Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1315: Twin Universe Flower

Chapter 1314: Unifying the Endless Abyss

Yang Feng nodded and waved his hand, and the defensive barriers covering the endless Abyss dissipated, allowing the First Abyssal Master to fly out of Abyss and enter the void.

“How clever!”

“Worthy of Devour Lord.”

“Damn it, why didnt he fight the First Abyssal Master? If only they had fought seriously, that would be great!”


Hidden in secret places, the eyes of terrifying beings flashed with the shade of regret. They wanted to see the scene of Yang Feng fighting the First Abyssal Master to the death.

If it were prior to Blue Moon Merfolk Empress and other Empyreans awaking, Yang Feng was still certain that he could suppress the First Abyssal Master without incurring any losses. But now the world has recovered considerably and many Empyreans have appeared.

Under these circumstances, an unequaled overlord like the First Abyssal Master can wake for a short period of time. Hell have to pay a huge price of course.

Neither the First Abyssal Master nor Yang Feng is willing to fight to the death under these circumstances.

One after another, abyssal floors merged into the abyssal floor controlled by Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar.

When half of the abyssal floors have fused together, Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar radiated golden light, a golden spur appeared on his back, and fearsome aura infinitely close to the Empyrean realm diffused from him.

“A pseudo Empyrean!”

“Devour Imperial Court gained another pseudo Empyrean!”

“Fortunately there is no longer an Empyrean slot open, or else Devour Imperial Court would have gained another Empyrean!”


Apprehension flashed in the eyes of the powerhouses hidden in the secret space.

In the endless Abyss, there is a huge floor that even exceeds Cangzhi Plane in terms of surface area. In the center of this floor, there is a magnificent, luxurious palace. Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar is sitting in the throne. Terrifying might comparable to Empyrean might is emanating from him.

After refining the origin force of many abyssal holies and integrating half of the abyssal floors, Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar finally broke through the limit and reached a new level. On the abyssal floor that belongs to him, he can display Empyrean rank fighting strength. Even Blue Moon Merfolk Empress may not be his opponent here. However, once he leaves the floor, Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar will be a fairly strong quasi-Empyrean. Hell be only at the level of the 12 Ruler Saints in terms of fighting strength.

Powerhouses who can display Empyrean rank fighting strength in a special environment are basically called pseudo Empyreans. In the system of gods, most supreme gods are false Empyreans. Only some supreme gods who have lived for countless years have the power to truly rival Empyreans.

Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar has reached a limit after merging half of the endless Abysss abyssal floors. He cant fuse the rest of abyssal floors.

Only an unequaled overlord like the First Abyssal Master can merge the endless Abyss.

It is said that when the First Abyssal Master was out and about, the endless Abyss was a single huge floor. In the completely integrated endless Abyss, the First Abyssal Master was a supreme, invincible existence.

Later, the First Abyssal Master reportedly offended an Eternal Sovereign. In the end, he was defeated and severely injured by the Eternal Sovereign and thus had to fall into a deep sleep, which gave the Second Abyssal Master and the other abyssal masters a chance to rise.

The First Abyssal Master is one of the most powerful Empyreans in the long history of the universe. Since he isnt sure that he can defeat the First Abyssal Master at this time, Yang Feng made way and let the other party leave.

When the First Abyssal Master left, the endless Abyss had no longer the power to resist Yang Feng and thus was completely conquered by him.

Countless human Warlocks and different battle robots poured into the endless Abyss to exploit it. A steady stream of abyssal materials poured into Cangzhi Plane, which excited Devour Imperial Courts alchemists to no end.

Cangzhi Plane, at an ocean filled with blue water.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared above the blue ocean.

“I, Devour Lord, request an audience with Blue Moon Merfolk Empress!”

A voice reverberated in the blue ocean.

“Devour Lord!”

“Why did he come here?”

“Is he going to attack the blue moon merfolk?”


Underneath the surface of the blue ocean, blue moon merfolk powerhouses looked at Yang Feng in the sky with apprehension and fear in their eyes.

Yang Fengs Devour Imperial Court took control of the entire endless Abyss in one go and furthermore slayed the Fifth Abyssal Master, shocking the universe. Naturally, the blue moon merfolk powerhouses are afraid.

The blue ocean suddenly churned, and countless blue extraordinary plants, Blue Ocean Narcissuses, emerged and blossomed, and a mysterious fragrance filled the void.

Dozens of stunning blue moon merfolk girls dressed in beautiful garments stand on either side, smiling.

Among the numerous beautiful girls, there stands the peerlessly beautiful Blue Moon Merfolk Empress.

“Devour Lord, please!”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress smiled sweetly and extended her fair hand, and the blue ocean parted. A flight of stairs full of sacred aura emerged and led to a beautiful and mysterious palace.

With a faint smile, Yang Feng stepped on the flight of stairs full of sacred aura.

In a beautiful palace hall, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress and her guest took their seat.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress asked, “Devour Lord, is there something I can do for you?”

Yang Feng answered, “Im here to sign a treaty and form a military alliance with you. When Gumana Universes powerhouses invade, please join me to fight them.”

Gumana Universe has carried out several incursions, but they were all chiefly resisted by the human race. Human powerhouses suffered heavy casualties and paid a huge price.

When Yang Feng fought Redstone Lord and Silver Autarch, other race powerhouses just watched from the sidelines, hoping that both sides would suffer serious damage. Yang Feng must change this.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress smiled sweetly and said, “Without the lips, the teeth feel the cold, I understand this principle! Devour Lord, dont worry, if Gumana Universes powerhouses invade, the blue moon merfolk will definitely step in. As for the treaty, there is no need for it!”

Yang Feng said flatly, “If you dont sign the treaty, then please take your people and leave Cangzhi Plane! Only races willing to fight Gumana Universes powerhouses are allowed to reside on Cangzhi Plane.”

When these words fell, the atmosphere in the palace became cold.

Cangzhi Plane is the core of the world of Warlocks. As it recovers, treasure-troves and tombs of Empyreans as well as new eternal relic sites emerge one after another.

Only on Cangzhi Plane, this prosperous holy land, can a race grow stronger continuously.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress asked, “Are all powerhouses residing on Cangzhi Plane required to sign the treaty?”

Yang Feng said, “Of course! Any being at the Holy realm and higher who is unwilling to sign the treaty must leave Cangzhi Plane, or else they will be pursued by my Devour Imperial Court!”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress pondered for a moment and said decisively, “Fine! Ill sign it!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the river Styx emerged. Strands of Styxs will separated and formed a golden contract.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress looked the contract over carefully for a while, and then signed it.

The restricted Li Gui Province.

Since he left Li Gui Prefecture, Yang Feng has never set foot in it again. The stronger he became, the more acutely he could perceive the terror hidden in Li Gui Province.

Li Gui Demon Mountain is one of Cangzhi Planes unparalleled danger zones. If a Holy enters this place, they will die.

Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng appeared in front of Li Gui Demon Mountain.

Li Gui Demon Mountain is shrouded in thick fog, emitting mysterious and dangerous aura.

“Devour Lord, please come in!”

The thick fog churned, and a channel leading to the deepest part of Li Gui Demon Mountain emerged.

In the deepest part of the fog, there is a 1,000-kilometer-tall palace engraved with innumerable mysterious runes.

With a faint smile, Yang Feng stepped into the channel and entered the mysterious palace.

“Hello, Devour Lord. I am Immitis Ogre Lord. Im very sorry. Its not the time for me to wake yet, so I can only meet you in this form.”

On the throne in the huge palace, there is a black stone. Within the black stone, there is a stone carving of a handsome powerhouse. The stone carving is lifelike and emanates Empyrean rank fluctuations of power.

“Immitis Ogre Lord, Im here to sign a treaty and form a military alliance with you.”

Yang Feng repeated what he told Blue Moon Merfolk Empress.

Immitis Ogre Lord frowned slightly and asked, “Its not the time for me to come out into the world yet. Do I still have to participate in such battles?”

Yang Feng replied, “You can send an Empyrean realm combatant. Or you can leave Cangzhi Plane now and go to some other plane to wait for the chance to resuscitate.”

Immitis Ogre Lord pondered for a moment and said, “Then Ill send an Empyrean realm combatant.”

Cangzhi Plane is the center of the universe. Empyreans who are staying here can resuscitate ahead of time, restore their peak combat power, and get the favor of the universe. No one would give it up lightly.

Cangzhi Plane, at Primal Mountains.

Primal Mountains are covered by a powerful magic ban field. Powerhouses who enter this place wont be able to use magic, and even Holies are no exception.

Ripples surged above Primal Mountain, and Yang Feng emerged.

“I, Devour Lord, request an audience with Primal Ancestor!”

A voice reverberated in Primal Mountains.

“Devour Lord!”

“Devour Lord has come!”

“The lord of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court of the human race!”


In Primal Mountains, primal race powerhouses with extremely strong bodies looked at Yang Feng, their eyes filled with curiosity.

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