Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1280: Fighting Redstone Lord

Chapter 1279: Redstone Lord

“Firmament Holy, thank you for saving me!” His face ashen, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy flew up to Yang Feng, and an icy breath ejected from his mouth and turned into ice chunks. If Yang Feng hadnt saved him, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy would have been frozen for 100 years by the terrifying frost force. “Your vigor was injured! Go back!” Yang Feng waved his hand, and a spatial gate appeared at once. “Thank you, Firmament Holy!” Without standing on ceremony, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holys figure fluttered, and he flew into the spatial gate and disappeared. The frost qi contains immortal Eternal might. Although the amount is small, but its energy level is very high. Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great needs to spend a lot of resources and energy to completely remove the frost force. “Firmament Holy, youre pretty good. I am Frost Eternal Sovereign. I will give you a chance to join my camp. So long as you submit to me, I will help you promote to an Empyrean and establish a sacred race in our universe. In the future, you will be able to become the master of the entire human race. You will be the sole person in charge of the human race. I wont interfere.” A voice full of dignity transmitted from the other side of the universe channel. Yang Feng responded coldly, “Im sorry, but Im not interested in joining Gumana Universes side.” From the other side of the universe channel came the cold, callous voice of Frost Eternal Sovereign: “In that case, you will perish together with your universe!” Redstone Lord, a redstone Empyrean, equipped with a scarlet battlegear and a scarlet spear, with a scarlet rhombus crystal embedded in the forehead, appeared in the universe rift and walked towards this side. “Empyrean! Another Empyrean wants to cross into our universe!” “What should we do? The Empyreans of our universe are still sleeping! Will Frost Arcane Emperor come to our rescue this time, as well?” “Impossible. When Frost Arcane Emperor woke up from the river of time and slayed Boyan Lord, she suffered the backlash of time. If she awakens again, only death will await her.” “Frost Arcane Emperor wont wake up. Is there someone who can save us this time?” “…” When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw Redstone Lord, they felt their blood run cold. They finally understood why Gumana Universe detonated the Tier V Hive. Gumana Universe detonated the Tier V Hive not to send seven quasi-Empyreans, but to send a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, Redstone Lord, to the world of Warlocks. Once Redstone Lord arrives at this universe, unless an Empyrean of the world of Warlocks resuscitates and fights him to the death, no one in the entire universe will be his match. Many Empyreans from ancient times have survived to this day. The longer they have lived, the more the Empyreans cannot take action. Take Primal Chaos Mother Spider as example, if she leaves the place she is hiding in, her soul will be eroded by time, and she will die. Shi Xue is a reincarnation and thus was barely able to resist the backlash of time. Even so, she was forced to hide in the river of time. “Fortunately it was discovered early. If it was a little later, there would be really nothing that could be done.” Yang Feng looked at Redstone Lord, who exudes an invincible aura, and his eyes flickered with the shade of elation. “Ill go!” Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy flew to in front of the giant hole and cast a secret method, and 10,000 stars flew out and absorbed countless strands of starlight. The starlight within millions of light-years converged and formed a starlight seal barrier that blocked the giant hole. “Break!” In the channel, Redstone Lords eyes shimmered fiercely. The rhombus crystal on his forehead radiated dazzling light and formed a scarlet beam that slammed into the starlight seal barrier. Boom! Under the attack of the scarlet beam, the starlight seal barrier formed from 10,000 stars shattered and collapsed. A terrifying beam tore the firmament, stabbed into Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, and blasted open a giant, bloody hole, and a large amount of blood filled with starlight spilled into the starry sky. The giant bloody wound on Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, which is 10 kilometers in diameter, shone with scarlet light, making it so it cannot be healed. After unleashing the attack, cracks appeared on Redstone Lords handsome face, and a large amount of blood flowed down his face. “Universe backlash! Fortunately, hes not an Eternal Sovereign!” “No, even if its an Eternal Sovereign, they will have to pay a great price if they want to attack from across another universe all the same. Otherwise, they would have killed our people already.” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies secretly heaved a sigh when they saw this, and their eyes flickered with the shade of elation. Yang Feng glanced at Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy and said indifferently, “Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, step down!” “Thank you, lord!” Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy heaved a sigh, and then retreated, absorbed countless strands of starlight, and began to heal himself. He was afraid that Yang Feng would use him as a pawn to consume the power of Redstone Lord. Ripples rose, and two figures came out of the void, one of whom is All-Eyes Great Holy All-Eyes Great Holy introduced: “Firmament Holy, this is Myriad Stars Great Holy!” Myriad Stars Great Holy saluted Yang Feng and uttered, “Greetings, Firmament Holy!” Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Hello!” All-Eyes Great Holy uttered, “Three quasi-Empyreans of our Human Supreme Council have resuscitated to date. The last one is called Wind Deity Great Holy and is guarding Human Supreme Council. We came to help you. If you have any instructions, please dont hesitate to tell us.” Yang Feng replied, “Alright!” All-Eyes Great Holy said, “I saw everything that happened just now. I have mastered a sealing secret method, which I can use to seal the channel and consume Redstone Lords power. Even if its an Empyrean, they will have to pay a huge price to attack from across another universe.” “Perhaps later!” Yang Feng shook his head, and then waved his hand, and 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers appeared. The 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers shone and unleashed seal light that shot towards the giant hole. The terrifying hole blasted open by the detonation of the Tier V Hive began to heal inch by inch. “Break!” In the universe channel, Redstone Lord roared, and the scarlet crystal on his forehead radiated brilliant scarlet that slammed into the seal barrier. Boom! The 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers tremble slightly, and cracks appeared on their bodies. In the universe channel, Redstone Lords right shoulder burst strangely, and a large amount of blood spilled. A Seal Ruler alone wouldnt be able to withstand the all out strike of Redstone Lord. But with the 100 Seal Rulers sharing the burden equally, even Redstone Lord cant do anything about them. “Impressive! So this is Firmament Holys mechanical golem legion! Truly fearsome!” “100 Holy grade mechanical golems! Those are terrifying beings comparable to human Holy Spirit Warlocks!” “To be able to forge Holy grade mechanical golems, Firmament Holys attainments in alchemy are incredible. He already surpassed Golem Lord in terms of golem alchemy.” “…” The Holies and Great Holies were shocked when they saw the 100 Seal Rulers, feeling both happy and apprehensive. In the channel, the scarlet crystal embedded in Redstone Lords forehead glimmered and radiated dazzling light that bombarded the holes entrance. The 100 Seal Rulers trembled, and cracks continue to appear all over their bodies. But at the same time, wounds appeared all over Redstone Lords body, and his vigor was greatly damaged. “Fortunately, it was discovered in time! It seems that Redstone Lord has been blocked!” “Fortunately, Firmament Holy found it in time, or else we would be in a perilous situation!” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies who spied on the goings on via all kinds of spells heaved a sigh of relief. If it were somewhere else, the 100 Seal Rulers would not be a match for Redstone Ruler. Only in this specific situation can they contend against Redstone Lord. “You want to stop me with this? Youre too naive!” In the universe channel, Redstone Lord smiled coldly and waved his hand, and an ancient silver-white box emanating wisps of Eternal aura flew out and slammed into the barrier formed by the 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers like a meteor. “Retreat!” As soon as he saw the silver-white box, warnings went off in Yang Fengs head, and he bellowed. He broke out with defensive barriers and retreated. All-Eyes Great Holy and company followed Yang Feng without hesitation and disappeared. Boom! At the moment when the silver-white box hit the barrier, it exploded. The terrifying explosion set off bursts of energy storms that spread in all directions. The 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers were directly vaporized by the explosion. Even their core chips could not be preserved. The terrifying explosion expanded the huge hole by a bit. In the universe channel, Redstone Lords right side of the body burst, and a large amount of blood spilled. Even with a Warlock Emperors perfect grade immortal body, its still hard to heal such an injury. Ripples glimmered, and Yang Feng and company appeared in the void. All-Eyes Great Holy, Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, and Myriad Stars Great Holy are covered in wounds, with blood flowing down their bodies. Only Yang Feng, who is covered by the Xi Shen Armor, is unharmed.

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