Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1308: Sky Devil Ge

Chapter 1307: Devouring Golden Ape Emperor

Golden Ape Emperors eyes flashed with the shade of incredulity, and he shouted, “How can you be so strong?”

Since the only Empyrean slot in the universe has been occupied by Silver Autarch, Golden Ape Emperor was certain that Yang Feng hadnt advanced to an Empyrean and thus came to fight and kill Yang Feng. But Yang Fengs strength exceeded his imagination by far.

“Golden Ape Emperor, thank you for coming here to throw away your life! I will use your severed head to awe the world!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and entered the second form.

Followed by a string of afterimages, Yang Feng appeared in front of Golden Ape Emperor in a flash, and fearsome green halberd rays stabbed towards Golden Ape Emperor like a storm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Golden Ape Emperor shone with golden light, brandished the sparkling Eternal thighbone, and blocked the green halberd rays, yet the frightening force unleashed by the green halberd rays still sent him tumbling into the air again and again.

Containing the essence of devour, the green halberd rays continuously devoured the power of Golden Ape Emperor.

“Yang Feng, go to hell!”

Golden Ape Emperors eyes shimmered fiercely. Countless runes shone, his figure fluttered, and he grew another two heads and four arms. He held an Eternal bone in each of his six hands.

Countless runes shone, and Golden Ape Emperor brandished the six Eternal bones and attacked Yang Feng.

In an instant, thousands of shock waves broke out in the Eternal Duel Arena. Golden Ape Emperor tore Yang Fengs defenses to shreds and smashed the Xi Shen Armor together with his left shoulder.

“Wonderful! A genuine Empyrean is really formidable! However, you will ultimately die here today.”

Yang Feng spewed out a mouthful of blood, and a frigid gleam streaked across his eyes. The three-headed and six-armed Golden Ape Emperors combat power is incredible and has surpassed that of Dawn Lord.

“Fourth form!”

The Xi Shen Armor broke out with countless runes, and a blurry projection appeared and merged with Yang Feng. A tremendous amount of power poured into Yang Feng from the Kunmo Stone.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the Warbringer Halberd appeared stabbed at Golden Ape Emperor.

In an instant, two Empyrean projections emerged from a river of time. One of the Empyreans is ten meters tall, has a fierce appearance, and is carrying a fearsome blade on the back. The other Empyrean is two meters tall, is handsome, has an extraordinary temperament, and is carrying a wolf tooth club in his hand.

As soon as the two Empyrean projections appeared, they frantically extracted Yang Feng energy.

If it were not for the power provided by the Kunmo Stone, Yang Feng would not be able to bear the existence of the two Empyreans.

“Who knew I would see the world one day again! Old ape, eat my blade!”

The eyes of the fierce-looking Empyrean flashed with complicated emotions. He took out the blade from his back, combusted his life, and unleashed a blade strike, a burning shade in his eyes.

In an instant, there was only a dazzling blade ray left in the world. The blade ray slashed towards Golden Ape Emperor with the fearsome power.

“Not good!”

Golden Ape Emperor felt shivers go down his spine and placed the Eternal bones to block in front of him.

A fearsome blade ray flashed, slammed into Golden Ape Emperor, and sliced him in two, and a large amount of blood spilled.

Countless runes shone, a head of Golden Ape Emperor burst apart, and his sliced apart body healed in an instant.

The Three Heads Six Arms secret method is a source secret method of Golden Ape Emperors race. Once it is cast, the caster will gain two additional lives.

All of a sudden, the handsome Empyrean jumped out of the shadows and silently slammed the wolf tooth club into Golden Ape Emperors back.

A frightening force erupted in an instant and stars containing shadow energy broke out. With this strike, Golden Ape Emperors spine was broken, and a large amount of blood spilled.


With a fierce flash in his eyes, Golden Ape Emperor brandished the Eternal bones and slammed it into the Empyrean that jumped out of the shadows. Following this strike, the shadow Empyrean was blasted into pieces, and terrifying law of karma extended and slammed into Yang Feng, making him tremble slightly and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Countless rays of bloody light shone and mixed into a river of time, looking strange and mysterious.

Yang Feng operated the strange river of time, appeared in front of Golden Ape Emperor, and unleashed a halberd strike barreling towards the other party.

Golden Ape Emperor roared, violently brandished the Eternal bones, and engaged with Yang Feng.

Mysterious runes shone. The wounds covering Golden Ape Emperors body could no longer be healed, and blood entered the void and strangely disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Golden Ape Emperors eyes flashed with shock: “The essence of blood! You mastered the ability of the First True Ancestor! Your essence of devour has actually reached this degree!”

After the essence of devour has evolved to the summit, you will be able to easily grasp the essences wielded by the people you have devoured. This has always been a legend, since no one has ever mastered the essence of devour to this degree.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his hand, and silver arrows ejected and shot towards Golden Ape Emperor like raindrops.

Golden Ape Emperor brandished the Eternal bones and smashed the silver arrows one by one. Meanwhile, his golden fur strangely began to turn silver. Eroded by the essence of silver, he gradually became weaker.

As if an unparalleled god that descended on the secular world, Yang Feng operated various incredible essences and hurled attacks at Golden Ape Emperor.

With a ferocious shimmer in is eyes, Golden Ape Emperor radiated golden light, roared repeatedly, and attacked Yang Feng with an unequaled momentum, exchanging injuries for injuries.

In the Eternal Duel Arena, the earth cracked, the stars shattered, and frightening fluctuations spread in all directions.

A large amount of blood spilled into the starry sky.

“Golden Ape Emperor, youre really amazing! Worthy of being an Empyrean! I really want to have a fair fight with you. However, today is the day of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Courts establishment. If I cant deal with you as soon as possible, how will I be able to display the grandeur of the Ninth Warlock Emperor?”

A cold gleam streaked across Yang Feng. Countless runes shone, and spatial gates emerged one by one.

The 12 Ruler Saints walked out of the spatial gates, cast all kinds of offensive secret methods, and hurled attacks at Golden Ape Emperor.

Although the 12 Ruler Saints have soul fluctuations. But in fact, they are mechanical creations. They belong to the category of alchemy weapons and can be brought into the Eternal Duel Arena.

Ripples rose in space, and Holy grade mechanical rulers emerged and, while under the command of the mechanical rulers that have already advanced to the quasi-Empyrean realm, resonated with each other.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he joined the battle and besieged Golden Ape Emperor together with the 12 Ruler Saints.

Spatial blades, lightning lances, fearsome blade rays, and other kinds of attacks slammed into Golden Ape Emperor and left wounds all over his body.

“Yang Feng, youre really despicable! To use mechanical golems, can you even be considered a man? Do you think you deserve to be the Ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race? Fight me fair and square!”

Golden Ape Emperor was furious. He roared madly and tried to smash apart the 12 Ruler Saints and the Holy grade mechanical rulers.

On their own, the 12 Ruler Saints are much weaker than Golden Ape Emperor. But with their cooperation, which has reached the extreme, they possess fearsome strength. They joined hands to resist the attacks of Golden Ape Emperor.

“I am proficient in alchemy. These mechanical golems are also part of my strength. Just like Golem Lord! Every time he fought, countless golems would fight together with him!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly. Taking advantage of the moment when Golden Ape Emperor was distracted, he unleashed a halberd strike and cut off a head of Golden Ape Emperor.

Countless golden runes shone, and Golden Ape Emperor healed again. The cut off heads grew back one by one. However, the regrown heads no longer have the extraordinary power to grant him another life.

Yang Feng operated a torrent of time, unleashed a halberd strike, and slashed at Golden Ape Emperor.

Under the siege of the 12 Ruler Saints and 1,000 Holy grade mechanical rulers, Golden Ape Emperor destroyed 30 plus Blade Rulers, and then was sliced in two by Yang Feng.

A black hole emerged and swallowed Golden Ape Emperor directly, and fearsome life origin poured into Yang Feng from Golden Ape Emperor and nourished his body and soul.

“Golden Ape Emperor has fallen! Devour Lord has slayed Golden Ape Emperor!”

Outside the Eternal Duel Arena, Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss beautiful eyes shimmered with shock when she saw this.

Golden Ape Emperor is an old Empyrean with incredible strength, yet he was killed by Yang Feng and his forces. This went beyond Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss expectations.

“Devour Lord slayed Golden Ape Emperor! Our human race is destined to be invincible in the world!”

A piece of information appeared on the human magic network and set off a storm.

“Golden Ape Emperor has fallen! Excellent!”

“What a fool! Devour Lord is an invincible overlord who defeated Dawn Lord! To go to the Eternal Duel Arena to fight Devourer Lord, thats simply courting death!”

“After this fight, our human race will rise again and be invincible in the universe!”

“Long Live Devour Lord!”


Cheers erupted on the human magic network. Most human Warlocks were really excited. Once the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court is established, the power of the human race will rise by leaps and bounds. The Magic Note Throne alone can provide the human race with a number of Holies and Great Holies.

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