Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1317: Phantom Ruler Advances to the Empyrean Realm

Chapter 1316: Entering the Flower

Mysterious runes shone, and Golden Crow Emperor unfurled his wings, crossed tens of thousands of light-years, and appeared here.

In the vast universe, there is no plane origin restriction. As long as they are proficient in various space spells, it is normal for powerhouses to cross tens of thousands of light-years with a spell.

When Golden Crow Emperor appeared in this tract of the starry sky, he swept Yang Feng with his eyes, and then looked at the First Abyssal Master and Green Dragon Emperor.

Only unequaled overlords such as the First Abyssal Master and Green Dragon Emperor can contend against Golden Crow Emperor. The rest were directly ignored.

A dignified color flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “The world of Warlocks has many hidden talents! Its a shame, but if it were not for the Eternal opportunity, these guys fundamentally wouldnt have come out. Gumana Universes universe energy level is much higher than that of our universe! Logically, it must have more than 18 Empyreans!”

Gumana Universe has 3 divine races and 18 sacred races. On the surface, it only has 18 Warlock Emperors. Boyan Lord and Redstone Lord are already dead. Theoretically, it should have only 16 Warlocks Emperors.

However, with the 3 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans near the Twin Universe Flower, the number of Empyreans Yang Feng has discovered exceeds 10.

There are many powerhouses in the world of Warlocks. Since Gumana Universes universe energy level is half an energy level higher than that of the world of Warlocks, it must have more Empyreans.

Of course, Gumana Universe has 3 Eternal Sovereigns who have monopolized a lot of resources. As such, the number of Empyreans born in Gumana Universe in each era may be less than that of the world of Warlocks. But even so, after accumulating over the years, the number of Empyreans in Gumana Universe is definitely astonishing.

Yang Feng looked at the Empyreans, and his eyes flickered with an enigmatic light, “As expected of the universe great tribulation! Even if its an Eternal Sovereign, they may die in this war. However, this is also the best opportunity. This is both the worst and the best time!”

” Twin Universe Flower!”

“This is a world formed by the interweaving of two universe origins, and it contains countless treasures and all kinds of precious opportunities!”

“In there, there are also Empyrean opportunities!”


Lights shone as Holy Spirit Warlocks and quasi-Empyreans rushed over from a distance, stopped far away from the Empyreans, and gazed at the Twin Universe Flower with greed in their eyes.

Except for Eternal Sovereigns, anyone can enter the Twin Universe Flower. According to legend, within the Twin Universe Flower, there are endless opportunities, including precious treasures that can enable quasi-Empyreans to promote to Empyreans at a stroke.

“The Twin Universe Flower! I must go inside, find that treasure, advance to an Empyrean, and surpass Devour Lord!”

Hiding among the Holy Spirit Warlocks and quasi-Empyreans, Feng Xuanzhen clenched his fists and stared at Yang Feng with a strange gleam in his eyes.

According to the prophecies of many human Great Holy rank astrologers, Feng Xuanzhen is the No.1 prodigy of the human race in this era and has the potential to become the Ninth Warlock Emperor.

But then Yang Feng appeared, made great progress, slayed all enemies blocking his way, and plundered all opportunities. He never missed any opportunity to strengthen himself. In the end, he reached the summit and established the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court, Devour Imperial Court, suppressed the world, and compelled Empyreans to bow their heads.

Although Feng Xuanzhen was stifled by Yang Feng, but hes a most outstanding prodigy of the human race in this era after all. He bitterly cultivated and finally reached the quasi-Empyrean realm and gained extraordinary combat strength. Hes only a step away from the Empyrean realm.

“Devour Lord, I will definitely surpass you!”

“In this era, I will be the one to advance to an Empyrean in the end! The Twin Universe Flower is my greatest chance!”

“Back in the day, after Star Lord advanced to an Empyrean, only then did he surpass and defeat all enemies in one fell swoop. I will definitely surpass you! Devour Lord!”


In the eyes of ordinary people, each one of these quasi-Empyreans is a monster among monsters, a prodigy among prodigies. They are all proud and arrogant. They are peerless powerhouses invincible in the same realm in an era. Naturally, they are unwilling to be stifled by Yang Feng all their life. The Twin Universe Flower is their only chance to catch up with and surpass Yang Feng.

The Twin Universe Flower radiated dazzling light. Coupled with the pollen circling around it, it makes the Twin Universe Flower like like it is surrounded by sacred halos.

Silver vines extend from the petals of the Twin Universe Flower.

Upon seeing the silver vines, Golden Crow Emperors eyes lit up. He flapped his wings, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards a silver vine.

The silver vine swept Golden Crow Emperor and drew him into the Twin Universe Flower.

The silver vines are called Ushering Vines. There are only 3,000 Ushering Vines in each universe. Every time a powerhouse climbs a vine, the vine will disappear.

Formidable Empyrean might pervaded the void as Empyreans emerged and flew towards the Ushering Vines.

“3 unequaled overlords and 16 Empyreans! Our universe does indeed possess profound reserves. Its a shame, but without advancing to the Eternal realm, it is impossible to contend against the other universe.

Yang Feng hid himself in front of an Ushering Vine and quietly watched the powerful existences enter the Twin Universe Flower.

After all the Empyreans entered, the figures of quasi-Empyreans and Holies shook slightly, and they flew towards the Ushering Vines.

All of a sudden, a Great Holy waved his hand, and countless rays of light shone, flew out from all directions, and shot towards the Ushering Vines.

In an instant, golden hollow bugs appeared on hundreds of Ushering Vines.

With a flash of light, the Ushering Vines swept the hollow bugs and disappeared.

“Damn it! Spirit Bug Great Holy, what are you doing?”

“Are you crazy? Spirit Bug Great Holy!”


The angry rebukes of Holies and Great Holies reverberated in the void.

Holy Bug Great Holys eyes flashed crazily, and he said with a wild smile: “I was ordered by Devour Lord to stop you! You trash are not qualified to enter the Twin Universe Flower and compete for resources! Ha-ha-ha!”

“Devour Lord!”

“Damn it! Why did Devour Lord do that?”

“This is Devour Lords order?”


The enraged Holies and Great Holies wanted to kill Spirit Bug Great Holy. But when they heard Yang Fengs name, they could only greet their teeth and hold back. They could only glare at Spirit Bug Great Holy. They dont dare provoke Spirit Bug Great Holy, who is backed by Yang Feng.

“When did I give such an order? How come I dont know anything about it?”

A cold voice reverberated in the void. Yang Feng emerged in the void and looked at Spirit Bug Great Holy.

“Devour… Lord!”

When he saw Yang Feng, Spirit Bug Great Holy turned deathly pale from fright. Three pairs of giant hollow bug wings appeared on his back and flapped, and he flew into the distance.

“To use my name to stir up dissension, what audacity!”

A cold voice came from the void, and a large hand tore the firmament and shot towards Spirit Bug Great Holy.

Powerful demonic bugs flew out of Spirit Bug Great Holys body and attempted to block the large hand.

The large hand surged with black holes that swallowed the countless demonic bugs, and then grabbed Spirit Bug Great Holy.

A sharp mechanical cone ejected, pierced the head Spirit Bug Great Holy, drilled into his brain and soul, and extracted information.

“So hes one of the spies arranged by Gumana Universe! To jump out at this time, what a reckless thing!”

A black hole emerge and swallowed Spirit Bug Great Holy.

With a cold snort, Yang Feng stepped on an Ushering Vine and disappeared in an instant.

“How fearsome! So this is Devour Lord! Hes too powerful!”

“To slay a Great Holies as is they were an ant, Devour Lord is really terrifying.”

“Even some Empyreans cant slay Great Holies as if they were ants. Devour Lord has become more powerful.”


After perceived Yang Fengs terror once more, the Holies and Great Holies suppressed their bad thoughts regarding Devour Imperial Court.

As soon as he entered the world of the Twin Universe Flower, Yang Feng saw forests and endless mountains. The whole world is shrouded in mysterious power.

“What a dense concentration of energy! This is higher universe energy-level energy! While the world of Warlocks and Gumana Universe devour each other, their origin transformed into a world! Unfortunately, the universe laws here are incomplete, or else I would be able to advance to an Empyrean here!”

Yang Feng took a deep breath, and his eyes flickered with the color of regret. Tremendous spirit force spread in all directions.

“A flock of Holy rank green rocs! This world is full of Holies!”

With his tremendous spirit force, Yang Feng detected a huge spirit mountain with 100 Holy Spirit Warlock rank green rocs circling in the air.

In the world of Warlocks, the Holy Spirit Warlock rank life forms can become the protectors of a superior race. But in here, they are as common and cabbages.

“Thats Dream Spirit Fruit! Its a legendary treasure that can enable phantom extraordinary life forms advance to the Empyrean realm. In the world of Warlocks, only three such fruits have ever existed. I didnt expect to find one here. Worthy of the Twin Universe Flower, worthy of a sacred land that contains the origin of two universes! It even has this treasure.”

When he scanned with his soul force, Yang Feng found a narcissus emanating phantom force in a phantom sea 10,000 kilometers away, and then drew in a sharp breath at once.

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