Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1310: Devour Imperial Court Is Established

Chapter 1309: Devouring Ge

Ges expression changed dramatically, and he roared wildly, “Its you! You are Ling! How could you be here?”

Even though he was in a deep sleep, Ge had a strand of his consciousness separated to roam the world and collect all kinds of information. He also collected information about the Empyrean rank powerhouse that is Ling. He never expected to see Ling here.

“Golem, you are a secret treasure golem refined by Devour Lord!”

As one of the six sky devils, Ge is extremely intelligent. After a moment, a chill welled up in his heart, and he roared wildly.

A cold look in her eyes, Ling silently brandished the Whip of the Ruler and whipped Ge, breaking the other partys bones and spilling his blood.

“Ling entered the Eternal Duel Arena. Then whos this?”

When Blue Moon Merfolk Empress saw this scene, she felt her blood run cold, and she looked at another Ling standing not far away from her.

That Ling smiled at Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, and Empyrean might diffused from her.

“A second Empyrean! Devour Lord has two Empyreans following him! How dreadful! Moreover, the two Empyreans are both alchemy golems he refined. Thats beyond incredible!”

At this thought, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress felt a chill go down her spine.

Empyreans are invincible beings in the universe. It is almost impossible to refine such a being using alchemy. Golem Lord used the a fearsome secret method like the Living Golem to transform several Empyreans he suppressed into Empyrean golems.

Magic Note Lord is the No. 1 alchemist of the human race, yet he has never refined an Empyrean grade alchemy golem.

Yang Feng, however, has refined an Empyrean grade mechanical golem. Thats simply outrageous.

In the Eternal Duel Arena.

The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless mysterious runes, and black holes emerged and swallowed the curses afflicting Yang Feng one by one.

In an instant, Yang Feng regained his full strength and slashed at Ge with the Warbringer Halberd.

A torrent of time containing countless mysterious runes emerged and enveloped Ling and Ge.

In the torrent of time, Lings speed was increased by 300 times, while Ges speed was decreased by 2 times.

In an instant, there appeared to be 300 Lings. Accompanied by strings of afterimages, Ling brandished the Whip of the Ruler and attacked Ge from all directions.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and hexagram-shaped barriers appeared around Ge.

The Whip of the Lord smashed the hexagram-shaped barriers, and then slammed into Ge and left one wound after another on his body.

Countless rays of demonic light shone, and the wounds on Ges body healed quickly.

Devils are terrifying beings who are only second to true blood kindred in terms of regeneration. Even if their head is chopped off or only their heart remains, some devil grand dukes can still be revived.

Some devil Holies can be revived with a drop of their blood.

As the primogenitor of the devils, Ges defense and regeneration can be rated as incredible. Even though he is being injured continuously, he is still healing at an amazing speed.


Ling shouted, and Yang Feng flew out from a side, brandished the Warbringer Halberd, and unleashed a halberd ray shooting towards Ge together with the battle skills of countless heroic spirits.

With a cold gaze in his eye, Ge surged with demonic light, waved his fists, and, as if an impregnable fort, forcibly resisted the attacks of Yang Feng and Ling.

Ripples rose in the void, and the level-7 stronghold appeared at once. The Devastator Cannon locked on Ge, shone brightly, and fired a pillar of light that can wipe out a Empyrean barreling towards Ge.

“Not good!”

Ges face fell. He just wanted to cast a spell to escape this place, when he found that the void has been sealed by Ling and Yang Feng, making it impossible to escape.

There was a fierce flash in Ges remaining eye. His eye shone with demonic light, and a strange monstrous head formed from countless eyes appeared and radiated demonic light that boosted him.

Boosted by the demonic light, Ges fluctuations of power suddenly became twice as formidable, and he unleashed a punch barreling towards the pillar of light.


Along with an earth-shaking blast, the Devastator Cannon beam that can wipe out an Empyrean was smashed by Ges fist. At the same time, Ges right hand was directly vaporized and disappeared.

Four visions, namely a torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole, appeared abruptly. Yang Feng walked out of the river of time and slashed Ges back with his halberd.

Blasted by the attack of the Devastator Cannon, this is the time when Ge is at his weakest. As a result, the halberd hit him and left a gash on his body, and a large amount of blood spilled.

Ling also brandished the Whip of the Ruler and whipped Ge, and the other partys body caved in.

Strange, distorted heads of countless devils flew out of the gash on Ges body, opened their mouths wide, and bit at Yang Feng and Ling.


Ge bellowed, and a monstrous head formed from countless eyes flew out of his sole eye and radiated frightening demonic light that shot towards Yang Feng and Ling.

Yang Feng appeared in front of Ling, and the Unbreakable Shield emerged in his hand.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the Unbreakable Shield activated a formidable defensive barrier that absorbed the curse light fired by the monstrous head.

Ling retreated behind Yang Feng and the 12 Ruler Saints flew to beside her.

The 12 Ruler Saints surged with countless mysterious runes and radiated dazzling light that flowed into Ling.

The level-7 stronghold suspended in the void also radiated brilliant light and channeled a stream of power into Ling.

“Thats a very powerful spell! I cant allow it to be completed!”

Ges eye glimmered fiercely. He no longer wasted his energy to heal himself, but instead combusted his origin force and poured it into his remaining eye.

Ges remaining eye erupted with terrifying demonic light.

The power he absorbed from countless devil sacrifices he received over the past 100 million years erupted and turned into a pillar of light that can destroy everything and even severely injure an Eternal Sovereign. The pillar of light barreled towards Ling.

Yang Feng raised the Unbreakable Shield and used all his power to unleash a formidable defensive barrier blocking in front of Ling.


When the pillar of light fired by the monstrous head slammed into the defensive barrier unleashed by the Unbreakable Shield, it set off fearsome ripples, making it look like the barrier will crumble at any time.

Yang Feng clenched his teeth and frantically drew the power of the Kunmo Stone and the small world inside him to maintain the defensive barrier of the Unbreakable Shield.

Suspended in the void, Ling opened her eyes, broke out with endless majesty from her beautiful eyes, and brandished the Whip of the Ruler, which tore the firmament and shot towards Ge.


With a shimmer of fury in his eyes, Ge clenched his teeth, brandished his remaining left hand, and unleashed a punch barreling towards the Whip of the Ruler.

Surrounded by countless abstruse runes, the Whip of the Ruler slammed into Ges left hand, smashed it, and then devoured it.

Next, the Whip of the Ruler heavily slammed into Ges head, and terrifying force broke out and crushed part of his head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Whip of the Ruler slammed into Ges body like a poisonous dragon, breaking his bones and spilling his blood.

After tens of thousands of strikes, Ge was so badly mutilated that not an inch of his bones was intact.

“The source of your strength is that eye! Taboo Lord destroyed one of your eyes back in the day! Now I will destroy the other one!”

Suspended in the void, Lings pretty face surged with devilish charm, and she uttered icily.

The Whip of the Ruler flew out and stabbed at Ges remaining eye.


Ge roared, and his remaining eye erupted with terrifying aura and shone with countless runes, forming a fearsome black barrier.

Eye of the Primogenitor is the name of Ges remaining eye and it is one of the most formidable magic eyes in the world of Warlocks. Even an Empyrean can hardly escape the curses unleashed by the Eye of the Primogenitor. According to legend, even an Eternal Sovereign will be affected when hit by the Eye of the Primogenitors demonic light.

The Eye of the Primogenitor is the source of Ges strength and is extremely formidable. The black barrier it unleashed forcibly withstood Lings Whip of the Ruler.

“Amazing! Its a shame, but there are two of us!”

Along with a flicker of light, Yang Feng appeared in front of Ge, unleashed a halberd strike, and sliced Ge in two.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Ges lower body, and frantically devoured his origin force.


The severely injure Ge unleashed a shrill scream, and the barrier released by his eye collapsed.

The Whip of the Ruler stabbed into Ges remaining eye and dug out the Eye of the Primogenitor.

A black hole emerged at once, swallowed the rest of Ges body, and frenziedly devoured his life origin.

As a terrifying being infinitely close to the unequaled overlord level, Ge is extremely formidable. Even though he was badly injured by Yang Feng, but he still struggled frantically inside the black hole.

After persisting for a quarter of an hour, Ges soul was finally wiped out completely, and tremendous life origin flowed into Yang Fengs body.

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