Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1291: Shocking the First True Ancestor

Chapter 1290: Slaying the First True Ancestors Avatar

With a large, black shield in her hands, the capable-looking Ye II with short hair and a smoking figure flew out and blocked in front of the bloody true dragons claw.

A giant shield projection appeared and blocked in front of the bloody true dragon.


When the bloody true dragons craw struck, a boundless force broke out, and terrifying shock waves spread in all directions and set off blood ripples.

Looking like a little ant when compared to the bloody true dragon, Ye II forcefully blocked the attack of the bloody true dragon.

Ye Is figure fluttered, and she slashed the bloody true dragon with the blade in her hands. Along with flashes of black light, huge holes appeared on the bloody true dragons body, as if dug pout by something.

A torrent of time flashed. Yang Feng emerged from the torrent of time, appeared behind the bloody true dragon, and unleashed a strike, and a black hole appeared and swallowed the bloody true dragon.

Countless devour runes appeared, and true dragon origin flowed into Yang Feng from the bloody true dragon.

The bloody true dragon is a terrifying existence the First True Ancestor refined from the marrow and blood essence he extracted from an Empyrean rank true dragon skeleton. The bloody true dragon possesses true dragon origin. It is incomparably powerful and can fight against quasi-Empyreans.

The bloody phoenix belched a pillar of fire barreling this way.

Ye II raised her large shield and blocked in front of Yang Feng.

The pillar of fire was blocked by the large shield.

The valiant-looking Ye III with shoulder-length hair combed into a ponytail unleashed cyan light.

In an instant, Ye III appeared in front of the bloody phoenix, and stabbed it in the chest with the large spear in her hands.

A terrifying devour force transmitted from the spear and frenziedly devoured the bloody phoenixs phoenix force.

The flames of the bloody phoenix gradually weakened.

Ye IV dressed in a silver robe opened the ancient book in her hand.

Countless rays of mysterious, dazzling rune light poured out from the ancient book and frantically devoured the blood origin force of the world of blood.

The power extracted from the world of blood was transformed into the purest power by the ancient book, and then was channeled into the 12 Ruler Saints.

Ling, the King of Rulers, could only produce two quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses because most of her power was used to synthesize her personal guards, the 12 Ruler Saints.

Each of the 12 Ruler Saints has terrifying fighting strength that can rival that of Yang Feng. This is the terror of the King of Rulers. In addition, each of the 12 Ruler Saints has the potential to advance to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

“Who are they? How did it come to this?”

The First True Ancestors shocked voice sounded in the world of blood.

The First True Ancestor has studied the of Yang Feng with Redstone Lord countless times. He has already deduced the scope of Yang Fengs strength and is certain that he can kill Yang Feng in the world of blood. However, he never imagined that Yang Feng has such terrifying beings like the Ruler Saints following him, and 12 of them, to boot.

“First True Ancestor! Today is the day you die! Since you have lived for so long, you shouldnt be too attached to life. Become my stepping stone! Let me climb the peak and advance to the Eternal realm!”

Killing intent streaked across Yang Fengs eyes. Countless runes shone, and he turned into a black hole and frantically devoured the origin force of the world of blood.

The world of blood trembled, and a bloody qilin, a bloody roc, and a 10,000-meter-tall multi-armed troll with three heads and six arms appeared at once.

9 of the 12 Ruler Saints flew out and attacked the three bloody true spirits in groups of three.

Each of the three bloody true spirits is equivalent to a Ruler Saint. But as they were besieged by three Ruler Saints, they were soon riddled with wounds.

The Ruler Saints, who inherited Yang Fengs devour force, frenziedly devoured the power of the blood true spirits while fighting. The three bloody true spirits weakened as they fought.

As the origin force of the world of blood was being devoured by Yang Feng, its power weakened bit by bit.

The world of blood is a space the First True Ancestor formed using the power of an Empyrean. Yang Feng cant smash it with one blow. However, he can devour its origin force and make it collapse on its own.

“Firmament Holy, go to hell!”

Ripples surged, and the First True Ancestor appeared in the world of blood. With a ferocious flash in his eyes, he crossed the void and slashed at Yang Feng with a sword burning with bloody flames.

When the sword of bloody flames approached him, the blood inside Yang Feng began to boil, nearly combusting.

The First True Ancestor wields the essence of blood. When faced with the First True Ancestor, in just a breath of time, any being weaker than a Holy will have all their blood drained, or will have their blood ignited, and burn to death. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, if they are careless, they will have their blood ignited, and burn to death.

The Xi Shen Armor suddenly erupted with countless mysterious runes, completely severing and devouring the blood origin force affecting Yang Feng.

Standing in front of Yang Feng, the large, black shield in Ye IIs hands glimmered and turned into a giant shield seemingly capable of propping up the firmament.

The First True Ancestor slashed the giant shield, and boundless bloody flames broke out and tore the giant shield apart.

With an expressionless look on her face, Ye IX flew over, brandished the huge wolf tooth club, which contains the essence of power in her hands and sent it barreling towards the First True Ancestor.


The First True Ancestors eyes flashed fiercely and broke out with two burning bloody rays that slammed into Ye IX.

Unaffected by the burning bloody rays, Ye IX appeared in front of the First True Ancestor and hit him with the huge wolf tooth club, breaking his bones and spilling his blood.

“Theres no blood? Are they all mechanical creations? How is this possible? They clearly have human souls.”

The First True Ancestors eyes flashed with shock.

With a flash, Ye I appear appeared behind the First True Ancestor and slashed him with her blade.

A bloody shield flashed and twisted the trajectory of Ye Is blade strike.

The terrifying blade slammed into the First True Ancestors left shoulder and chopped his left arm off.

A black hole emerged and swallowed the First True Ancestors left arm.

“Firmament Holy, youre courting death!”

The First True Ancestor was both shocked and angry. His eyes flashed with the shade of determination.

The world of blood collapsed at once, and endless bloody light converged and poured into the First True Ancestor.

The First True Ancestors body collapsed at once, absorbed countless rays of bloody light, and condensed into a huge sword of blood. Terrifying Empyrean might diffused from the sword of blood.

The First True Ancestor used the power of the entire world of blood and gave up on his avatar and part of his origin force in order to kill Yang Feng here.


With the mysterious ancient book in hand, Ye IV pointed at the sword of blood formed from the First True Ancestors avatar and shouted coldly.

Strange runes appeared on sword of blood and exploded.

Except for Ye II, who is guarding in front of Yang Feng, the other 11 Ruler Saints attacked the sword of blood and blasted it apart.

A black hole emerged at once and swallowed the collapsed sword of blood.

Tremendous life origin flowed into Yang Feng from the sword of blood.

The sword of blood is a treasure forged from the remains of countless true spirits. By devouring it, it was equivalent to Yang Feng devouring a weak Empyrean.

“Has fallen? The First True Ancestors avatar has fallen? How is this possible? Thats an Empyreans fallback!”

Upon seeing this scene, Bloodhair Snake Great Holy was taken aback, and his eyes flashed with disbelief and joy. When Yang Feng was pulled into the world of blood by the First True Ancestors avatar, he felt some despair. But when he saw the First True Ancestor being slayed by Yang Feng, he was overjoyed.

Soaring Crane Great Holy was stunned, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with shock: “Amazing! Firmament Holy is really terrifying! Thats the future ninth human Warlock Emperor for you.”

“The First True Ancestors avatar was killed by Firmament Holy! How can this be? The First True Ancestor is an Empyrean without damage! How could Firmament Holy foil a plot he set up?”

When the Second True Ancestor saw this scene, the shade of panic flashed in his eyes. He clenched his teeth, and then collapsed into a mist of light and frantically escaped in all directions.

A black hole emerged, swept towards the mist of light, and swallowed the mist of light, which then condensed into the Second True Ancestors body.

Countless devour runes shone and frantically devoured the Second True Ancestors life origin.

The terrifying black hole surged, swallowed the remaining kindred true ancestors, and frantically extracted their life origin.

“The true blood kindred are finished!”

“Unless the First True Ancestors true body shows up, the true blood kindred are done for!”

“It looks like God Blood Plane will fall into Firmament Holys hands!”


The powerhouses attracted by the fighting felt their blood run cold when they saw this scene. Now that the kindred true ancestors have been devoured by Yang Feng, the kindred race was knocked down from a greater race to a lesser race.

God Blood Plane, one of the 36 primary material planes, is going to fall under Yang Fengs control.

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