Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1292: God Blood Plane Crumbles

Chapter 1291: Shocking the First True Ancestor

After Yang Feng devoured all the true ancestors of God Blood Plane, countless runes shone, and the Blue Mirror of Fate flew out and illuminated the void.

Countless mysterious runes poured out of the Blue Mirror of Fate and illuminated God Blood Plane, searching for the location of the First True Ancestor.

While the First True Ancestor is sleeping, he is at his weakest. Yang Feng naturally wont miss this great chance to root him out.

Ripples surged, and a world full of endless bloody light appeared in front of Yang Feng. In the world full of endless bloody light, there is a black coffin suspended in the air. The black coffin is diffusing Empyrean aura.

“This is the center of God Blood Plane!”

There was a flash of surprise in Yang Fengs eyes, and he waved his hand.

Countless engineering robots flew out of the flagship and flew towards God Blood Plane.

Boom! Boom!

Rumbling sounds rose as the engineering robots, who possess Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength, quickly dug out a channel leading to the center of God Blood Plane.

God Blood Plane, 100,000 kilometers below the surface, a world full of endless blood appeared in front of Yang Feng.

A strong smell of blood came from the world of blood.

Once a powerhouse below the Infinity Warlock realm approaches this world, all their blood will be extracted, and they will turn into a desiccated corpse.

Yang Feng looked at the world of blood and said with a cold smile, “I see. God Blood Plane has been declining all this time, it was all in order to support you, you old thing that refuses to die.”

God Blood Plane is one of the 36 primary material planes, and the true blood kindred are an extraordinary, talented kind with a far longer lifespan than humans. But after countless years, God Blood Plane only produced nine true ancestors. In addition to the infighting between the true ancestors, the First True Ancestor extracting the origin of God Blood Plane to nourish his true body is a very important factor behind this.

“Firmament Holy, I have integrated with God Blood Planes origin! This is my territory. Unless other Empyreans resuscitate, you will never be able to break through my territory!”

In the endless sea of blood, a ferocious head formed and roared at Yang Feng, filled with resentment.

“What confidence!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of his hand. Runes shone, and a giant black hole appeared and swept towards a bloody barrier.

The black hole broke out with tremendous devour force and frenziedly devoured the power of the bloody barrier.

Mysterious runes appeared one by one, firmly locking the power of the bloody barrier. The force released by the mysterious runes is stronger than the devour force unleashed by Yang Feng.

“Fourth form!”

A blurry projection emerged from the Xi Shen Armor and fused with Yang Feng. He unleashed a halberd strike, and countless heroic spirits appeared and released all kinds of terrifying battle skills barreling towards the bloody barrier.

A mysterious rune emerged from the bloody barrier. In an instant, the mysterious rune absorbed the attacks of the countless heroic spirits.

The bloody world churned and then calmed down, as if nothing had happened.

A dignified shade flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “Marvelous! So this is the power of an ancient Empyrean! No wonder he dared to set up his nest in this place.”

The First True Ancestor is an ancient Empyrean. It is said that he is an old monster that has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age. Furthermore, it is said that he is a loser in the fight over an Eternal slot. As the source and progenitor of the true blood kindred, he is definitely an unequaled overlord-level being. If it were not for the fact that the First True Ancestor is slumbering, Yang Feng would never have provoked him.

Yang Feng willed. Countless runes shone, and 100 Holy rank Devour Rulers appeared and pounced on the bloody barrier.

The Devour Rulers unleashed fearsome devour force and opened small holes in the bloody barrier.

“You also have such mechanical golems! Break!”

The bloody world churned. In an instant, a lance of bloody fire appeared, crossed the void, and stabbed a Holy rank Devour Ruler.

Countless wisps of bloody fire surged and burned the Holy rank Devour Ruler stabbed by the lance of bloody fire into ashes.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and waved his hand, and the Holy rank Devour Rulers flew back and disappeared.

Although the Holy rank Devour Rulers can devour the bloody barrier. But before they can completely devour the bloody barrier, they will be all destroyed by the First True Ancestor.

To refine a single Holy rank Devour Ruler, an astronomical number of resources is required. Yang Feng cant manufacture them in large quantities.

“Firmament Holy, leave half of your blood essence behind! And I will treat it as if nothing happened today. Otherwise, you will perish when I wake. At that time, even that person backing you wont be able to save you!”

Within the bloody barrier, the First True Ancestors voice full of murderous intent and threat sounded.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and then willed and issued orders.

One interstellar warship after another emerged from the void and spread all over the God Blood Planes outer space.

Mechanical fortresses flew out of the interstellar warships.

Countless machines extended from the mechanical fortresses, resonated with each other, and formed a huge barrier that sealed the void where God Blood Plane was located.

Level-6 Mobile Fortified Strongholds emerged, opened barriers, and frantically extract the energies of this tract of the starry sky.

“What is he doing?”

“What is Firmament Holy doing?”


Holies from different parts of the universe gazed at this tract of the starry sky, curious.

Huge interstellar warships entered God Blood Plane.

Teleportation beams ejected from the interstellar warships and captured kindred and all other intelligent extraordinary life forms with blood on God Blood Plane.

Countless warships flew out from God Blood Plane, and tens of billions of battle robots surged and captured intelligent life forms everywhere.

After ten days, all intelligent life forms of God Blood Plane were captured.

The First True Ancestor smiled coldly and said, “Firmament Holy, theres no point in doing all this! Once I wake, a drop of my blood will be able to create 10,000 true blood kindred, which will continue to multiply and spread. Even if you kill all true blood kindred, you wont shake my will.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said flatly, “Kill them? To begin with, you are the only one I want to kill, First True Ancestor! Come out, Ling!”

Followed by the 12 Ruler Saints, the magnificent and extraordinary King of Rulers, Ling, walked out from the rear.

Each of the 12 Ruler Saints is a devastating beauty. But with Ling present, they look like faint stars surrounding a bright moon.

The First True Ancestors eyes lit up and showed the shade of excitement, “Are they mechanical golems you created? Truly extraordinary! You have surpassed Golem Lord in terms of attainments in alchemy. Firmament Holy, if you give me these mechanical golems, I will treat it as if nothing happened today. Furthermore, when I wake, I will become your ally. I will help you become the ninth human Warlock Emperor.”

Each of the 12 Ruler Saints is a terrifying existence that can rival Yang Feng at this time. Even when it come to the First True Ancestor, they possess considerable combat power.

“First True Ancestor, today is the day you die!”

With a cold smile, Ling swung the Whip of the Ruler and whipped the blood-colored barrier.


The whole God Blood Plane shook violently. Mountains collapsed, tsunamis raged, strong winds billowed, and islands sank, as if the end of the world has come.

The bloody barrier also collapsed in an instant.

“Empyrean! How is that possible! Youre an Empyrean? How is that possible? At this time, how is it possible for anyone to promote to an Empyrean? How is it possible for Empyreans to wake? Did you wake ahead of time? No! If you had woken ahead of time, your aura would be weak and your soul would be injured. Your soul is intact and has no aura of decay. How can this be? How can this be?”

In the endless sea of blood, the First True Ancestors voice full of panic sounded.

With a cold smile on his face, Yang Feng stepped into the bloody world and evolved into a black hole that frenziedly devoured the bloody worlds origin force.

The bloody world is the product of God Blood Planes origin force and the First True Ancestors power. Originally, with Yang Fengs strength, it would be really hard to devour the origin force of a grade 2 plane. However, since God Blood Planes plane origin has manifested, it gave Yang Feng a great opportunity to devour it.

In the small world inside Yang Feng, countless strands of plane origin force poured in, making the small world expand and become vibrant and more powerful, and its grade rise.

“Go to hell!”

In the bloody space, the First True Ancestors bellow sounded.

Swords of bloody fire, with the power of slaying quasi-Empyreans, emerged and shot towards Ling.

Ling brandished the Whip of the Ruler. In the wake of the Whip of the Ruler, everything was shattered.

The Whip of the Ruler broke out with terrifying devour force and frantically absorbed all forces.

As a King of Rulers cultivated by Yang Feng, Ling has grasped all the essences that Yang Feng is proficient in. At the same time, she possesses terrifying strength that is far above Yang Fengs.

In the bloody space, bloody phoenixes, bloody dragons, bloody flood dragons, bloody wolves, and countless other extraordinary life forms emerged one after another and attacked Ling.

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