Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1279: Redstone Lord

Chapter 1278: Destroying Tier IV Hives in Succession

At an abandoned star, the earth suddenly cracked, and a huge fleet flew out. Countless runes shone, and the huge fleet disappeared. After several space jumps, the huge fleet appeared in the outer space of a deserted star. Along with flashes of light, Holy Slaying Artillery beams barreled towards the deserted star and wreaked havoc. “Stop!” A huge stone wolf 10,000 kilometers in length, emanating a ferocious aura, flew out from the deserted star at once. Behind the huge stone wolf, there a re 36 giant stone wolves, each of which exudes Warlock Monarch rank aura. Theres even a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse among them. “Waverock Wolf Great Holy, you finally showed up! To dare attack my people, what gall! I happen to lack a watchdog. If you swear to be my watchdog, open your soul, and let me set up a restriction, then I will spare your life!” In the void, ripples surged, and Yang Feng came out of the void and glanced at Waverock Wolf Great Holy Waverock Wolf Great Holys eyes flickered with fear and apprehension, and he said slowly: “Firmament Holy, one-third of the universes forces were involved in this matter. Do you want to be an enemy of them all? Let me go this time! I will be your ally and fight together with you against Gumana Universes powerhouses!” “Since you wont submit, then go to hell!” Yang Feng sent a fist barreling towards Waverock Wolf Great Holy, a cold look in his eyes. Countless runes shone, and a terrifying star containing the essence of power shot towards Waverock Wolf Great Holy. With a fierce flash in his eyes, Waverock Wolf Great Holy broke out with countless runes and sent a claw containing the essence of power barreling towards the star. Boom! Terrifying energy waves spread in all directions as Waverock Wolf Great Holy was blasted apart by the star. A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the remains of Waverock Wolf Great Holy. “My lord!” “Damn human!” “How dare you kill my lord! I will fight you!” “…” The eyes of the stone wolves flashed fiercely, and they rushed at Yang Feng. A black hole emerged and swallowed the Holy rank stone wolf. A huge mechanical torrent swallowed the remaining stone wolves. One after another, stone wolves were slayed by ruler series battle robots and became the nutrients for their evolution. “Waverock Wolf Great Holy fell!” “The whole waverock wolf race has been destroyed!” “Firmament Holy wants to sweep away all his enemies!” “…” In the void, a chill welled up inside the spectating Holies. The races involved in intercepting Yang Fengs reinforcements surged with fear, scared they will become Yang Fengs next target. “Lets go with the blood sky snake race next!” With a cold shimmer in his eyes, Yang Feng willed, and the Blue Mirror of Face appeared, shone with countless runes, and emanated the aura of fate. A world shrouded in a sea of blood appeared within the Blue Mirror of Fate. Yang Feng looked at the strange blood-colored world, raised the corners of his mouth, and revealed frigid killing intent: “Do you think you can escape my pursuit by relocating the world to Astral Boundary? Thats really naive!” Originally, if a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse wanted to escape, then so long as they went to Astral Boundary or the edge of the universe, it would be difficult for even Warlock Emperors to find their traces. However, with the Blue Mirror of Light in his possession, unless the one being chased is proficient in the essence of fate, it will be difficult to escape Yang Fengs pursuit. “Whats this?” Yang Feng suddenly frowned and looked in the direction of the central starfield, and then blurred and disappeared. In the central starfield, in front of the huge hole, 14 Tier IV Hives activated powerful barriers that distorted the void, making it so that everything here is hidden from prying eyes. In the huge hole, there are countless fat barrier insects gnawing at the universe wall. Originally, not even an Eternal Sovereign can break through the barrier between two universes. The barrier insects are no different. However, now that the two universes are devouring each other and fusing together, the laws have changed. The barrier insects can devour the barrier from a rift between the universes and establish a channel. Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng stepped out of the void and looked in the direction of the huge hole. That area is distorted by a mysterious force, making it so people cant see clearly whats going on there. Three Tier IV Hives shone with countless runes. Of the three Tier IV Hives, one changed into a centipede-like monster 1,000 kilometers in length and covered in strange eyes; another changed into a monster 1,000 kilometers in length, with a scorpion tail and a vicious aura; and the last one transformed into a 1,000-kilometer-tall giant with three heads and 100 arms. Yang Fengs eyes flashed frigidly, and he brandished the halberd in his hands. 100 green suns emerged out of thin air and shot towards the centipede-like monster like meteors. The eyes of the centipede-like monster covered in strange eyes shone, forming a distorted barrier in front of it. A green sun slammed into the distorted barrier and blasted it apart. Another green sun slammed into the monster covered in strange eyes and blasted it apart, and terrifying green sunfire swallowed the monster. Along with flashes of light, the strange eyes covering the monsters body flew out, and then were ignited by the green sunfire and turned into masses of green fire. The monster with a scorpion tail and the three-headed giant were also swallowed by the green sunfire and turned into ashes. The remaining Hives shone with countless runes and changed into giant monsters more than 1,000 kilometers in length, emitting Great Holy rank fluctuations of power. The 11 Hive monsters can fight even quasi-Empyreans. “Come out!” Yang Feng brandished his halberd, countless runes shone, and a spatial gate appeared out of thin air, and Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, and Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy emerged from the spatial gate. Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy glittered with countless runes, changed into direbeasts the size of a star, and engaged the Hive monsters. With a lightning spear in hand, Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy cast all kinds of lightning secret methods and attacked the Hive monsters. When the three quasi-Empyreans stepped in, they tied down the 11 Hive monsters. Yang Feng traveled between the Hive monsters. Every time he brandished his halberd, a halberd ray would slice a Hive monster into numerous pieces. Countless engineering robots emerged from the void and collected the remains of the Hive monster. The Hives are the crystallization of Gumana Universes technology. The Hive monsters, who are treasures refined from various rare treasures of heaven and earth, are extremely precious. After being processed, the remains of the Hive monsters can be made into treasures comparable to level-9 secret treasures. “What are those?” “What are those things?” “…” After slicing the Hive monsters to pieces, the giant hole the Tier V Hive blasted open appeared in front of everyone. The Holies and Great Holies spying via various spells surged with a hair-raising feeling of danger when they saw the hole with the countless barrier insects. “Stop!” A shocking roar transmitted from the terrifying hole. A jade bottle engraved with countless runes emerged on the other side of the hole, and frost qi flowed out and crossed the universe barrier. In the wake of the frost qi, all barrier insects were frozen into ice sculptures. Almost in an instant, the frost qi, flew out and slammed into Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy. Tremendous frost force surged and froze Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy into an ice sculpture. “Eternal Sovereign! Its Frost Eternal Sovereign!” “Gumana Universes Frost Eternal Sovereign stepped in!” “So much power, despite attacking from another universe! What a terrible monster!” “Sure enough, only an Eternal Sovereign can contend against another Eternal Sovereign!” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies felt their blood run cold when they saw this scene. As a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy is ranked as a terrifying being. For such a powerhouse to be frozen by Frost Eternal Sovereign from across another universe, thats simply appalling. Yang Feng frowned and waved his hand, and countless Devour Rulers flew towards the ice sculpture. Countless runes shone as the Devour Rulers frenziedly devoured the frost force. The Devour Rulers can devour virtually all energies. But after devouring a massive amount of frost force, they were frozen into ice cubes. After 10,000 Devour Rulers were frozen into ice cubes, the 100 Holy grade Devour Rulers forcibly digested and fully absorbed the tremendous amount of frost force Crack! Along with brittle sounds, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy broke free from the terrifying ice and flew out into the open. He is covered in frost and his aura has become really weak.

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