Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1289: The First True Ancestor

Chapter 1288: The King of Rulers

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with excitement when he saw this: “This is quasi-Empyrean rank power! To be able to promote a Great Holy rank ruler to the quasi-Empyrean realm, thats unfathomable!”

Each quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is a pinnacle Great Holy that has set foot into the Empyrean domain.

In theory, 100 quasi-Empyreans are enough to contend against an Empyrean.

But thats just in theory. Among the eight human Warlock Imperial Courts, Transcendent Imperial Court produced the most quasi-Empyreans. But it only had 36 quasi-Empyreans. Among the 36 quasi-Empyreans, only 7 were humans. The rest were other race powerhouses Transcendent Lord subdued.

If the King of Rulers can make 1,000 quasi-Empyreans, then except for unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, Yang Feng will be confident to fight anyone.

The King of Rulers brandished the Whip of Rulers and hit a Vajra Ruler.

Countless runes shone, and a tremendous force plunged into the Vajra Ruler.

The Vajra Ruler shone with countless runes, and its fluctuations of power upgraded bit by bit. In the end, it broke through and emanated terrifying aura. It promoted to a quasi-Empyrean rank being at one stroke.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a burning color, and laughed excitedly, “Great!”

When the Phantom Ruler and the Vajra Ruler promoted to the quasi-Empyrean realm, Yang Feng gained two trump cards. They are terrifying beings that can reverse the course of a war at a critical juncture.

Yang Feng looked at the King of Rulers with expectation, hoping that she can make the other 10 Holy grade ruler robots into quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses.

“My power has been exhausted. In order to make them evolve fully, I need the following resources. Or, if we wait 100 years, Ill be able to make one of them advance to a quasi-Empyrean.

The King of Rulers shook her head. Then, she waved her fair hand, and a radiance entered Yang Fengs hand.

“So many resources are needed? However, as long as there are sufficient resources, I can continuously create quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses. Its really worthwhile.”

Countless streams of data streaked across Yang Fengs eyes. He creased his eyebrows, and then smoothed them out and revealed a faint smile.

Any quasi-Empyrean is a frightening existence that can shock the universe. In Eternal Ancient Road, the strongest powerhouses of some eternal empyrean races are only pinnacle Great Holies.

The King of Rulers can make a Holy grade rule advance to the quasi-Empyrean realm. This ability is simply incredible. This means that in 10,000 years, she can produce 100 quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses.

The 100 quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are enough to stifle an ordinary Empyrean.

Yang Feng glanced at the devastatingly beautiful King of Rulers with a scorching shade and uttered, “Come, lets have a match. Let me have a taste of your strength.”

“Yes! My lord!”

The King of Rulers smiled sweetly and spread the fingers of her hand, and a giant mechanical sphere appeared abruptly. A teleportation beam ejected from the mechanical sphere and shrouded Yang Feng and her.

In an instant, the King of Rulers and Yang Feng appeared in a vast mysterious space resembling a starfield.

“This is a space world! It seems that you are confident that it can bear my strength.”

Yang Feng looked at the vast world resembling a starfield with an enigmatic shade in his eyes. At a glance, he saw that the vast and mysterious space is the space inside the level-7 stronghold.

With Yang Fengs current strength, he can fully destroy stars. He can destroy a world with a simple gesture. A grade 3 plane cant bear his full strength.

For the King of Rulers to use the space inside the level-7 stronghold as the battlefield to fight with Yang Feng, she naturally must have great confidence.

The King of Rulers smiled and said, “My lord, when you promote to an Empyrean in the future, this battlefield wont be able to bear a fight between us.”

Yang Feng immediately understood the implication of the King of Rulers, that is, the quasi-Empyrean him basically cannot cause irreparable damage to the level-7 stronghold.

“Interesting! Fourth form!”

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes, and a vague projection appeared and merged with him.

The Warbringer Halberd appeared in Yang Fengs hand. He brandished the Warbringer Halberd, summoned countless heroic spirit projections, unleashed countless battle skills, and attacked the King of Rulers.

The King of Rulers smiled sweetly and slapped with has fair hand, which evolved into a white jade mountain and steamrolled towards the countless heroic spirit projections.

The white jade mountain slammed into the countless heroic spirit projections and crushed their battle skills, and then hit Yang Feng and blasted him 10,000 kilometers away.

“Ha-ha! Great! Great Great!”

Despite cutting a sorry figure, Yang Feng laughed carefreely, and his eyes filled with joy.

The stronger the King of Rulers is, the more powerful Yang Feng will be. After the test, it became evident that the King of Rulerss strength is unfathomable. Shes far stronger than Redstone Lord while in the seriously injured state. Besides, she didnt go all out.

Yang Feng looked at the devastatingly beautiful King of Rulers and uttered with a satisfied smile, “You still dont have a name. Lets me give you a name. From today on, you shall be called Ling!”

The King of Rulers smiled and said, “Many thanks, my lord!”

God Blood Planes outer space. Ripples surged, and a terrifying interstellar fleet appeared.

With a flash of blood-colored light, Bloodhair Snake Great Holy flew to in front of the fleet, smiled frigidly, and snarled, “The six true blood kindred true ancestors, get out here! My lord, Firmament Holy, wishes to see you!”

Terrifying sound waves reverberated on God Blood Plane.

“Firmament Holy! Firmament Holy! I know I was in the wrong! Please give me a way to survive!”

“The world of Warlocks No. 1 powerhouse!”

“Its the Firmament Holy invincible below the Empyrean realm!”

“Its the Firmament Holy who slayed Redstone Lord!”

“The future ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race!”


On God Blood Plane, when the true blood kindred heard Bloodhair Snake Great Holys words, their complexion changed dramatically, and they shivered.

Six kindred powerhouses flew out of six palaces and suspended in the void.

“Greetings, Firmament Holy!”

Each one of the six kindred true ancestors is good-looking and possess extraordinary temperament. Each one of them is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse who created a blood descendant clan and possesses huge power. They have scattered their blood descendants all over the universe. Each of them is a bigwig. But at this time, they can only salute Yang Feng respectfully, not daring to make any suspicious actions.

“Firmament Holy, I offended you in the past. Please forgive me! I am willing to offer you 20 Springs of Immortality. Furthermore, I will offer you all the blood descendants of the Seventh True Ancestor. Please forgive me for my offense!”

When he saw Yang Feng sitting in a luxury litter on the flagship, the Third True Ancestor turned pale, trembled slightly, and uttered.

Yang Feng glanced at the Third True Ancestor with derision in his eyes and said with a cold smile, “You want me to forgive you? Okay, Ill give you a way out. Take out every drop of your true blood.”

When they heard that, the six kindred true ancestors felt a chill go down their spine.

True blood is the source of true blood kindreds power. The true blood of each kindred true ancestor is measured in drops. If the Third True Ancestor is completely drained of all true blood, he will become a useless person who will have less than three years to live.

“Firmament Holy! Firmament Holy! I know I was in the wrong! Please give me a way to survive!”

The Third True Ancestor knelt down and begged.

With the Blue Mirror of Fate in Yang Fengs possession, even if the Third True Ancestor fled to the ends of the universe, he still wouldnt be able to escape the other partys pursuit. This is the reason why the Third True Ancestor emerged from God Blood Plane obediently.

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and countless runes shone, turned into rune chains, and stabbed into the Third True Ancestor.

The Third True Ancestor released shrill screams as drops of true blood were extracted from his body.

The countenance of the other five true ancestors changed greatly, yet they didnt dare to make any suspicious actions. With Soaring Crane Great Holy and Bloodhair Snake Great Holy standing on the left and right of Yang Feng respectively, if they step in, only death will await them.

“Firmament Holy, give me face and stop! With the universe great tribulation as the backdrop, we should unite, not fight each other.”

With a sigh, a handsome young man with blond hair and green eyes, emanating quasi-Empyrean rank aura, stepped out of the void and walked towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at the Second True Ancestor and said in a cold voice, “Second True Ancestor, do you want to be my enemy?”

The Second True Ancestor uttered, “Firmament Holy, you are already unequaled in the world! Under the premise that Empyreans dont show up, no one is your match. However, no matter how strong you are, you are just one person. In the future, when the universe barrier is broken and countless powerhouses of Gumana Universe pour into our universe, you will need help from others. As long as you leave the Third True Ancestor alone, the true blood kindred race will be your most loyal ally.”

“Unfortunately, hes already dead!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and flicked his finger, and the Third True Ancestor turned into ashes that were scattered by the wind.

Drops of true blood flew into Yang Fengs hand and broke out with brilliant light.

Every drop of the Third True Ancestors true blood is extremely precious. If it is all spent on a human Warlock, then a bloodline Holy Spirit Warlock with true blood kindred bloodline can be cultivated in under 100 years.

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