Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1312: Slaying the Fifth Abyssal Master

Chapter 1311: The Second King of Rulers, Ying

In the following days, many races and major human Warlock groups joined the camp of Devour Imperial Court, making Devour Imperial Court more powerful.

The whole Devour Imperial Court was strengthened at a frightening speed. Countless treasures of heaven and earth flowed into Devour Imperial Court in succession.

Now that Devour Imperial Court was established, the whole human race received the favor of the universe. Human powerhouses emerged in large numbers.

Five years after the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, Zhou Ruoling made a breakthrough and advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

Nine years after the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, Shi Yu advanced to a quasi-Empyrean with the help of a strange stone.

Fifteen years after the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, Michaelia made a breakthrough and advanced to the quasi-Empyrean realm with the help of an ancient angel empress heart crystal.

Additionally, a very outstanding genius called Mu Ning appeared in Devour Imperial Court. He adventured in one secret realm after another and made continuous breakthroughs. At the same time, he entered worlds with an abnormal flow of time, competed with other human geniuses, and distinguished himself. Twenty years after the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, he promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

In addition to Mu Ning, other geniuses continued to emerge throughout the entire Devour Imperial Court.

Under the leadership of countless human powerhouses, Devour Imperial Court expanded wildly and occupied one star after another.

Deterred by Devour Imperial Courts four Empyreans, the other forces could only back down and endure silently.

Fifty years after the establishment of Devour Imperial Court.

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, in a secret chamber, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and a terrifying aura slowly diffused from him.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in the void. Countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked into the void.

Strands of universe laws emerged in his eyes.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with disappointment: “Sure enough, the only Empyrean slot in the universe has been blocked!”

At this time, Yang Feng has enough strength and has a perfect grade immortal body. He is absolute certain that he can promote to an Empyrean and let his soul undergo a perfect transformation.

However, the Empyrean slot has been blocked by Silver Autarch. With Yang Fengs current strength, he still cant break the barrier and advance to an Empyrean.

Of course, as time elapses, the barrier left by Silver Autarch will become weaker and weaker. Once all the slumbering Empyreans awake, the barrier is sure to collapse.

But by then, Yang Feng will have a greater number of enemies and stronger enemies. None of the unequaled overlord-level Empyreans wants to see a powerhouse such as Yang Feng step into the Empyrean realm.

As long as two or more unequaled overlord-level Empyreans form an alliance and attack Yang Feng together, the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court will be destroyed.

“But! My Ninth Warlock Imperial Court wasnt established in vain!”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng disappeared from the void.

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, in a vast laboratory, a spherical level-7 stronghold with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers is suspended in the void.

Ling stood in front of the level-7 stronghold and looked at it with envy in her eyes.

In the center of the level-7 stronghold, there is an abstruse rune full of mysteries.

Yang Feng appeared in front of the level-7 stronghold and slashed down with his hand, and the void opened. An endless soul sea emerged from the void and poured into the center of the level-7 stronghold.

Under the nourishment of endless soul force, the mysterious rune shone and manifested slowly.

The mysterious rune broke out with fearsome attractive force and absorbed the surrounding treasures of heaven and earth.

Within millions of light-years, terrifying energy storms surged, and a fearsome pillar of energy entered the level-7 stronghold.

“Another Warlock of Devour Imperial Court broke through!”

“Its really flourishing!”

“This era is destined to be the era of the human race.”


Other race powerhouses were somewhat insensitive when they saw the terrifying energy storms.

After its establishment, countless resources were channeled into Devour Imperial Court. Coupled with the universes favor, human Warlocks continued to break through and become Holy Spirit Warlocks. Additionally, human pinnacle Holies also broke through and became Great Holies.

Every few years, fearsome energy storms would be set off. The other race powerhouses are already used to it.

The level-7 stronghold shone and opened, revealing a peerless beauty with long, blond hair and a sexy figure.

The peerless beauty opened her eyes, radiated dazzling light, and diffused Empyrean rank fluctuations of power.

The peerless beauty with blond hair and a sexy figure is the King of Rulers produced by the second level-7 stronghold forged by Yang Feng.

After Devour Imperial Court was established, Yang Fengs influence soared and his reach spread throughout the whole universe. Countless powerhouses found all kinds of rare materials for him.

Moreover, after it was established, Devour Imperial Court received the favor of the universe. Consequently, the Warlocks of Devour Imperial Court had fateful encounters continuously and monopolized most of eternal relic sites.

As soon as all kinds of treasure-troves appeared, they fell into the possession of Devour Imperial Court. Under such circumstances, Yang Feng mobilized the strength of the whole Warlock Imperial Court and collected the rare materials necessary for manufacturing the second level-7 stronghold.

“Greetings, my lord!”

The peerless beauty with blond hair and a sexy figure jumped out of the level-7 stronghold, showed a smile of provocation to Ling standing aside, and then knelt on one knee in front of Yang Feng.

Whether it is Ling or this newly produced King of Rulers, Yang Feng is the creator of the both of them. Their souls and various cores all have Yang Fengs soul brand. It is impossible for them to betray Yang Feng or disobey his orders.

Yang Feng looked at the King of Rulers with blond hair, revealed a smile of satisfaction, and uttered, “Great! From today on, you shall be called Ying!”

Ying stood up from the ground and revealed a charming smile: “Yes! My Lord!”

Ying gazed at Ling with a look of provocation in her eyes and uttered with a light smile, “So this is younger sister Ling? You are really beautiful. But youre performance is a little lacking. After all, we are not from the same generation. If you follow me in the future, I will take good care of you!”

“Younger sister Ying! Let this older sister teach you how a younger sister should behave!”

Ling smiled sweetly. Then, with a fierce flash in her eyes, she waved her fair hand, and the Whip of the Ruler appeared in her hand.

Yang Feng looked at Ling and Ying, who are all set for a showdown, and stayed quiet.

Originally, according to the design of the xizu, there would be only one King of Rulers commanding all battle robots, which is the most efficient. But since Ling and Ying are both Kings of Rulers, they naturally want to compete for the only throne.

Two fearsome spherical level-7 strongholds appeared, resonated with each other, and created a space with astonishing defense.

Ying extended her hand, and an invisible an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Lance of the Ruler, appeared in her hand.

In an instant, 1,000 Yings appeared in the void. Each Ying emits Empyrean aura, which makes is impossible to distinguish which is the real one.

“Impressive! Even I cant tell which is the real one!”

Countless runes suddenly appeared in Yang Fengs eyes. He cast the spell the Eye of Truth and looked at the Yings. With the Eye of Truth, he should be able to see through any illusion spell. But despite how formidable Yang Feng is, he still wasnt able to see through the Yings.

“Younger sister Ying! Your spell is really lousy. Its only suitable for an assassin!”

Ling smiled proudly and waved the Whip of the Ruler. In an instant, the Whip of the Ruler evolved into fearsome stars and shot towards the void.

Shaken by a tyrannical force, the Yings in the void collapsed one after another.

“Found you!”

Ling smiled proudly, and the Whip of the Ruler ejected like a poisonous dragon and shot towards the void.


Along with world-shaking noise, Ying holding the Lance of the Ruler was blown 10,000 kilometers away.

As if a true spirit-level poisonous dragon, the Whip of the Ruler shot towards Ying with an unswerving momentum.

Although Ying displayed all kinds of exquisite martial skills, but the Whip of the Ruler still forcibly slammed into her body and blasted open bone-deep wounds.

“I admit defeat! Older sister Ling, unlike me, you have a Kunmo Stone! Youre really too strong!”

After exchanging thousands of moves, Ying stopped attacking, clenched her teeth, and stared at Ling, and her beautiful eyes flashed with the shade of unwillingness.

As his first King of Rulers, Yang Feng used up all the precious materials in his possession and added an Eternal stone like the Kunmo Stone when he forged Ling, which allowed her to become this formidable.

Although Ying is as strong as Golden Ape Emperor that was slayed by Yang Feng slayed. But Ling is just too strong, which makes Ying appear weak.

After the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, Ling devoured and refined many precious materials and became more fearsome and formidable. She is not a being that Ying can compete with.

Ling smiled and said, “Younger sister Ying, our lord will set foot in the Eternal realm in the future. While we follow our lord, we will only become stronger and stronger. You may be able to surpass me one day.”

Yings face bloomed into a beautiful smile: “Older sister Ling, you must be joking! Theres no way I can surpass you.”

Yang Feng looked at the beautiful Ling an Ying, and his eyes surged with the shade of satisfaction, “With this, my Devour Imperial Court has 5 Empyrean rank powerhouses!”

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