Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1293: Devouring the First True Ancestor

Chapter 1292: God Blood Plane Crumbles

Ling brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and it thrashed like a violent poisonous dragon. In the wake of the Whip of the Rulers, all existences fell apart, and were devoured.

The barriers set up by the First True Ancestor collapsed one after another under the Whip of the Ruler.

While taking proud and elegant step, Ling arrived in front of the black coffin, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and whipped the black coffin.


A fearsome sound broke out and shook the whole God Blood Plane.

The earth split, lightning thundered, strong winds billowed, lava gushed out, and all kinds of other natural disasters broke out on God Blood Plane.

A faint black light screen appeared on the black coffin and blocked Lings shocking attack.

“Stop! Firmament Holy, this coffin has integrated with the whole God Blood Plane! If you destroy it, you will destroy God Blood Plane. This is one of the 36 primary material planes of our universe! In the future, it may be able to promote to a grade 1 plane!”

The First True Ancestors startled and furious voice transmitted from the black coffin.

In the whole world of Warlocks, there is only one grade 1 plane, which is Cangzhi Plane. During the Eternal Sovereign age, the 36 primary material planes have all been grade 1 planes that could give birth to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

At present, only the 36 primary material planes are known to have the potential to advance to grade 1 planes. If one of them is destroyed, it will be a huge loss for the whole universe.

“As long as I can kill you, then I dont mind destroying God Blood Plane. Besides, it wont be destroyed in vain. Ill make its destruction meaningful.”

A black hole emerged in the bloody space and frantically devoured God Blood Planes origin force.

God Blood Planes origin force poured into the small world inside Yang Feng, strengthening the small worlds origin force.

“First True Ancestor, have a safe journey!”

Ling smiled sweetly, and the Whip of the Ruler in her hand suddenly changed, turned into a drill bit, and stabbed into the black coffin.

The black light screen on the black coffin lasted only for a moment before in collapsed.


The Whip of the Ruler slammed heavily into the black coffin and blasted open a crack.

Immortal Empyrean might diffused from the crack and spread in all directions.

“Firmament Holy, youre seeking death!”

The lid of the black coffin catapulted away, and the extremely handsome First True Ancestor shrouded in bloody light stood up from the black coffin and stared at Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with a fierce glint.

Empyrean aura full of strange distortions diffused from the First True Ancestor and spread in all directions.

“So strong! This is an Empyrean in their prime! What dreadful power of the law of blood. It takes half of my strength to suppress the blood rioting inside my body.”

At the moment when the lid of the black coffin catapulted away, Yang Feng had left the bloody space. Even so, he can still feel the blood inside him stir and boil, as if it may combust at any time.

The First True Ancestors eyes flickered fiercely and surged with a bloody gleam. He spread the fingers of a hand, and endless bloody light appeared and evolved into a giant hand pressing on towards Yang Feng.

The giant bloody hand is full of malice of God Blood Planes plane origin. If hit by the giant bloody hand, all intelligent life forms below the Empyrean realm will have their blood essence drained, and will become a desiccated corpse.

Ye II stood in front of Yang Feng with the large black shield in her hands. Countless runes shone, and the large black shield turned into a black mountain blocking in front of Yang Feng.

When the giant bloody hand slammed into the large black shield, the shield was slammed into the channel together with Ye II, blasting open a deep hole.

The 12 Ruler Saints flew out one by one, cast different offensive spells, and attacked the giant bloody hand.

With this strike, the giant bloody hand blasted 5 Ruler Saints away, embedding them into the channel.

Lings figure fluttered, and she appeared behind the First True Ancestor, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and attacked the other party.

The Whip of the Ruler, which is as fast as lightning and contains strange law of karma, slammed into the First True Ancestor in an instant, blasting open a bone-deep laceration.

Bloody light flickered, and the laceration on the First True Ancestors body healed directly.

The First True Ancestors eyes flashed ferociously. He beckoned with his hand, and an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Sword of the Primogenitor, appeared in his hand.

The Sword of the Primogenitor is a treasure the First True Ancestor refined from the blood essence of countless powerhouses, including the essence of 16 Empyrean skeletons, and countless Empyrean grade treasures of heaven and earth.

The First True Ancestor unleashed a sword strike. Endless Empyrean might broke out, and a bloody sword ray that appeared to split the whole universe in two shot towards Ling.

The complexion of the all along confident Ling finally changed. She flicked her fair hand, and the Shield of the Ruler appeared in front of her and activated a powerful magic shield.


The bloody sword ray instantly crushed the formidable magic shield, and then slammed into the Shield of the Ruler and knocked the shield into the channel together with Ling.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with graveness: “Marvelous! So this is an Empyrean infinitely close to an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse. Sure enough, hes despairingly strong.”

The fighting strength of the First True Ancestor can be said to be heaven-defying, which isnt something that the heavily wounded Redstone Lord could compare to.


The First True Ancestors eyes fell on Yang Feng and shimmered with frigid killing intent, and he unleashed another sword strike.

Endless bloody light converged and formed a terrifying bloody sword ray containing immortal Empyrean might slashing towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a dignified color. He shone with countless runes from all over his body, and the Spirit Osta Fortress flew out.

In the Spirit Osta Fortress constructed from countless bones, the empyrean skeleton opened its eyes, and it eyes flashed fiercely. The Empyrean skeleton beckoned with its hand, and a giant bone shield appeared and blocked in front of it.


When the overbearing bloody sword ray slammed into the giant bone shield, it slashed apart the giant bone shield, and then severed the Empyrean skeletons right hand.

Yang Feng unleashed a halberd strike, and a torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole appeared and shot towards the bloody sword ray.

The bloody sword ray unleashed overbearing force and slammed Yang Feng into the underground channel hundreds of kilometers away, blasting open a deep hole.

“Incredible! Thats an old freak that has existed since ancient times for you! But how long can you last in this state?”

Ling smiled sweetly. She strode inside the bloody space, appeared in front o the First True Ancestor, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and attacked the other party.

“Long enough to kill you!”

The First True Ancestors eyes flashed with bitter resentment. He smiled coldly and unleashed a sword strike, and endless bloody light welled up and shot towards Ling.

The Whip of the Ruler suddenly disintegrated into countless silver threads and shone with devour runes that offset and devoured the power of the First True Ancestor, very strangely blocking the strike of the other party.

Even so, Ling was still blasted hundreds of kilometers away, and cracks appeared on her body.

“Go ahead!”

Yang Feng ordered coldly.

The Eternal Power Furnaces scattered all over God Blood Plane activated at once and extracted God Blood Planes origin force.

A tremendous amount of energy was frantically extracted and channeled into the level-7 stronghold, which was already released by Ling.

The whole God Blood Plane began to crumble slowly.

As a grade 2 plane, God Blood Plane is one of the cores of the universe. If it is destroyed, it will definitely give rise to a backlash.

But the First True Ancestor was the first one to draw God Blood Planes origin to nourish his body. Once God Blood Plane is destroyed, he will bear more than 90% of the backlash.

In the bloody space, the endless bloody light began to dissipate slowly. The strength of the First True Ancestor began to decline.

With a frightened look on his face, the First True Ancestor roared miserably and rushed towards Yang Feng: “Stop! Firmament Holy, stop. Do you know what youre doing? You are destroying a primary material plane!”

The wounded Ling flew out and whipped the First True Ancestor with the Whip of the Ruler, and a bone-deep wound appeared on the other partys body.

Bloody light surged, yet the bone-deep wound could not be healed.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said, “First True Ancestor, your strength has dropped so much. After all, its not the time for you to wake yet.”

The First True Ancestors expression flickered repeatedly, and he clenched his teeth and said, “Firmament Holy, give me a way out. I have 136 treasure-troves hidden in the outside world. As long as you give me a way out, then I will give you 89 of them.”

The First True Ancestor is formidable character for a reason. Seeing that the momentum is not in his favor, he began to compromise with Yang Feng when he still has the advantage.

Yang Feng pointed at the Sword of the Primogenitor in the First True Ancestors hand and uttered icily, “Im really interested in your Sword of the Primogenitor! Give it to me!”

The First True Ancestor rejected, “Out of the question! This is the Empyrean grade secret treasure that fits my path. I can never give it to you!”

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