Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 131 – Surrounding Israel (I)

Chapter 130 – Great Warlord Israel

Translator: Xaiomoge

Olerya had been fighting fiercely against that mechanical-legion-sized mechanized infantry division for hundreds times, her troops continuously dwindling. Were she not a pinnacle level-3 Warlock expert, then she would have already been killed by the mechanical legion.

Even so, under the endless attacks from the mechanical legion, Olerya became bruised all over and her physical strength and spiritual force were nearly depleted.

Only if Olerya and Emma abandon the snake hellion legion, to build which they have nearly spent a century of sweat and blood; otherwise, they have no way of escaping the mechanical legions pursuit.

Olerya hesitated for a moment, before saying through greeted teeth: “Follow me!”

Olerya changed the direction in which her snake hellion legion was fleeing. Instead of continuing in the direction of Poten Principality, they begun fleeing towards the west of Senarus Principality.

The mechanical legion sent by Yang Feng was in hot pursuit, unceasingly chasing Olerya and her snake hellion legion.

After persisting for an entire day. Suddenly, a valley covered in ice and snow appeared before Olerya and entourage.

The mechanical legion sent by Yang Feng had chased them until the vicinity of the valley.

All of a sudden, extremely tyrannical air flowed out of the valley covered in ice and snow. Three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes with a pair of dragon wings on their backs issued brutal roars, before instantly flying out of the valley. They were around five meters tall and were covered in red fur.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes flying speed was comparable to that of supersonic fighters. They rushed into the group of Lightning Supersonic Fighters, before brandishing their fists and tearing the fighters to shreds.

Clusters of fireballs were spat by the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes at the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters, blowing them into tatters.

The three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes, as if in using cheats, were crazily destroying the mechanical legion sent by Yang Feng.

The Lightning Supersonic Fighters and Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters midair were quickly destroyed by the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes within half an hour.

Extremely powerful fire elemental particles frantically gathered midair, forming a boundless sea of fire.

Five seconds later, as if raindrops, clusters of fireballs fell from the sky, frantically shooting towards the mechanized infantry division sent by Yang Feng.

Under the terrifying fireball bombardment, tanks, IFVs, flamethrowers, self-propelled artillery and many other military weapons were continuously blown up and put on fire, turning into countless fragments and scrap iron. The ten thousand level-5 primary battle robots were also blown up by those endless fireballs, immediately perishing.

Giant-Stone City, within the Portable Fortified Stronghold. Yang Fengs true body was practicing cultivation, when all of a sudden, he received the warning issued by 3796.

“The third mechanized infantry division was wiped out? I remember sending it after snake hellion legions remnants. If they had a Great Warlock rank expert, then they would have used them in the battle with Fernandro Principality.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased and the quickly looked up the record of the battle.

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased, his eyes flashed with a touch of graveness: “They were wiped out in the vicinity of a nameless valley in Senarus Principality. It proves that there is a Great Warlock rank expert lurking over there. I need to identify the purpose of the other party!”

Not far away, in the back of the third mechanized infantry division, the scouting units at once released large quantities of tiny mechanical cockroaches, mechanical mosquitoes and mechanical flies, lurking in the direction of the valley.

In the vicinity of the valley covered in ice and snow.

An extremely gloomy voice arrived from within the valley: “Olerya, you even dare to use me, youre really courageous!”

A terrifying life force, comparable to that of a Great Warlock rank, spread from the valley and shrouded Olerya and entourage, constricting them to the point that they had difficulty breathing.

The three pinnacle level-3 Warlock rank Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes landed on the ground and ferociously glared at Olerya and entourage, their eyes flashing with fierce glints.

Oleorya lied prone on the ground, saluting towards the distance, before saying in a magnetic voice: “Mighty Scarlet Flame Traveler Israel, Your Holiness, Im extremely apologetic for having troubled You. To quell your rage, Im willing to offer You a tribute of one hundred beautiful maidens from my clan as well as 10,000,000 magic stones.”

That voice from within the valley sounded once more: “Within a month, send them to the Demonic Fire Ape Fort.”

“Yes, Your Holiness!” Olerya said deferentially.

After finishing speaking, Olerya quickly lead the remaining snake hellion legions elites towards the distance.

Within the valley, a thirteen or fourteen years old little girl was icebound in a huge crystal clear chunk of ice. She had a head full of long silver hair, extremely delicate facial features and jade-like fair skin.

The extremely adorable little girl had a black dagger inserted in her lover abdomen, with a wicked breath exuding from it. The little girl was embracing a silver box. Silver-white radiances forming stifling ice-cold breath were exuding from the silver box.

The exterior of the chunk of ice was enveloped by a huge patch of scorching-hot black flames, slowly melting that crystal clear chunk of ice.

In the center of the dark flames stood a seemingly young man of just twenty two or twenty three years of age dressed in black formal clothing. This young man was Scarlet Flame Traveler Israel.

Israel revealed a handsome smile capable of enticing countless young lady from just a glace and said: “Snow White Madam, give up! This area has already been shrouded in my magic power; therefore, theres no way for you to send a message outside. If you surrender now, then Ill let you become my wife and even help you switch your bloodline to that of my noble Hellion Clan, speeding up your rate of cultivation.”

An ice-cold voice was transmitted from that chunk of ice: “Surrender? Im afraid that when I surrendered, youll just kill me and then eat my body. Hellion Clans clan members that devour human Warlocks can greatly upgrade their strength and even obtain a portion of the strength, bloodline, and knowledge from the human Warlocks. Israel, youve been trapped in this realm of Great Warlocks for more than a thousand years. If you eat me, then youll have a chance of promoting to a Starry Sky Warlock. You want me to believe that youd let this chance slip by your fingers?”

Israel said with a smile: “Youre right, I can indeed increase my chances of breaking through to Starry Sky Warlock to 50% if I eat you. However, I prefer beauties over everything else. And as long as you follow me, then we can hunt other human Warlocks together.”

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