Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1284: Secret Origin Stone

Chapter 1283: World of Warlocks in Shock

“No way! Thats just a baseless rumor! Thats an Empyrean were talking about! How could Firmament Holy kill him? After all, Firmament Holy has failed to advance to an Empyrean!”

“Thats right. Its already a well-known fact that Firmament Holy failed to attack the Empyrean realm. How could he slay an Empyrean? This is just a baseless rumor.”

“The gap between Empyreans and quasi-Empyreans is like an insurmountable chasm. After all, quasi-Empyreans are fundamentally just pinnacle Great Holies that pried into the mysteries on the Empyrean domain. In fact, Great Holies are essentially still Holies. How could he be a match for an Empyrean? Thats definitely a baseless rumor!”


In the magic network, numerous enemies of Yang Feng spoke out one after another and refuted the news.

The people became skeptical of the news.

In fact, both Great Holies and quasi-Empyreans are essentially Holies. There is indeed a terrifying gap between Empyreans and quasi-Empyreans. Since Redstone Lord is an Empyrean, its inconceivable for Yang Feng to defeat him, let alone kill him.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, dark clouds surged on Cangzhi Plane, the 36 primary material planes, other planes at grade 4 and higher and golden rain fell.

“Golden rain! Thats the vision that represents the death of a hostile Empyrean!”

“Thats golden rain, the vision that represents the death of an Empyrean. According to legend, only when a Empyrean who received the loathing of the universe dies, will this vision appear.”

“When the sixth human Warlock Emperor, Golem Lord, died, the vision of golden rain seems to have appeared, as well.”

“It seems that Redstone Lord has really fallen. An Empyrean from Gumana Universe is definitely the object of the universe wills loathing.”


Powerhouses from all over the universe looked at the endless golden rain with a grave shade in their eyes.

“So its true!”

“Golden rain! This golden rain can change peoples physique. It can transform ordinary people and make their soul aptitude more formidable. This is a gift from our universe.”

“Golden rain! This is really a golden age! Thanks to the nourishment of the golden rain, our universe can give birth to more powerhouses and talents.”


After seeing the golden rain vision, everyone on the magic network realized that Yang Feng really killed an Empyrean.

“Long live Firmament Holy, long live forever and ever”

“Long live Firmament Holy, long live forever!”


Both in the Western World and the Eastern World of Cangzhi Plane, ordinary people and human Warlocks alike walked out of their homes, bathed in the golden rain, and released bursts of cheers.

Under the nourishment of the rain, trash with inferior level-1 soul aptitude transformed and acquired inferior level-3 soul aptitude. Warlocks with level-4 soul aptitude turned into talents with level-5 soul aptitude.

The whole Cangzhi Plane surged with excitement.

“One more path!”

“In our universe, one more path leading to the Empyrean realm appeared!”


The Holies and Great Holies could feel that one more path leading to the Empyrean realm appeared in the universe.

If an Empyrean dies in another universe, if their path previously didnt exist in the other universe, it will appear in the other universe.

“For Firmament Holy to slay an Empyrean, thats simply unbelievable! Hes too strong!”

“Thats an Empyrean! For such an unequaled overlord to be slayed by Firmament Holy, thats really incredible!”

“Such a talent can be regarded as a hero. It is said that Firmament Holy is a figure of our era.”


Cangzhi Plane, Bright Moon Schools headquarters, a dozen plus beautiful, enchanting female Warlocks gathered together and talked spiritedly.

“Zhiqiao, I heard that you and Firmament Holy have traveled together. Is this true?”

A tall, beautiful female Warlock with wavy red hair, a sexy figure, and extraordinary temperament asked a stunning beauty with a ponytail and a cool and noble temperament.

In an instant, all eyes focused on Zhang Zhiqiao.

Zhang Zhiqiaos pretty eyes flashed with a complex shade, and she sighed, saying, “Yes, I once traveled with Firmament Holy.”

Back int he day in the underground worlds Demonic Realm, Yang Fengs cultivation was far lower than Zhang Zhiqiaos. But now he is already able to slay Empyreans. Yet Zhang Zhiqiao just barely advanced to a Glorious Sun Warlock.

If it was before the universes recovery, a Glorious Sun Warlock would already be a bigwig on Cangzhi Plane. But during the universe great tribulation, Glorious Sun Warlock rank beings are only at the level of elite soldiers. While Warlocks below the Moonlight Warlock arent even qualified to serve as cannon fodder.

Upon hearing Zhang Zhiqiaos words, the eyes of the beautiful women brightened.

The sexy and beautiful woman of mixed blood smiled and said, “Zhiqiao, can you introduce Firmament Holy to us sisters? Bright Moon School and Battle Demon Sect have been allies for generations. Our relationship should advance closer. What you say, sisters? Am I right?”

“Youre right! Older sister Ye Mei is exactly right!”

“Thats right!”

“Zhiqiao, help us sisters out!”


The beautiful women of Bright Moon School kicked up a fuss.

Zhang Zhiqiao was silent for a while before slowly saying, “Ill try my best!”

In a hidden secret realm, Kong Fangao read the information on the magic network with a complicated shade in his eyes and sighed: “Hes even able to slay Empyreans!”

Kong Fangao was the one who brought Yang Feng to the Western Worlds Great Cloud Dynasty from Turandot Subcontinent. When he first met him, Yang Feng was just an insignificant level- 2 Warlock. But now even a powerful Empyrean died at Yang Fengs hands. He cant help but think that the world is really fickle.

In a secret realm.

Jiang Lang covered in wounds stared at the magic network with a brilliant shade in his eyes and smiled, “He actually killed an Empyrean! As expected of Yang Feng. His speed of progress is really despairing. However, I will eventually catch up with him.”

In a blood-colored secret realm

Bloodhair Snake Great Holy stared at the magic network with fear in his eyes, his face ashen and body trembling, “An Empyrean has fallen! Redstone Lord has fallen! How did this happen? Thats an Empyrean! An Empyrean! Why didnt he kill Firmament Holy before dying?!”

On a star made from Blackshine Rock.

Dressed in black, looking like an ordinary middle-aged man, Blackshine Ebony Great Holy exited the magic network and smiled bitterly at a crystal coffin, saying: “Redstone Lord has fallen! Firmament Holy is really dreadful! My lord, if you dont take action, then I can only kneel down and surrender to him.”

Suddenly, a sphere flew out from the crystal coffin and entered Blackshine Ebony Great Holys hand.

“I see!”

After Blackshine Ebony Great Holy caught the sphere, his eyes stirred, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

On a verdant star.

There are all kinds of cranes, each of which exudes extraordinary force, here. This place looks like a paradise in the secular world.

In the center of the star, there are exquisite and luxurious palaces.

Above the palaces, there is a city supported by clouds floating in the sky.

With a faint sigh, the pretty eyes of the stunning Soaring Crane Great Holy flashed with a complex color: “An Empyrean has fallen! Firmament Holy actually killed Redstone Lord. Hes really despairingly strong.”

An adorable crane girl said, “Lord sovereign, if Firmament Holy is that strong, then why dont we just hide? If we hide at the edge of the universe for 10,000 to 20,000 years. When Firmament Holys anger has dissipated, we can return secretly!”

Soaring Crane Great Holy sighed: “Its not that simple. Firmament Holy has the Blue Mirror of Fate. If no Empyrean steps in, then we can only seek out a powerhouse proficient in the essence of fate to interfere with fate, or get the third fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasure.”

The beautiful crane girls eyes flashed with despair and fear: “Then what should we do?”

Soaring Crane Great Holy smiled bitterly and said, “No need to worry! I already have a solution.”

On a star shrouded in endless light.

A complex color flashed in Guang Hai Great Holys eyes, and he sighed faintly, “Firmament Holy! He actually slayed an Empyrean! This is already the second Empyrean who died at his hands. Thats really despairing!”

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent.

A blood-colored light appeared in the sky, and quasi-Empyrean rank pressure diffused. Bloodhair Snake Great Holy emerged from the light.

“Thats Bloodhair Snake Great Holy!”

“Hes the one who obstructed All-Eyes Great Holy! Is he going to fight with Firmament Holy?”

“Were finished! If two quasi-Empyreans fight here, well all suffer a tragic end!”


When the powerhouses from different races in the interstellar port saw Bloodhair Snake Great Holy, their complexion changed dramatically and their eyes flickered with despair.

A fight between quasi-Empyreans is terrifying enough to destroy stars. Even if its an Infinity Warlock, they will be vaporized by the aftermath. Most of the people in the interstellar port are powerhouses below the Infinity Warlock realm. Once they are involved in a fight between quasi-Empyreans, only death will await them.

“Bloodhair Snake Great Holy! To come here, you must want to die?”

Ripples rose in the void, and Michaelia equipped with the Angel Battlegear emerged, stared coldly at Bloodhair Snake Great Holy, and uttered icily.

“Greetings, lady Michaelia! Previously, I lost my rationality and was incited by others to obstruct All-Eyes Great Holy. I was completely in the wrong. I came here to apologize to lord Firmament Holy. A ask lord Firmament Holy yo spare my pitiful life. I am willing to work like an ox for lord Firmament Holy in exchange for his forgiveness.”

With a poof, Bloodhair Snake Great Holy knelt in front of Michaelia and begged bitterly.

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