Chapter 1294: Silver Autarch

World of Warlocks, on a star shrouded by a mysterious barrier, there is a giant tower soaring into the clouds.

The tower is inlaid with countless source crystals, including 9 Perfect grade soul crystals and 1 Eternal grade soul crystal emanating Eternal fluctuations of power.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the tower, and a dazzling pillar of light ejected from the tower and shot into the sky.

According to mysterious laws, the dazzling pillar of light slammed into the void and blasted open a twisting, unstable channel.

Gumana Universes aura transmitted from the other side of the channel.

A wing as big as the sky emerged on the other side of the channel, and countless feathers containing Eternal aura flew out from the wing and fell into the twisting channel.

Each one of the feathers was like a small world, emitting terrifying fluctuations of power.

Under the cover of countless feathers, the twisting channel stabilized.

A huge stone egg flew over from the other side of the channel like a meteor.

Tremendous repulsive force transmitted from the channel and pressed on towards the huge stone egg.

Explosions erupted on the stone egg continuously. One after another, powerhouses were forced to fly out of the stone egg and release all kinds of secret methods to protect the stone egg.

Under the terrifying pressure, the stone eggs powerhouses exploded into mists of blood one after another, becoming nutrients for the world of Warlocks universe.

Within a dozen plus breaths of time, 20 odd powerhouses flew out of the stone egg, and then exploded.

In just a few breaths of time, the stone egg crossed an endless distance, flew out of the channel, and arrived at this universe.


Along with crisp sounds, the stone egg collapsed directly, and 9 Gumana Universes powerhouses emanating quasi-Empyrean rank aura emerged.

The leader of the group was a handsome man with short, silver hair and an extraordinary temperament. He has wounds strewn all over his body. As if a bright moon surrounded by faint stars, he stands out among the group of 9 quasi-Empyreans.

Under the tower, source crystals piled up into mountains.

Each one of the 9 quasi-Empyreans unleashed fearsome attractive force that shrouded the mountains of source crystals.

The source crystals flew to the 9 quasi-Empyreans. In an instant, the source crystals were sucked dry and turned into dust.

Countless precious treasures of heaven and earth and all kinds of top potions flew out one after another and disappeared into the bodies of the 9 quasi-Empyreans.

The strength of the 9 quasi-Empyreans increased sharply.

The powerhouse with short, silver hair waved his hand, and a picture scroll containing the essence of fate flew out.

A huge torrent of fate poured into the void from the picture scroll and distorted fate, erasing all fate traces.

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, in a secret room.

Yang Feng was sitting quietly in the secret room. Bloody light was circling around him. Countless treasures of heaven and earth flew to beside him, and then had all their power devoured.

1,000 Springs of Immortality suspended in the void, and a tremendous amount of spring water surged and poured into Yang Feng.

At every moment, Yang Feng was transforming and evolving, and his aura was growing.

The First True Ancestor was an invincible overlord-level powerhouse in ancient times. He was proficient in the essence of blood, and every drop of his true blood had mysterious power.

After Yang Feng devoured the First True Ancestor, he refined the other partys origin force and became more formidable.

Originally, after Yang Feng advanced to a quasi-Empyrean, it became extremely difficult for him to advance further. Even devouring a Holy could barely make him a little stronger. But after devouring the First True Ancestor, he became stronger on a virtually daily basis. The power he gained from the Wall of Eternal was released continuously, making him increasingly more fearsome.

“This is the power of fate! The Blue Mirror of Time is warning me!”

In the middle of endless bloody light, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and pointed with a finger, and the Blue Mirror of Fate flew out.

The Blue Mirror of Fate broke out with countless mysterious runes, and tremendous aura of fate welled up.

The Blue Mirror of Fate twisted slightly, yet it didnt display any changes.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “There are no changes. Has a powerhouse proficient in the essence of fate stepped in? Or is it the doing of the third fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasure?”

“In either case, as long as they dont show up, I cant do anything about them. The best course of action right now is to improve my strength.”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then ignored it, closed his eyes, and began to refine the tremendous life origin of the First True Ancestor.

Powerhouses proficient in the essence of fate may not be the strongest in frontal combat, but they were the most difficult to kill. If Yang Feng had Ling take action, a powerhouse proficient in the essence of fate would definitely be able to evade her.

“Greetings, sirs!”

A Great Holy with a wolf head and a human body walked up to the 9 quasi-Empyreans of Gumana Universe and saluted them respectfully.

A beautiful female quasi-Empyrean with long, blue hair and a pair of dragon horns on the head smiled sweetly and uttered, “Youve done well, Felwolf Great Holy!”

“I just did what I had to do.”

Felwolf Great Holy answered thusly. His gaze fell on the silver-haired powerhouse. He hesitated for a while, and then asked respectfully: “My lord, are you His Highness Silver Autarch?”

A tall and burly quasi-Empyrean with a ferocious face uttered coldly, “Yes, this is His Highness Silver Autarch!”

Felwolf Great Holys eyes flashed with the shade of ecstasy, and he shouted, “Since Your Highness Silver Autarch has arrived, you will surely be able to rule this universe and be invincible in the world! A clown like Firmament Holy wont be able to withstand a single blow from Your Highness Silver Autarch! He is doomed to be a stepping stone for Your Highness Silver Autarch.”

In Gumana Universe, there are four autarchs, each of which is invincible is the same realm, surpassing ordinary quasi-Empyreans by far. They are only half a step away from the Empyrean realm.

“Firmament Holy!”

As soon as the quasi-Empyreans of Gumana Universe heard this name, their expression flickered and their eyes shimmered with apprehension.

Redstone Lord was an unequaled figure, the master of one of the 18 sacred races, and a genuine Empyrean of Gumana Universe. Whether it was in terms of combat power or status, he was far above the four autarchs.

Since such an unequaled figure died at Yang Fengs hands, they were naturally vary of him.

On the other side of the universe barrier, Firmament Holy Yang Feng has already become the public enemy. If it were not for the universe barrier, the 3 Eternal Sovereigns would have taken action and killed Yang Feng at all cost.

Silver Autarch smiled faintly and said, “Since he was able to slay Redstone Emperor, Firmament Holy is much stronger than I am! In fact, none of Gumana Universes four autarchs can compare with Firmament Holy!”

A heavy atmosphere enveloped the area, and everyones faces darkened.

“But! Since I have come here, Firmament Holy is destined to die at my hands!”

Silver Autarch was full of self-confidence. He spread the fingers of his hand, and silver light emerged from his hand and emanated Eternal fluctuations of power.

When Felwolf Great Holy saw the silver light, he immediately inhaled a breath of cold air and exclaimed, “Eternal origin! Which lord has severed part of their Eternal origin?”

The other eight quasi-Empyreans focused on the silver light, and their eyes shimmered with greed.

Eternal origin was the origin force of Eternal Sovereigns. it was their most precious power. Once a part of it was severed, it would cause irreparable damage, permanently reducing the power of the Eternal Sovereign.

Very few Eternal Sovereigns would sever their Eternal origin and give it to others.

“Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign severed part of their Eternal origin and gave it to me! With this Eternal origin, I can take that step and advance to an Empyrean in this universe! I will block the path to the Empyrean realm in this universe!”

Silver Autarchs eyes flashed with peculiar light, and he smiled and pressed the Eternal origin against his chest.

In an instant, countless runes filled Silver Autarch, and a vast aura gushed out from him.

Under a mysterious law, the energies within millions of light-years converged and formed an Empyrean Gate.

“Who is it?”

“Who set off such a terrible energy storm?”

“Thats an Empyrean Gate!”

“Someone is attacking the Empyrean realm!”

“How is that possible? In this era, Firmament Holy is the powerhouse who has the most hope to advance to an Empyrean. Who the hell is it? They actually want to advance to the Empyrean realm!”

“Who is it? How did they manage to attack the Empyrean realm?”

“Even reincarnations of old monsters arent able to attack the Empyrean realm. Who the hell is it?”


The energy storm in this tract of the starry sky attracted the attention of some Holies. Before long, many Holies, Great Holies, and even quasi-Empyreans were attracted by what was going on here.

Someone was attacking the Empyrean realm. Apart from Yang Feng, this was the first time that someone attacked the Empyrean realm in this era.

Silver Autarch shone with countless silver runes, and his aura climber. Under the nourishment of the Eternal origin, his immortal body finally took that crucial step and became a perfect grade immortal body. His body has formally reached the Empyrean realm.

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