyes flashed fiercely, and he surged with countless runes and rushed towards Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy. Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy changed into a terrifying direbeast as big as a star. Terrifying shock waves spread in all directions as the two direbeasts as big as stars fought in the starry sky. In a tract of the starry sky. A devastatingly beautiful woman with red hair and a pair of crane wings on the back stood in the void and quietly looked at Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy. Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy sighed, saying: “Soaring Crane Great Holy! You really want to stop me? Are you aware that if Firmament Holy takes that step and promotes to an Empyrean, your soaring crane race will be in risk of extinction?” Soaring Crane Great Holy advised, “Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, there is a blood debt between Firmament Holy and the cosmic eyes tiger race. Now is the best chance. So long as you join us and take advantage of this chance, you will be able to kill Firmament Holy. With the exception of humans, no one else in the universe is willing to see Firmament Holy step into the Empyrean realm.” Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy sighed: “Its too late! If we joined forces at the time of Firmament Holys rise, we would have a 70 to 80% chance of defeating him. But now, no one is his opponent anymore. Firmament Holy exceeds your imagination by far! Listen to my advice and stop!” There was a glimmer of enigmatic light in Soaring Crane Great Holys beautiful eyes, and she said, “Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, judging by your words, you dont want to serve Firmament Holy. As far as I know, Firmament Holy didnt set up a restriction on your soul. This is you best chance, your only chance.” “Yes, I dont want to serve Firmament Holy. Unfortunately, hes just too strong! Strong enough to frighten me. Soaring Crane Great Holy, since you stand in my way, we can only fight! Otherwise, if Firmament Holy asks me for an explanation in the future, I will be in trouble. Besides, seeing that we are friends, I dont want you to go there and throw away your life!” Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy shone with countless runes, took a step, and attacked Soaring Crane Great Holy Soaring Crane Great Holy creased her slim eyebrows. Feathers flew into her hand and changed into a white crane blade. She took a step and engaged with Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy. In a tract of the starry sky. Countless cyan bolts of lightning interwove with a sea of light, and terrifying shock waves spread in all directions. “Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, why are you helping Firmament Holy?” “He is the only being one who can step into eternity. Our universe needs him! Guang Hai Great Holy, you should stop with this! It is the will of the universe for Firmament Holy to step into eternity. If you continue with this, then once Firmament Holy succeeds in his advancement, the guang hai race will face the danger of extinction.” “No! Although Firmament Holy ventured to the Empyrean Gate! However, he didnt built up enough resources and is doomed to fail. This is our best chance. It is our only chance!” In the void, countless powerhouses fought fiercely. Yang Fengs reinforcements were blocked by different forces. Once Yang Feng advances to an Empyrean, others will have no hope of advancing to Empyreans. The humans will welcome the ninth Warlock Emperor and suppress countless powerful powerhouses. Moreover, with his consummate level soul and incredible fighting strength, once he becomes an Empyrean, Yang Feng will be infinitely close to unequaled overlords like the seven human Warlock Emperors. Most of the Empyreans sleeping in the river of time have decaying souls. They dont want an unequaled overlord to compete with them for the chance to step into eternity. In Battle Demon Sects outer space, everyone focused their eyes on Yang Feng. “Come!” Yang Feng bellowed and pointed down. A copious amount of golden water rose from the golden lake and poured into Yang Feng. Following fluctuations of the law of karma, the golden lakes of the other branch floating continents churned, and a tremendous amount of golden water rushed towards Yang Feng according to a mysterious law. The strong races didnt interfere with the flow of the golden water. “Open!” After absorbing a tremendous amount of golden water, Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely, and he roared, erupted with countless runes on his fists, and sent his fists containing the essence of power barreling towards the Empyrean Gate. “He attacking the Empyrean Gate! How brave!” “Isnt the correct way to open the Empyrean Gate not to unleash you strength, but to manifest your path and connect with the Empyrean Gate? This is the correct way that the eight human Warlock Emperors passed down is textbooks!” “Thats the Empyrean Gate, a manifestation of the laws of the universe! Is he out of his mind?” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies were struck dumb by this scene. Boom! The Empyrean Gate, which is the manifestation of the laws of the universe, burst out with silver light that illuminated Yang Feng. In an instant, numerous wounds appeared on Yang Fengs body, the Xi Shen Armor cracked, and a large amount of blood gushed out and spilled into the sky. “Interesting!” Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a smile of excitement and erupted with countless runes. The wounds on his body healed quickly, and he flew towards the Empyrean Gate again. Boom! Boom! Boom! Yang Feng frantically attacked the Empyrean Gate. With each strike, the world shook, and terrifying backlash force surged. Cracks appeared on his body again, and blood spilled into the sky. “Is he crazy?” “Firmament Holy, is he crazy?” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies looked at Yang Feng with expressions of incredulity. “Fourth form! Open!” Yang Fengs strength suddenly climbed to the extreme. He fused with the strange projection and slammed a fist into the Empyrean Gate. A torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, a black hole, a net of fate, five visions suddenly appeared. Boom! Along with an earth-shaking blare, a hole appeared in the Empyrean Gate. From the hole, the power of countless universe laws poured out and submerged Yang Feng, strengthening and sublimating his body and soul. Almost at the same time, a terrifying backlash force shrouded Yang Feng and crushed his right shoulder and right leg. His bones, which are as hard as Holy grade secret treasures, were crushed, as well.

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