Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1306: Golden Ape Emperor

Chapter 1305: Defeating Dawn Lord

Yang Feng rose from the Magic Note Throne and uttered overbearingly, “Then lets go to the Holy battlefield and fight it out! And see who will quell whom!”

Dawn Lord smiled coldly, then turned into a stream of light and disappeared from this place: “What great confidence! I hope you wont regret it!”

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he sank directly into the void.

In a vast space where there is no life star within millions of light-years, two lights shone, and Dawn Lord and Yang Feng appeared.

Frightening Holy wills descended, hid in the distance, and gazed this way.

While radiating brilliant dawn light, Dawn Lord said flatly, “Yang Feng, this is a fight between men, a fight between Empyreans of the human race, a one-to-one duel. Others cannot interfere.”

The Empyrean rank powerhouse Ling suppressed Silver Autarch together with Yang Feng 10 years ago and displayed fearsome fighting strength. Dawn Lord doesnt want to fight Yang Feng and Ling at the same time.

Yang Feng replied indifferently, “No problem! This will be a fair duel. She wont step in!”

“Great! In that case, you will be defeated by me!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Dawn Lord silently recited an incantation, and countless rays of dawn light emerged and formed a huge hand 10,000 kilometers long pressing on towards Yang Feng.

The power of various laws filled the void and locked it, restricting all kinds of evasion secret methods. Only a powerhouse most proficient in the essence of speed may be able to evade the huge hand.

“Dawn Lord, youre too weak!”

With a flash of light in his eyes, Yang Feng smiled coldly and beckoned with his hand, and countless rays of silver light converged and formed an endless silver ocean, and then a rain of silver arrows shot towards the huge hand like meteors.

Under the bombardment of the silver arrows, the huge hand 10,000 kilometers long was blasted into pieces.

The silver arrows formed from endless silver light shot straight towards Dawn Lord.

“Thats Silver Autarchs essence of silver!”

“Amazing! Firmament Holy has mastered the Silver Autarchs essence of silver!”

“How dreadful! This is the summit of the essence of devour. Where you can turn the power of the devoured opponent into your own and use it!”

“Worthy of Devour Lord! Thats terrifying power at the level of the Empyrean realm!”


The spectating Holies and Great Holies looked at the endless silver ocean in shock.

Any human Warlock Emperor will have mastered countless secret methods in order to deal with all kinds of complex situations. But their strongest secret methods are the ones compatible with their path. Only secret methods compatible with their path can give full play of Empyrean rank power.

For Yang Feng to able to freely operate Silver Autarchs essence of silver and display Empyrean rank power, this is simply incredible.

With a flash of anger in his eyes, Dawn Lord spread the fingers of his hand, and boundless dawn light formed a fearsome dawn barrier that blocked in front of him.

When the countless silver arrows slammed into the dawn barrier, they set off ripples.


Yang Feng suddenly appeared among the countless silver arrows, split the dawn barrier with the Green Yang Halberd in two, and then slashed towards Dawn Lord.

Dawn Lords complexion changed dramatically. He cast countless spells, and defensive barriers appeared one after another.

The Green Yang Halberd ran through the firmament, sliced the defensive barriers apart, slammed into Dawn Lord himself, and left a terrifying gash on his body, and a huge amount of blood spilled from the gash.

“Dawn Lord was injured first!”

“How is that possible? Thats Dawn Lord! The Eighth Warlock Emperor of the human race!”

“How terrible! Firmament Holy has evolved to such a terrifying degree within 10 years! How terrifying!”

“His combat power has already reached the level of a genuine Empyrean! How scary!”

“Worthy of the peerless powerhouse that can establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court! How formidable! Devour Lord!”


The eyes of the spectating Holies and Great Holies flashed with disbelief. When Yang Feng fought Silver Autarch as a quasi-Empyrean, it was already unbelievable. Now he can already stifle Dawn Lord, the Eight Warlock Emperor of the human race. This is simple a miracle.

In the starry sky, countless rays of dawn light flashed and sent the Green Yang Halberd tumbling.

As if an invincible god of war, Yang Feng brandished the green Yang Halberd and slashed at Dawn Lord from all directions.

Dawn Lord cast all kinds of already lost top secret methods, but Yang Feng still broke them one by one and left a number of wounds on his body, and blood spilled into the starry sky.

“Awesome! Even a legendary Empyrean like the Eighth Warlock Emperor is not a match for him! Thats truly amazing!”

In the Devour Shrine, Bai Wuqing watched the projection in the hall with shock in his eyes.


“So strong! Worthy of a fierce character capable of establishing the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court!”

“That is the legendary Eighth Warlock Emperor!”


In the hall, the leaders of human Warlock groups gazed at the bloody Dawn Lord, and their eyes flashed with enigmatic light.

Although Dawn Lord is regarded as the weakest human Warlock Emperor. But hes still an Empyrean who suppressed the universe after all.

When Dawn Lord was present, no other race Empyreans had set foot on Cangzhi Plane. This shows his strength.

Now the legendary Eighth Warlock Emperor is being stifled by Yang Feng, which naturally shocked everyone.

“Yang Feng, just lose!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Dawn Lord took out a staff full of sacred fluctuations, and countless runes flew out of the staff and entered the void.

The void cracked open, and a sacred mountain suffused with endless dawn light and filled with countless angels and light life forms appeared at once.

Dazzling dawn light radiated from the Paradise Mountain and pressed on towards Yang Feng.

“Paradise Mountain! The ultimate secret treasure of Dawn Lord!”

“According to legend, Paradise Mountain is a broken Eternal grade secret treasure. After Dawn Lord obtained this broken Eternal grade secret treasure, he took dawn as his path and promoted to an Empyrean.”

“Dawn Lord has really gone all out!”


In the Devour Shrine, the eyes of human Warlocks flickered with enigmatic light when they saw the Paradise Mountain.

The Paradise Mountain is the core secret treasure that allowed Dawn Lord to advance to an Empyrean as well as his most powerful trump card. It was due to their apprehension of the Paradise Mountain that the Empyreans acquiesced in the establishment of the Eighth Warlock Imperial Court.

As soon as the Paradise Mountain appeared, countless rays of dawn light surged, and the space within millions of years became a huge dawn divine kingdom!

On the mountain radiating dawn light, countless dawn angels formed and attacked Yang Feng from all directions.

At this moment, as if he invaded the divine kingdom of a supreme god, various restrictions were placed on Yang Feng. At the same time, he had to face an endless divine legion.

Inside the divine kingdom of a supreme god, even if its an Empyrean, they will be stifled by the power of the divine kingdom. Unable to absorb external forces, they may be hounded to death.

Back in the day, Dawn Lord suffered great losses in the divine kingdom of an ancient supreme god.

“What a wonderful secret treasure! This Eternal grade secret treasure has been repaired by 80%! Unfortunately, it was repaired with faith force and has a huge flaw!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. The Xi Shen Armor shone and entered the second form.

Countless runes shone, and Yang Feng turned into a black hole that flew towards the Paradise Mountain in the center of the divine kingdom.

Countless dawn angels flew out directly and plunged into the black hole, and then were spat out and catapulted into the distance.

The dawn angels are made from dawn light and arehighly toxic to Yang Feng. When Yang Feng swallows a dawn angel, he needs to consume a lot of power to truly refine it, or else he will only bring harm to himself.

“Yang Feng, I really cant stop you. However, you will still lose!”

Standing on the Paradise Mountain, Dawn Lords eyes shone coldly, and he silently recited a incantation. Countless mysterious runes appeared on his body.

The Paradise Mountain shone with countless mysterious runes, fearsome dawn light gathered, and a Paradise Lance that can slay an Empyrean formed, turned into a stream of light, and shot towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng broke out with countless runes and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and 1,000 suns appeared, combined into one, and slammed into the Paradise Lance.


Along with an earth shaking blast, the Paradise Lance was sliced to pieces by Yang Fengs halberd strike.

A torrent of time emerged, and Yang Feng appeared on the Paradise Mountain and brandished the Green Yang Halberd.


Along with loud noise, the Paradise Mountain trembled slightly. A huge hole appeared in the middle of the mountain. The whole divine kingdom shook violently.

Upon seeing this scene, Dawn Lords eyes shimmered with a pained gleam, and he shouted, “Stop! Devour Lord, I lost this fight!”

Upon hearing that, Yang Feng stopped his attack on the Paradise Mountain.

Countless rays of dawn light shone, and the Paradise Mountain crossed the void and disappeared at once.

“I lost this fight! I wish you good luck!”

Dawn Lord took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with complex emotions. With a slight sigh, he turned into a stream of light and disappeared from this place.

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