Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1299: Devouring Silver Autarch

Chapter 1298: Reversal

A day passed in a flash.

At this time, Yang Feng is covered in wounds all over his body and his left eye and left hand have turned silver, with silver blood spilling into the starry sky. The Xi Shen Armor is full of damage, as well.

Silver Autarch has also suffered countless wounds, and his aura has become much weaker.

In the middle of the battlefield, Yang Feng was completely stifled by Silver Autarch and could only barely resist the other partys attacks.

“Thats as far as he goes!”

“In the end, Firmament Holy cant resist Silver Autarch!”

“Now we can only hope that the slumbering Empyreans awaken!”


Worry flashed in the eyes of the spectating Holies and Great Holies.

Silver Autarch is an unequaled Empyrean. Unless the spectating Holies and Great Holies attack him without a care for themselves, they wont be able to harm him.

As protectors of their respective races, the life and death of these Holies and Great Holies is related to the rise and fall of their respective races. Naturally, they wont attack Silver Autarch that easily.

With a ferocious smile on his face, Silver Autarch brandished his sword and sent Yang Feng flying: “Yang Feng, youre very strong! Its a shame, but youre not an Empyrean! You are the one who will die!”

“No, Silver Autarch! You are the one who is going to die!”

A large amount of silver blood ejected from all over Yang Fengs body, and he laughed uttered with a hearty smile.

The 12 Ruler Saints, who have been quietly watching from the sidelines, suddenly moved and attacked Silver Autarch at a terrible speed that exceeds the speed of light.

When he was in his top condition, the 12 Ruler Saints were not a match for him. But after fighting with Yang Feng and sustaining injuries, the 12 Ruler Saints may now be able to defeat or even kill him.

Frightening lights shone, and the hidden 12 kinds of ruler series battle robots flew out and shot towards Silver Autarch.

“Yang Feng, you want to kill me. I also want to kill you! If you have a fallback plan, wouldnt I have one prepared, as well?”

Silver Autarch smiled coldly and waved his hand, and a silver ball of light flew out.

The silver ball of light changed into a 1,000-meter-tall silver giant emitting Eternal aura. The area where the silver giant is located changed into a silver world that drew in the 12 Ruler Saints and the Holy grade ruler robots.

The silver giant emanated a terrifying aura, brandished a giant sword, set off countless silver storms, and engaged the 12 Ruler Saints.

Silver Autarch smiled frigidly, filled with confidence: “This is a Silverbright Emissary lord Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign refined for me! With it present, your subordinates wont be able to save you before I kill you!”

“No, Silver Autarch, you are the one who is going to die!”

The blood-soaked Yang Feng smiled coldly. With a flash of light, Ling flew out from behind him, brandished the Whip of the Ruler flew out, and smashed all of Silver Autarchs magic shields like a poisonous dragon. With this attack, a bone-deep laceration appeared on the other partys body, and blood spilled into the starry sky.

“Empyrean! How is that possible? How can you have an Empyrean guard?”

Silver Autarch spewed out a big mouthful of blood. He looked at the devastatingly beautiful Ling, and his eyes flashed with of panic. He cried out thusly.

In the world of Warlocks, there are many powerful Empyreans. However, virtually all of those Empyreans are in a deep sleep, waiting for the time to awake.

Since Silver Autarch is aware of this, he dared to fight with Yang Feng for a whole day and night. He knows that except for Yang Feng, no one in the whole universe is a match for him. But surprisingly, Yang Feng has an Empyrean guard. This went completely beyond his expectations.

“An Empyrean!”

“Who is that? How can there be an Empyrean guard next to Firmament Holy?”

“Thats an Empyrean! A terrifying being invincible in the world. How could she be willing to act as a guard for Yang Feng?”

“Who the hell is she? Havent all Empyreans fallen into a deep sleep? How could an Empyrean appear abruptly?!”


The eyes of the spectating Holies and Great Holies shimmered with disbelief, struck dumb.

An Empyrean is a terrifying being located at the top of the universe and can establish an imperial court. Even if its an Eternal Sovereign, they would think highly of such a being. But for such a terrifying being to serve as Yang Fengs guard, thats simply appalling.

All-Eyes Great Holy heaved a light sigh, and his eyes flashed with both shock and joy: “I see! He hid really deeply!”

Myriad Stars Great Holys eyes flickered with excitement, “An Empyrean! Willingly became his escort and followed his plan! Its simply a miracle! Firmament Holy is really unfathomable!”

In the middle of the battlefield, Ling brandished the Whip of the Ruler repeatedly. The Whip of the Ruler radiated devour light, crushed Silver Autarchs magic shields, and then whipped the person himself. With each strike of the whip, Silver Autarchs flesh was torn and devoured.

Countless silver runes shone, and Silver Autarch turned into a silver ray that soared and flew towards the outside.

In an instant, Silver Autarch flew hundreds of thousands of kilometers, turned into a giant silver sword, and slammed into the star barrier.


An earth-shaking blare broke out, and the star seal barrier formed by 70% of Star Imperial Courts Warlocks at the Infinity Warlock realm or higher was sliced open.

The 12 star towers vibrated violently, and tiny cracks appeared on them.

Myriad Stars Great Holy turned pale in the face and spewed out a big mouthful of blood. His body burst in various places, and a large amount of blood gushed out.

Myriad Stars Great Holy smiled bitterly, his face pale, “So strong! Sure enough, every Empyrean is a monster among monsters. They are in a league of their own. For Firmament Holy to be able to fight such a monster, thats really unbelievable!”

Silver Autarch is already seriously injured. Even so, he still crushed the seal barrier formed by countless human Warlocks of Star Imperial Court with one blow. His fighting strength is simply incredible.

However, the star barrier formed by Star Imperial Court ultimately stopped him for a moment. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Whip of the Ruler mercilessly slammed into Silver Autarchs back and broke his spine.

Frightening devour force broke out, gluing Silver Autarch to the Whip of the Ruler.

Ling crosses the void and appeared in front of the Silver Autarch, and her fist containing the essence of power slammed into the other party like a meteor.

Silver Autarchs body burst in various place, and blood spilled into the sky. Silver light shrouded his body, allowing him to forcibly bear Lings attack.


Eyes shot with blood, Silver Autarch bellowed and shone with countless runes, and glittering silver arrows of light shot towards Ling like meteors.

Ling has a cold look in her eyes, showing no intention to pull back the Whip of the Ruler. Instead, she sent her fair fist flying, which slammed into the silver arrows of light and blasted them apart one after another.

Silver Autarch clenched his teeth and waved his hand, and a broken white jade disc emitting Eternal aura emerged, unleashed countless brilliant runes, and radiated white jade light, forming a white jade cage that locked Ling inside.

Silver Autarch is the hope of Gumana Universe. Having high expectations, All-Eyes Great Holy severed part of his origin and offered it to Silver Autarch as well as a broken Eternal grade secret treasure.

Trapped inside the white jade cage, Ling frowned slightly. She brandished her fists and slammed them into the white jade cage

Boom! Boom!

Fearsome blares rang incessantly inside the white jade cage, and cracks appeared on the broken white jade disc, pushing it to the verge of collapse.

The broken Eternal grade secret treasures may be a great trump card for a quasi-Empyrean. But for an Empyrean, it is only a matter of time before they can destroy it.

After Silver Autarch temporarily sealed Ling, his blood boiled, and he turned into a frightening silver sword and slammed into the defensive barrier set up by Time Imperial Court.


Silver Autarch sliced the defensive barrier set up by Time Imperial Court to pieces with this attack.

The star engraved with countless runes suddenly trembled, and cracks appeared all over it, painting an apocalyptic scene.

The vertical eye on All-Eyes Great Holys forehead ached and oozed blood. His body burst in various places, and he turned into a bloodied person.

At this time, the level-7 stronghold hidden in the third line of defense emerged, and the Devastator Cannon shone and fired a dazzling beam barreling towards Silver Autarch.

“Ive been on guard against this card of yours all along! Firmament Holy, no matter how powerful the attack is, its useless if it cant hit the target!”

Silver Autarch smiled coldly, and then was swallowed by the Devastator Cannon beam and purified.

Ripples surged, and Silver Autarch appeared 10,000 kilometers away. He evaded the Devastator Cannons shocking attack.

In the next moment, Silver Autarchs expression became unsightly.

The Devastator Cannon beam slammed into the white jade disk and blasted it into pieces.

Ling flew out of the white jade cage and shone with countless runes, and the Whip of the Ruler slammed into Silver Autarch and smashed his ribs.

The Whip of the Ruler wound around Silver Autarch like a python, contracted frantically, and crushed the other party bit by bit.

Silver Autarchs eyes flashed with the shade of unwillingness, and he shouted madly, “Dammit, Im not reconciled! Firmament Holy, do you dare to fight me fair and square! If you can beat me in a fair fight, I will swear to serve you forever!”

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