Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1277: Slaying Seven Quasi-Empyreans in a Row

Chapter 1276: Promotion to a Quasi-Empyrean

All of a sudden, ripples surged, and a cyan figure boosted by the essence of speed, exceeding the speed of light, ejected from a cloud thousands of kilometers away, appeared in front of Yang Feng nearly in an instant, and stabbed at him with a dagger. “Cyan Extinction Great Holy! Thats the fastest quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse from the Archaic Dark Emperor era!” “His timing is really ingenious. This is the moment when Firmament Holy is at his weakest.” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies revealed the shade of apprehension in their eyes. The eyes of Yang Feng, who appears to be seriously injured, flashed brightly. He slapped out with his hand, and a torrent of time, spatial portals, and stars, three visions emerged, distorted time and space, and slammed into Cyan Extinction Great Holy. A terrifying force broke out, and the dagger collapsed. “No!” With a frightened look on his face, Cyan Extinction Great Holy unleashed a miserable scream, and then disintegrated into countless fragments. In an instant, cracks appeared all over Yang Fengs body again, and a large amount of blood spilled. A black hole emerged and swept towards the remains of Cyan Extinction Great Holy. “Firmament Holy, stop!” A voice of surprise and indignation came from the distance. A cyan stream of light flashed, and a stunning, refined woman with extraordinary temperament flew over from afar. The black hole erupted with terrifying devour force, swallowed Cyan Extinction Great Holy, and devoured all his life origin. “Another quasi-Empyrean fell!” “How terrible! Firmament Holy can actually instakill a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse! Thats really scary!” “Although he had to pay a price, but his strength is terrifying nonetheless!” “Thats a monster that can breach the Empyrean Gate for you!” “…” The Holies and Great Holies drew in a sharp breath and stared at Yang Feng with wary in their eyes. “Firmament Holy, you killed my husband! I, Cyan Plum Great Holy, swear that I will do everything in my power to kill you! If anyone can kill Firmament Holy, I, Cyan Plum Great Holy, am willing to be their slave.” With a flash of despair in her beautiful eyes, Cyan Plum Great Holy made an oath full of resentment. A beautiful Great Holy rank slave, even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse would be tempted by it. With a flash of cyan light, a figure exceeding the speed of light appeared behind Cyan Plum Great Holy, brandished a sword, and cut off her head. Along with cyan afterimages, Cyan Plum Great Holy was chopped into countless pieces along with her soul. “Hee-hee. Now that you have become a corpse, even if you offer to be a slave, no one will be interested!” Along with a melodic laughter, Michaelia emerged.A blue box appeared in her hand, erupted with a fearsome attractive force, and absorbed the remains of Cyan Plum Great Holy. The Great Holy rank flesh, blood, and soul are extremely precious treasures. A drop of Great Holy blood can change the fate of an ordinary person. A stream of mystical power and laws of the universe gushed out from the Empyrean Gate and strengthened Yang Fengs body and soul, making him transform and evolve at a fearsome speed. Intimidated by Yang Fengs fierce display of killing Cyan Extinction Great Holy in one strike, the enemies hidden in the dark sank into their thoughts, giving Yang Feng a short time to recover. “Get started!” A shout transmitted from the void. Ripples surged in the void, and a fire star covered in flames appeared and shot towards Yang Feng. The handsome starspirit quasi-Empyrean emerged, recited an incantation, and shone with starlight. 13,600 stars flew out of the starspirit quasi-Empyrean, formed an abstruse barrier, and locked the void. The starlight within millions of kilometers was extracted by the 13,600 stars to form a barrier that can seal even quasi-Empyreans. Its easy to defeat a quasi-Empyrean. But to kill a quasi-Empyrean, thats really difficult. Now that the starspirit quasi-Empyrean sealed the void, the next step is to fight to the death. Equipped with a golden battlegear and a golden spear, the redstone quasi-Empyrean appeared at once and stabbed at Yang Feng with the spear in his hands. Equipped with a green battlegear and a green spear, the greenstone quasi-Empyrean stabbed Yang Feng with his spear. Shrouded in a distorted sea of negative energy, the shirake quasi-Empyrean pointed to Yang Feng with the staff in his hand and hurled strange curses at him. Followed by afterimages, the ghostblade powerhouse moved at high speed and approached Yang Feng, looking for a chance to unleash a killing strike. “Six quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses! Assassins of Gumana Universe!” “They are assassins sent by Gumana Universe!” “Did Gumana Universe send them here to assassinate Firmament Holy?” “…” When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw the six quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses, their eyes flashed with enigmatic light, but no one stepped in. When faced with quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses, only if they go all out, may these Holies and Great Holies be able to resist their attacks. Michaelia glanced at the six quasi-Empyreans, a look of ridicule in her eyes. “If its only you guys, youre courting death.” There was a flash of derision in Yang Fengs eyes. His aura trembled slightly, countless runes shone, and quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power slowly diffused from him. In the sky, the Empyrean Gate collapsed and disappeared. “Quasi-Empyrean! It turns out that he did not choose to attack the Empyrean realm, but chose to advance to a quasi-Empyrean!” “I see! If he advanced to an Empyrean, he would be in a weakened state for a period of time. But now, he has become stronger than before!” “But he gave up a chance to promote to an Empyrean. As a result, the next time he wants to advance to an Empyrean, it will be much harder than this time.” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies discussed and looked at Yang Feng full of apprehension. “Die!” Yang Feng beckoned with his hand. The Green Yang Halberd appeared in his hand, and he unleashed a halberd strike at the fire star. In an instant, 100 green suns suddenly appeared, merged into a green halberd ray diffusing wisps of immortal Empyrean might, and slammed into the fire star. Boom! The green halberd ray sliced the fire star together with the flamewell quasi-Empyrean into countless pieces. A black hole emerged at once, drew in the flamewell, greenstone, redstone, shirake, starspirit, and ghostblade quasi-Empyreans, broke out with terrifying devour light, and frenziedly extracted their life origin. In a breath of time, the flamewell quasi-Empyrean turned into ashes, his life origin sucked dry. The other five quasi-Empyreans cast spells and jointly attacked the black hole. The joint attacks of the five quasi-Empyreans smashed the black hole. A green halberd ray slammed into the shirake quasi-Empyrean and sliced him into countless pieces, and a black hole drew him inside. Virtually without any warning, a person who appears like they dont exist jumped out of the shadow behind Yang Feng and sent a claw strike at Yang Fengs heart. “Shadowclaw powerhouse, youre really amazing! If I didnt know about you, I might have been seriously injured by you this time! Its a shame, but since I know about you. You are doomed to die.” A torrent of time appeared around Yang Feng, and his speed accelerated three hundred-fold. The Green Yang Halberd in his hand turned into a green arc, slammed into Yingzhao Kongwu, and sliced one of Gumana Universes Six Champions. Click! Along with a crisp sound, a Shadow Life Bead broke, and Yingzhao Kongwu disappeared. Shadow Life Bead is a lifesaving secret treasure of the shadowclaw race. Every Shadow Life Bead can be used todie for you once. Quasi-Empyrean grade Shadow Life Beads are extremely precious. Only after a quasi-Empyrean dies of natural causes, can one bead be produced. In the entire shadowclaw race, there are less than ten quasi-Empyrean grade Shadow Life Beads. “You want to escape? Its a shame, but you must die! After all, with a top assassin like you around, I wont be able to live in peace!” Yang Feng creased his eyebrows. With a fierce flash in his eyes, he waved his hand, and the Web of Fate appeared and entered the void. Threads of fate covered this tract of starry sky. “Found you! Truly a pity, but this tract of the starry sky is sealed. The starspirit races Myriad Stars Holy Sealing Barrier is really amazing!” Yang Feng glanced at a certain place in the void, showed a frigid smile, blurred into motion, and flew towards that place. Redstone Soulbreaker Spear! The redstone quasi-Empyrean frenziedly burned his bloodline, and his whole body began to burn. The rhombus crystal embedded in his forehead shone and turned into a red soul spear shooting towards Yang Feng. Redstone Soulbreaker Spear is a last resort secret method of the redstone race. Its a secret method that can be cast by burning the bloodline and soul. It can kill the enemy in body and soul. “Die!” Yang Feng frowned and brandished the halberd in his hands, and 100 suns sundered the space, merged into one, and formed a green halberd ray barreling towards the Redstone Soulbreaker Spear. Boom! Green light and red light intertwined, cancelled each other out, and disappeared. Before the red light completely disappeared, a bloody radiance flew out of the light and entered Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

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