Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1316: Entering the Flower

Chapter 1315: Twin Universe Flower

Above Primal Mountains, ripples surged, and a star emerged from the void.

100 meters tall, bare upper body, bronze skin, a rugged face, the Primal Ancestor appeared from the star and said with a bold smile: “I am the Primal Ancestor! Devour Lord, come, lets have a drink!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and entered the star.

A few days later, Yang Feng flew out of the star.

In the following days, Yang Feng visited the Empyreans hidden on Cangzhi Plane one by one.

Most of the Empyreans chose to sign the treaty and form a military alliance with Yang Feng, promising to take action when Gumana Universe launches an attack. There have also been several Empyreans who chose to relocate their entire race out of Cangzhi Plane. At the same time, several Empyreans didnt even meet Yang Feng and chose to leave directly.

Time elapsed and 20 years passed in a flash.

The central starfield, where the sealed channel is located, two supremely strong, twisting forces surged, and a gorgeous flower that seems to have gathered the essence of the universe suddenly bloomed.

When the gorgeous flower bloomed, it radiated bright light and doubled in size with each breath of time.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the gorgeous flower became as big as a star, and it was still expanding. It finally stopped expanding when it was twice as large as Cangzhi Plane.

Cangzhi Plane, on a spirit mountain, the Blue Mirror of Fate in Yang Fengs hand suddenly started vibrating, and wisps of mysterious heat diffused from it.

“It finally appeared! My chance to be promoted to an Empyrean!”

Yang Fengs eyes burst out with brilliant light, and he revealed a joyful smile. His figure fluttered, and he disappeared.

Along with flashes of light, Empyreans appeared in the central starfield one after another.

“What is this?”

Yang Feng appeared in the central starfield and looked at the vast, gorgeous flower whose surface area exceeds even that of Cangzhi Plane, and the shade of doubt flashed in his eyes.

Even Yang Feng doesnt know the origin of the mysterious flower.

“This is a Twin Universe Flower! It only appears during the universe great tribulation. It contains an opportunity to step into the Eternal realm.”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress walked out of the void. Her beautiful eyes shimmered with a strange gleam, and she said unhurriedly.

“Twin Universe Flower! It contains an Eternal opportunity!”

“This is an opportunity advance to the Eternal realm in our universe! But also a greatest danger!”

“No matter what, I have to fight for it!”


When the Empyreans hidden in the void saw the giant flower, their eyes surged with excitement.

Yang Feng asked Blue Moon Merfolk Empress curiously, “What is a Twin Universe Flower?”

“That is a flower that can only appear during the universe great tribulation. It needs to absorb origin force of two universes to be born.”

“The Twin Universe Flower spans two universes. Except for Eternal Sovereigns, any powerhouse can enter the Twin Universe Flower. Once the Twin Universe Flower appears, it will wither within three years. By then, a stable channel that can allow Empyreans pass through will appear between our two universes.” A dignified gleam streaked across Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss eyes, and she said slowly.

A burning color surged in Yang Fengs eyes, and he asked, “What is the Eternal opportunity in the Twin Universe Flower?”

The universe energy level of the world of Warlocks is low. Even when the universe recovers completely, it will only be able to allow one powerhouse step into the Empyrean realm.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress sighed, saying: “I dont know. The Eternal opportunity within the Twin Universe Flower is not determined. But the only thing we can be sure of is that when we encounter it, we will know what the Eternal opportunity is.”

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and nodded.

All Empyrean are extremely perceptive. As long as they see the Eternal opportunity, they will be able to perceive it.

A black coffin emerged from the distance and flew over. The lid of the coffin opened, and a handsome powerhouse shrouded in abyssal force, with a horn on the head and a pair of fiend wings on the back, exuding fearsome demonic might from all over, walked out of the coffin unhurriedly.

“The First Abyssal Master! Its the First Abyssal Master of the endless Abyss!”

“He actually revived at this time!”

“He is an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse!”

“It seems that he went all out! For the sake of the Eternal opportunity, nothing else matters.”

“Now is not the time for unequaled overlord-level powerhouses to resuscitate yet! As such, if he doesnt get the Eternal opportunity, hes toast! He pulled out all the stops!”


As soon as the powerhouses hiding in the void saw the First Abyssal Master, their eyes revealed the shade of shock.

The universe energy level of the world of Warlocks can already accommodate the revival of ordinary Empyreans. if unequaled overlord-level Empyreans want to resuscitate at this time, they must pay a huge price.

When the First Abyssal Master appeared, his gaze fell on Yang Feng and his eyes shimmered ferociously.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress left Yang Fengs side without a word. The friendship between her and Yang Feng has not reached the level where she would be willing to contend against an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean together with him.

“Back then, Devour Lord swept the endless Abyss! Now theres a great show to watch!”

“At that time, the First Abyssal Master was driven away from the endless Abyss. A great fight is bound to break out this time!”


The eyes of the spectating powerhouses are full of expectation. They are eager to see the First Abyssal Master fight Yang Feng. No matter which side loses, but they will have one powerful opponent less competing for for the Eternal opportunity.

Ripples rose, and Ling walked out of the shadow behind Yang Feng, stood quietly beside him, and looked at the First Abyssal Master.

“Empress Ling!”

“Its Empress Ling!”

“Sure enough, Empress Ling is by his side at all times!”


Gazes of envy and jealousy focused on Ling.

Lings presence makes Yang Fengs position as Devour Lord as stable as a mountain. After the establishment of Devour Imperial Court, wherever Yang Feng went, all Empyreans gave way, all because of Lings presence.

After the First Abyssal Master saw Ling, his eyes constricted slightly. He walked up to Yang Feng.

The First Abyssal Master took a deep look at Yang Feng and said, “Devour Lord, I want to recover with the help of abyssal force!”

At present, the whole endless Abyss is under Yang Fengs control. With the power of the First Abyssal Master, he can directly extract the power of the endless Abyss to restore his cultivation base. But that would offend Yang Feng.

Yang Feng replied, “Be my guest!”

The First Abyssal Master broke out with innumerable mysterious runes, and vast, terrifying power gushed out of the endless Abyss and poured into the First Abyssal Master via a mysterious channel.

The First Abyssal Masters aura became increasingly more fearsome and formidable.

“The First Abyssal Master is an unequaled overlord!”

“The Eternal opportunity sure isnt that simple to obtain!”


The top powerhouses hiding in the void looked at the First Abyssal Master, and their eyes flashed with a dignified color.

Previously, the combination of Yang Feng and Ling was the most terrible enemy in the eyes of the Empyreans. But after the First Abyssal Master appeared, everyones eyes focused on him.

Vast and terrifying dragon qi surged from afar, and a handsome young man equipped with a green battlegear, with a pair of horns on the head, exuding an overbearing, invincible aura, walked over.

There is a person following behind the young man. That person is Green Dragon Prince.

“Thats Green Dragon Emperor!”

“He is also an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse!”

“In the end, they couldnt help coming out!”


The hidden powerhouses gazed at Green Dragon Emperor with a dignified color in their eyes.

“So you are Devour Lord? Of the nine branches of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, my green dragon race wants three!”

Green Dragon Emperor walked up to Yang Feng and looked at the other party with endless pride in his eyes, and vast, almost endless true dragon qi swept towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with an icy gleam, and he uttered frigidly, “If you want to snatch away branch floating continents from my human race! Then please come to Cangzhi Plane and fight my Devour Imperial Court, Green Dragon Emperor!”

“Very well! Devour Lord, I will go to Cangzhi Plane and take everything I want.”

Green Dragon Emperor left a few cold words, and then turned and walked away.

Green Dragon Prince took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with the color of envy. He followed Green Dragon Emperor.

Standing beside Green Dragon Emperor, Green Dragon Princes eyes shimmered with complex emotions. When Green Dragon Prince came out into the world, he thought he could suppress the world, seize countless opportunities, and finally set foot in the Empyrean domain. Unfortunately, he was defeated at Yang Fengs hands. He has been lagging behind ever since. At present, he has only reached the advanced Great Holy realm. He and Yang Feng are already fundamentally not at the same level.

A golden sun emerged in the distance, and a three-legged golden crow as big as a star, shrouded in Golden Crow Fire flew over from afar.

“Golden Crow Emperor!”

“Its another unequaled overlord-level Empyrean!”

“This is already the third unequaled overlord-level Empyrean!”

“He also resuscitated!”


When the spectating powerhouses saw the giant three-legged golden crow exuding Empyrean might, their eyes flickered with wary.

Golden Crow Emperor is an unequaled overlord from the archgod age who consumed three Empyreans.

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