Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 128 – Killed

Chapter 127 – Weaver

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The ministers also bowed extremely earnestly towards Yang Feng in salute. No matter what kind of thoughts they had entertained before, but Yang Feng had actually saved them today. If Yang Feng hadnt shown up, then they would be reduced to slaves or even food by the Snake Hellion Clan.

Even though the Hellion Clan originated from the Human Clan, but they had already developed into Human Clans natural predator. To the Hellion Clan, humans were no more than livestock. Naturally, once humans discovered any hellions, they would make sure to kill every last one of them. Colluding with or rearing hellions, those were extremely heinous and unpardonable crimes in the human society.

Only that, hellions were experimental products birthed from the fusion of all kinds of ancient life forms bloodlines by the 2nd Warlock Dynasty. Their bodies contained the bloodline of many ancient life forms as well as their variants. In a pursuit of power, that is, in order to obtain formidable bloodline, many human Warlocks would secretly rear hellions or collude with them.

Under the temptation of the hellions, there were many human Warlocks degenerating every year by transplanting hellions bloodlines and becoming hellions themselves. It was precisely because of this that hellions would never go exterminated.

After a round of polite greetings, Archduke Fernandro personally led Yang Feng to a palace outside of Fernandro Principalitys imperial palace to rest.

The mechanized infantry division brought by Yang Feng, that were mainly composed of level-5 humanoid primary battle robots, quickly built all kinds of fortifications in Narona City, continuously turning it into a stronghold.

There were countless experts and legions in the under worlds allied forces, with the snake hellion legion being merely one of them. It wouldnt be that easy to keep Narona city without sufficient preparations.

At night, Narona Citys aristocrats gathered in the extravagant and luxurious main hall of the imperial palace. The imperial palace was embedded with countless magic lamps and its ground was covered in marble.

Dressed in formal clothing, Yang Feng entered the palace and attracted the gazes of practically everyone present.

Steel Citys mechanized infantry division displayed their overwhelming superiority as they easily defeated the snake hellion legion commanded by two level-3 Warlocks, revealing to everyone in Fernandro Principality Steel Citys depth and strength.

In Turandot Subcontinent, the strong were revered, especially now that the under worlds allied force had invaded.

Steel City had established ten mechanized infantry divisions. After only dispatching three of them, they defeated the snake hellion legion in one fell swoop. The depth of Steel City could very well be imagined. As the only kin of Still Citys City Lord, Yang Ye, Yang Feng had enough power to dissolve a lot of small Warlock families and then take the countless people under his wing.

“Hello, Yang Feng. Im Helena, may I make your acquaintance?”

A seemingly mature and lovely beauty adorned in light make-up and dressed in a revealing pitch-black low-cut evening dress exposing large patches of snow-white skin and a pair of slender legs, Helena arrived before Yang Feng and said with a sweet smile.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Im very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Helena was one of the most beautiful woman in this dinner party. Yang Feng naturally wouldnt refuse to get acquainted with such a beauty with good intentions.

“Hello, Yang Feng ge–ge. My name is Niss. I want to thank you for saving us all.” A thirteen or fourteen years old pure yet somewhat sensual little girl with a head full of dazzling golden hair, a petite figure, ample tween peaks and fair-skin arrived before Yang Feng. Her limpid big eyes brimmed with worship as she spoke sweetly towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Its something that I should do.”

Like planets and asteroids circling around the sun, Fernandro Principalitys aristocratic youngsters successively came before Yang Feng and courteously greeted him.

Helena and Niss, one on the left and the other on the right, stood beside Yang Feng without batting an eyelid as aristocratic young ladies flocked towards him.

“His Majesty the Archduke has arrived!”

Following a resonant voice, Archduke Fernandro entered the main hall under everyones gazes. Standing beside him was the beautiful Jessica adorned in light make-up and wearing a white evening dress. She had fair-skin, exquisite features, a sensual figure and seemed to be draped in a layer of dim fluorescence while being illuminated by the magic lamps.

Gazes gathered on Archduke Fernandro once he entered the main hall. Simultaneously, a lot of gazes gathered on Jessica standing beside him.

Jessica and Helena were the two most beautiful pearls of Narona City. Jessica, being the younger and more talented, was regarded as Fernandro Principalitys greatest beauty. In Fernandro Principality, countless aristocratic young man were smitten by her, with more than a hundred of them being present in this banquet.

“Im very glad to see that everyone could attend this banquet. I would like to announce something here in front of everyone.” Archduke Fernandro smiled kindly, looked around and said: “My most beloved daughter and Fernandro principalitys most beautiful pearl, Jessica, and the one that today saved Narona Citys 1,500,000 people and is Steel Lords only kin, Yang Feng. I would like to announce their engagement.

At once, overwhelming applause sounded in the main hall.

Archduke Fernandro said with a smile: “Yang Feng, please come here!”

Yang Feng also smiled and went to stand beside Jessica above the dais.

Jessica looked at Yang Feng and a smear of red surged on her face. She was somewhat overwhelmed at the thought that this young man beside her would be her husband.

Archduke Fernandro adopted a kind expression as he took Jessicas hand and placed it on Yang Fengs: “Yang Feng, hence forth, I betroth Jessica to you. Take good care of her.”

“Hold on!”

Just then, a bark came from below.

A handsome young man with short blue hair, under the protection of four other men, stepped out. The young mans eyebrows were shrouded in a trace of a gloomy aura.

Archduke Fernandros eyes flashed with a touch of dread and annoyance and he said in a deep voice: “Weaver, what are you doing?”

Weaver said with a cold smile: “Your Majesty, Archduke, Jessica is my fiancée. How could you betroth her to the waste Yang Feng?”

The entire main hall went into an uproar.

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased slightly and his gaze that fell on Archduke Fernandro and Jessica at once became extremely cold. He was no longer that ordinary person that could be casually made fun of. If Fernandro Family dared to make fun of him, then hed make Fernandro Family pay a heavy price.

Jessica was shocked and quickly asked: “Father, why dont I know of this?”

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