Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1301: Defeating the Leylight Warape

Chapter 1300: Leylight Warape

The universe where the world of Warlocks is located, at the bottom of a starry sea filled with endless sea water, there is an exquisite blue palace.

In the center of the blue palace, there is a blue altar.

Under the blue altar, there are millions of extraordinary life forms with fish tails and good looks. They are 80% similar to mermaids.

In the center of the blue altar, there is a blue lake with a blue lotus in full bloom. In the middle of the lotus, there is a peerless beauty with long, blue hair.

Wisps of immortal Empyrean might slowly diffuse from the peerless beauty.

“The Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. To establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court at this time, Firmament Holy is really brazen! Its a pity, but he is doomed to fail! No one wants to see him establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court at this time.”

A powerful will echoed in the area.

The whole universe was shocked by the news that Yang Feng is about to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. As a result, slumbering Empyreans began to struggle awake.

Empyreans like Primal Chaos Mother Spider who have survived from ancient times, find it extremely difficult to wake from their sleep. If they make a mistake, they will be hit by the temporal backlash. Their soul will decay, and they will die like the First True Ancestor.

But Empyreans from the archgod era, which is fairly close to modern times, can barely wake if they pay a certain price.

After Yang Feng slayed Silver Autarch, the environment of the whole universe began to change dramatically.

The whole universe constantly recovered, including Cangzhi Plane and the 35 primary material planes. The concentration of various elemental particles and energies has become really thick. Enough to allow Empyreans to resuscitate.

After Yang Feng decided to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court, Human Supreme Council began to splinter.

Time Imperial Court, Taboo Imperial Court, and Star Imperial Court agreed to join the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court and become a part of it.

The Warlocks of Transcendent Imperial Court, Death Imperial Court, and Magic Note Imperial Note chose independence, not intending to join the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court.

Human Supreme Council is an organization where seven major forces negotiate with each other regarding a range of matters. Despite how strong he is, Yang Feng is not qualified to command a Holy Spirit Warlock of Human Supreme Council.

However, once the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court is established, as the lord, Yang Feng will have the power to command any Warlock of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, they wont be able to disobey him.

Once they heard that Yang Feng is going to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court, many powerful human Warlock groups sent envoys to discuss with Yang Feng about them joining the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court.

After being defeated by their enemies, many human Warlock groups had no choice but to flee to different corners of the universe to avoid the pursuit of their enemies. Among these Warlock groups, there are even several forces that are second only to the eight Warlock Imperial Courts.

In addition to human Warlocks, many powerful extraordinary races have also sent envoys to join Yang Fengs Ninth Warlock Imperial Court.

The eight human Warlock Imperial Courts each had a large number of other races join them. Many other race powerhouses were most loyal subordinates and comrades-in-arms of the eight Warlock Emperors.

Regarding the extraordinary races who came to join his camp, Yang Feng didnt refuse them, but asked Wu Meiying to negotiate with them and discuss the terms of them joining the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court.

The core world, in a restricted area shrouded in endless fog.

The restricted area shrouded in fog is one of the most core restricted areas of the core world. Even quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses cannot enter it without permission.

Ripples surged, and a figure emerged from the void and proceeded towards the restricted area shrouded in fog.

“This is Fog Restricted Area! Only human Warlock Emperors can enter! Who are you?”

A roar transmitted from Fog Restricted Area. A person wearing a red Warlock robe and emitting Great Holy rank fluctuations of power came out of the void and shouted.

“Firmament Holy! You are Firmament Holy Yang Feng!”

Upon seeing the other party, the Great Holys expression flickered and his eyes shimmered with a dignified shad. He saluted Yang Feng and uttered, “Firmament Holy, Im very sorry. I am Heavenly Guardian Great Holy, the guardian of Fog Restricted Area. This place hides the ultimate secrets of our human race. Only the successive Warlock Emperors of our human race can enter. Please forgive me.”

Yang Feng glanced at Heavenly Guardian Great Holy and said indifferently, “In 10 years, I will establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. I am going in. You cant stop me.”

Heavenly Guardian Great Holy smiled bitterly and advised, “Firmament Holy, in Fog Restricted Area, there is a leylight warape sealed by Time Lord! He possesses Empyrean rank strength and has been guarding the secrets of the restricted area from generation to generation. If you want to go in, you have to defeat him. There is no other way. I just dont want an elite of our race to die in vain.”

Yang Fengs eyes shone brightly, and he exclaimed, “As expected of Time Lord. He was even able to seal an Empyrean rank leylight warape. Thats amazing!”

Any Empyrean rank powerhouse is a terrifying being that established their own path. Every Empyrean is an existence with great mental fortitude and pride.

Yang Feng killed Silver Autarch without hesitation because he knew very well that he could not subdue an Empyrean.

As for Ling, she is a being that Yang Feng created. As the creator, he can trust her completely.

For Time Lord was able to subdue an Empyrean and make him work for countless years, this is simply marvelous.

Without hesitation, Yang Feng stepped into the heavy fog.

Heavenly Guardian Great Holy followed inside, a bitter smile on his face, “Sure enough, I cant stop him. Theres no way I can persuade such an invincible character to back off.”

The dense fog is uncanny and contains mysterious power. Even if its a Holy, their senses will be disturbed by the mysterious fog, making it impossible to distinguish directions.

Yang Fengs eyes shone brightly, and he looked at the fog. He saw the truth behind it at a glance.

In the heavy fog, he saw that there is a road leading to a huge pagoda, which is engraved with countless mysterious runes and radiates dazzling sacred light.

In front of the pagoda, there is a 10-meter-tall transparent crystal. In the crystal, there is an ape covered with white fur and emitting tyrannical aura.

“Leylight warape!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a burning fighting spirit, and he walked to the pagoda.

The transparent crystal in front of the pagoda erupted with countless runes and split into twelve pieces. The leylight warape opened his eyes, and tyrannical Empyrean might spread from him.

“What a comfortable sleep! Are you the challenger of this era, human? Whats your name?”

The leylight warape stretched his body, and then sat on the ground and asked thusly. He doesnt have the bearing of an Empyrean.

Yang Feng smiled lightly and answered, “Senior leylight warape, my name is Yang Feng! I am the Ninth Warlock Imperial Courts lord, Devour Lord!”

The leylight warape grinned and asked, “The Ninth Warlock Imperial Courts lord? Youre only a quasi-Empyrean, yet you already are able to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. Thats really amazing! Since the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court has been established, then according to Time Lords prediction, the universe great tribulation should have already arrived. According to my agreement with Time Lord, I will guard this Origin Pagoda for the last time! Yang Feng, if you want to pass through and enter the Origin Pagoda, you must defeat me. Are you sure you want to fight me? I wont go easy on you!”

Yang Feng replied, “Of course! But before we start, I have something to ask. If you leave here, senior, will you be an enemy of the human race?”

As an Empyrean, the leylight warape is an invincible being in the world and can destroy a plane with one strike. If he becomes an enemy of the humans, if will be a disaster for the humans.

The leylight warape smiled and said, “If you humans dont come to provoke me, then I naturally wont make things difficult for you. I had an agreement with Time Lord. I will guard the Origin Pagoda for him, while he will help me sleep, sleep all the way until the current era, where I can compete for the Eternal realm opportunity. Theres no need to call me a senior. Since you are the lord of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court, no one in the world is your senior except for Eternal Sovereigns. Just call me Leylight!”

Although the leylight warape has astonishing fighting strength, but he is not proficient in sealing magic. As such, he could only rely on Time Lord.

In the long history of the world of Warlocks, many Empyreans who werent proficient in sealing magic could only exhaust their lifespan and turn into a pile of withered bones.

Empyreans who could seal themselves and sleep in the river of time are extremely powerful and fearsome.

Yang Feng said slowly, “But in this era, experts are as common as cabbages. While there is only one Eternal realm opportunity.”

The leylight warapes eyes shone brightly, and he uttered with a smile, “Even so, I will still compete in this era. Without stepping into the Eternal realm, once your lifespan elapses, you will ultimately turn into a pile of dirt. Even if you live for another 100,000 odd years, whats the point? In any case, I will compete for the Eternal realm opportunity, advance to the Eternal realm, and live forever! Besides, to be able to compete with prodigies of innumerable eras, this sensation is truly amazing!”

“Indeed! To be able to compete against prodigies of innumerable eras is truly amazing. Leylight, your first opponent in this era is me!”

Infected by Leylights heroic manner, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a burning fighting spirit. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes. He beckoned with his hand, and the Green Yang Halberd appeared in his hand.

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