Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1290: Slaying the First True Ancestors Avatar

Chapter 1289: The First True Ancestor

The Second True Ancestors expression became very ugly, and he uttered icily, “Firmament Holy, you killed the Third True Ancestor! Do you want to be an enemy of the true blood kindred race?”

“The Third True Ancestor attacked me in the past. He deserved to die. Second True Ancestor, does the true blood kindred race want to be my enemy?”

Yang Feng glanced at the kindred true ancestors coldly, and a terrifying murderous intent pressed on them like a toppling mountain.

The other five true ancestors lowered their heads, not daring to look Yang Feng in the eyes.

Ever since Redstone Lord was suppressed by Yang Feng, few people in the world of Warlock dared to be enemies of Battle Demon Sect. Wherever Battle Demon Sect goes, all powerhouses have no choice but to retreat.

After the guang hai race was exterminated, quasi-Empyreans went into hiding one after another, not daring to compete with Yang Feng.

The eternal empyrean races that allied with Yang Feng, like the cosmic eyes tiger race, the cyan thunderbolt race, and the blackshine rock race, strutted around and expanded their power.

Human Supreme Council has also expanded every day. In the universe, countless human Warlock forces and greater race joined Human Supreme Councils side one after another, allowing Human Supreme Councils tentacles to cover the entire universe.

Everyone in the universe is aware of the fact that, if nothing unexpected happens, Yang Feng will become the ninth human Warlock Emperor and rule the entire world of Warlocks.

The Second True Ancestor said coldly, “Firmament Holy, the Third True Ancestor died at your hands! There are only nine true ancestors in our race altogether, and two them died at your hands. Firmament Holy, unless you mutilate your eyes, kneel down, and surrender, we wont let this matter rest until one side perishes!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with surprise, and he uttered with a cold smile: “Interesting! In that case, youll all die. Go ahead!”

Bloodhair Snake Great Holys eyes flashed fiercely, and countless blood-colored hairs flew out, turned into snakes containing terrifying venom, and rushed towards the Second True Ancestor.

Soaring Crane Great Holy waved her fair hand, and countless feathers of light shot towards the other five true ancestors.

Terrifying blood-colored flames diffused form the Second True Ancestor and the other five true ancestors and rushed towards Bloodhair Snake Great Holy and Soaring Crane Great Holy.

The Second True Ancestor forcibly blocked Bloodhair Snake Great Holy and had a slight advantage.

However, the other five true ancestors were not a match for Soaring Crane Great Holy. The Ninth True Ancestor was stabbed by dozens of feathers of light, and blood sprayed out of his body.

While sitting in the flagships litter, Yang Feng gazed coldly at the Second True Ancestor and uttered flatly, “If you have any trump cards, you should use them now! Or else the true blood kindred race will become a thing of the past!”

“Firmament Holy, youre being too arrogant! This is God Blood Plane! This is my domain! Even the eight human Warlock Emperors didnt dare to talk to me like that.”

A terrifying blood-colored rune emerged from the center of God Blood Plane.

“The mighty primogenitor!”

“Its the primogenitor!”

“The primogenitor has arrived!”


On God Blood Plane, the eyes of countless kindred shot with blood and surged with madness, and they bellowed.

The Ninth True Ancestor suddenly screamed. He appeared in the center of the blood-colored rune at once, and the true blood inside him flew out and merged with the rune.

A blood pool emerged immediately. In the blood pool, there are skeletons of ancient true dragons, phoenixes, qilins, devils, fiends, and other extraordinary life forms floating. Every drop of blood in the blood pool is filled with immortal Empyrean might.

From the blood pool, dark red blood gushed out and fused into the blood-colored rune.

Blood-colored light shone, and a handsome young man with blond hair, blue eyes, and extraordinary temperament walked out from the void, a noble smile on his face. Immortal Empyrean might diffused from him.

Yang Feng frowned and said slowly, “First True Ancestor! Have you woken already? No, you havent woken yet. This is an avatar!”

“Yes, this is an avatar! Its indeed still not the time for us to wake. However, the conditions are getting closer and closer to the ideal conditions for us to wake. Various universe laws have been loosened already, to the point that its enough for my avatar to wake. I didnt intend to wake this avatar. Its a shame, but since you have come to my God Blood Plane and act atrociously, then stay here forever!”

The First True Ancestors eyes flashed coldly. Endless blood-colored light emerged behind him, and wisps of immortal Empyrean might gushed out and swept in all directions.

The complexion of Soaring Crane Great Holy and Bloodhair Snake Great Holy changed greatly at once.

The First True Ancestor is an old monster that has existed since ancient times. No one knows how long he has lived. Who knows how many resources and trump cards such an old monster has amassed.

The true blood kindred race has existed for countless years, but it only produced nine Holy Spirit Warlock rank true ancestors. The reason behind this low number, in addition to bloodline shackles, is because most of the resources have been monopolized by the First True Ancestor.

The avatar emanating immortal Empyrean might is one of the trump cards of the First True Ancestor. Its fighting strengths is far above that of the seriously injured Redstone Lord.

Yang Feng uttered, “The avatar should have restrictions placed on it! It cant go too far away from God Blood Plane!”

If the avatar could leave God Blood Plane, then the true blood kindred would have already expanded their power everywhere.

In the world of Warlocks, true blood kindred had a period of prosperity. They captured powerhouses of formidable races all over the place and turned them into kindred life forms.

That period of time was called the Blood Disaster Era by human Warlocks. Taboo Lord emerged during the Blood Disaster Era. He slayed countless kindred powerhouses, defeated the First True Ancestor, and forcibly wrestled away a drop of true blood from him.

“Yes, my avatar cant go too far away from God Blood Plane. However, Firmament Holy, since you have come here, then stay here forever!”

A blood-colored ray streaked across the First True Ancestors eyes. Endless blood-colored light gushed out and evolved into a terrifying world of blood that covered this tract of the void.

In the terrifying world of blood, only the First True Ancestor and the flagship with Yang Feng remain.

In the strange world of blood, blood-colored light churned, and a true dragon emanating immortal Empyrean might appeared and extended its claw towards Yang Feng.

In an instant, endless blood-colored light mixed with terrifying true dragon qi and formed negative energy capable of destroying anything pressing on towards Yang Feng.


Yang Feng unleashed a halberd strike, and 100 green suns emerged and surged with green sunfire capable of burning and purifying anything.

As if unleashed by an Empyrean rank true dragon, the dragon claw formed from negative energy struck out and blasted apart one green star after another.


Yang Feng was blasted thousands of kilometers away by the blood-colored true dragons claw strike, and blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth.

“So theres such a big gap between me and an Empyrean! In the end, Im still just a quasi-Empyrean. Fourth form!”

There was a fierce flash in Yang Fengs eyes. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes, and a blurry figure appeared and fused with him.

Yang Feng took a step, appeared above the blood-colored true dragon, and unleashed a halberd strike, and countless heroic spirits appeared and hurled countless spells at the blood-colored true dragon.

The blood-colored true dragon unleashed a claw strike and urged blood-colored energy and true dragon force to shoot towards Yang Feng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blood-colored space, explosion rang incessantly and terrifying fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

“Amazing! Firmament Holy, you have become stronger! You must have gained great benefits after devouring Redstone Lord. Its a shame, but you will have to die here today!”

The First True Ancestors voice full of killing intent rang in the blood-colored world.

Endless blood-colored light shone, and a blood-colored phoenix burning with Phoenix Flames appeared and belched a pillar of blood-colored fire barreling towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand. Countless runes shone, and a barrier appeared abruptly.

When the pillar of blood-colored fire slammed into the barrier, it crushed the hastily constructed barrier in an instant, and endless flames swallowed Yang Feng.

Black holes emerge and swallowed the strange flames one by one.

The blood-colored true dragon unleashed a claw barreling towards yang Feng.

Yang Feng barely managed to block the true dragons attack with his halberd. Nevertheless, he was blasted thousands of kilometers away, and a large amount of blood spilled from his body.

Yang Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood. With a enigmatic flash in his eyes, he uttered coldly, “With my current strength, its really difficult to fight against an Empyrean! Come out!”

Along with flashes of light, 12 beautiful girls equipped with a mechanical battlegear and different weapons, with a pair of mechanical wings on the back, appeared in the void.

The 12 beautiful girls are the personal guards of the King of Rulers, the Ruler Saints. Each of the 12 Ruler Saints has the potential to evolve into an Empyrean. They are the crystallization of countless resources and technologies of the four civilizations.

The eyes of Ye I, a Ruler Saint with long, black hair, dressed in black, shone brightly. Her figure fluttered, and she appeared above the blood-colored true dragon, brandished the black blade in her hands, and slashed the blood-colored dragon.

A black blade ray flashed, and a piece of the blood-colored true dragons body was cut off and completely erased.

The blood-colored true dragon roared angrily and sent its giant claw barreling towards Ye I.

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